Lieutenant J.G. Ayesha Myers, Echo

Service Record

Ayesha Myers

Addressed As

Lieutenant J.G. Myers




Lieutenant J.G.


Viper Pilots
Solaria Air Group

Played By


Personal Data



23rd March


Admiral Roger Myers III - Caprica Military Academy

Commander Michelle Myers - Battlestar Trident Actual

Colonel Roger Myers IV - Assigned Atlantia as Aide to the Commander
Eldest Brother

Captain Sean Myers - Secretary of Agriculture, Caprica

Lieutenant Edward Myers - Raptor Pilot - Galactica

Lieutenant James Myers - Viper Pilot - Pegasus

Lieutenant JG Kyle Myers - Tactical Officer Galactica CIC

Ayesha was raised in a very affluent family on Caprica. She is the youngest of 6 children. She joined the military academy at 16 and has been on active duty as a viper pilot for 4 years. She does not use her family as a ladder and does not speak about them unless pressed. She knows there is a high likelihood that her family have not survived the attacks but she cannot focus on that. She has forced herself to focus on her job and surviving.


Eager to prove herself, she is determined to do her best. She was promoted to Lieutenant JG after three years and is not yet used to being called “Lieutenant.” As she is still use to ‘Ensign’. She is outgoing and enjoys spending time with her fellow pilots.

‘Echo’ is a very good pilot, well trained and eager to prove herself. She does take risks, what pilot doesn’t. But she is scared by what she has seen over the colonies. She does not however go rabid at the mention of Cylons. They are just another enemy to defeat.


She lives by the motto her father often used “Don’t let them see they beat you”


Fit with brown hair and brown eyes, she stands at 5f8 and 120 lbs and has tanned skin. She runs every morning when she can to stay in shape. She also enjoys the odd round of boxing against others but it is not a ‘must do!’



Service Number: 465-SQ-8675443

Height: 5f8

Weight: 120lbs

Gods: Aphrodite and Ares

Interests: Pyramid, Triad, Rock climbing and the readings of Pythia.

Education: Educated on Caprica until 16 when she went to the Colonial Flight academy.


Born to an influential family on Caprica, Ayesha is the youngest and only girl of 6 children.  Her parents Roger and Michelle were both high ranking military personnel. Her father held the rank of Admiral and her mother commanded a Battlestar known as the Trident. Her five older brothers all joined the military, though her second brother once he reached the rank of captain, resigned and became a well liked politician in the Adar administration.

When she was 16 she joined the Colonial Military forces and focused on Flight School. Though she did not graduate with honors like her brothers, she passed with enough of a buffer that she was assigned to the Battlestar Olympia straight out from the Academy.  There she earned the Call Sign Echo because she often echoed her orders several times to commit them to memory when she first started out so she would not screw them up.

She was promoted to Lieutenant JG after three years and is not yet used to being called “Lieutenant.” As she is still use to ‘Ensign’

She was assigned to the BS Olympia, and upon’s its demise over Caprica, she and several other Vipers and Raptors struggled to escape the fighting and regroup. They eventually made their way to the rendezvous point with assistance from Civilian ships.

Family Information:

Majority of her family are deceased but this is not known to her as yet

Father: Admiral Roger Myers III

Mother: Commander Michelle Myers – Commander of Battlestar Trident, patrol sector- Aerelon.

Colonel Roger Myers IV – Married to Jasmine, have 4 children 

Captain Sean Myers (retired) – Secretary of Agriculture – Married to Selena, have two children (Deceased)

Lieutenant Edward Myers – Assigned Galactica Air group, raptor Pilot. – Married to Linda, have three children

Lieutenant James Myers – Assigned Pegasus Viper Pilot – Married to Claudia, two children

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Myers – Assigned Galactica CIC – Married to Ellena. One child.

Service Record


Lieutenant J.G.
Viper Pilot
Olympia BS

Lieutenant J.G.
Viper Pilot
BS Solaria