Lieutenant J.G. Brent Rivers, Bargain

Service Record

Brent Rivers

Addressed As

Lieutenant J.G. Rivers




Lieutenant J.G.


Raptor Pilots
Solaria Air Group

Played By


Personal Data



June 17


In short the opposite of his family.

Could care less about “petty stuff” just wants to live life

Doesn’t “hate” anyone. The toasters the one exception



Sandy-ish blind hair. Clean shaven most of the time


Born on Caprica to a relatively affluent life, Brents life seemed to be mapped out for him.

Mom and Dad both were very active in the financial markets and like areas. From their base on Caprica they had deals going as far as Virgon and Gemenon.

It was expected that Brent would join in the family business. Funny, no one told Brent. Not that he cared anyway.

Expensive schools, boring parties. Other wealthy activities. He hated that crap. His parents were of course oblivious.

Brent picked up on that. Deciding then and there to join up with the fleet. Figuring he was more needed on a Battlestar than at home.

He used his education to his advantage though, applying for colonial fleet academy at 17.

Four years ther seemed to fly by. When it came time to pick a specialization his choice was an easy one. Distancing himself from home seemed natural to him, so he decided to literally fly away. He eagerly signed up for pilot school.

Upon getting his wings he was placed as a Raptor pilot on the BS Mercurua. He us currently attached to colonial patrol duty