Persephone Arrius

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Dr. Persephone Athena Arrius M.D. Ph.D

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Dr. Arrius




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Dr. Persephone Athena Arrius is the head of the Solaris Fleet Scientific Division, which she has formed on her own accord to solve the problems of sustaining the Solaris and its fight against the Cylons and solving the problems involved with survival and finding a new home for humanity. She's not to be underestimated in any way. She has a somewhat gray past, and has been known to bend the rules at times, but they never break. Seph is an idealist and a dreamer.


Persephone Arrius is brilliant and calculating. She is a very altruistic individual and she’s the first to take charge for the greater good, and ask if she could help. She gets her hands dirty with whatever she devotes to and knows how to get things done and in what way is the best to do it. It’s easy to underestimate this woman. She speaks softly and dresses impeccably, but she is stronger than she appears. She will also be honest most of the time, but there are times that a white lie is needed to protect people.

Seph knows how to serve the greater good, and the morality of an action is foremost on her mind, however if a million people would be save by sacrificing one person. She’s not afraid to make decisions like that. If she had to kill one person to save a thousand, she would do it and view it as a mercy. Seph dose not approve of those kind of decisions, as they are in their own way immoral.

Seph also despises people like her father, and she can catch their manipulations a mile away, but she also understands that if you want to survive evil people, you must know their tactics. She’s had to defend herself from the advances of the corrupt as her company gained power. Knowledge is power, no matter if it’s a database of dirt she’s collected on certain people over the years so they can self-destruct faster, or if it’s in the laboratory; which she prefers to be instead of the ball rooms on Caprica. She prefers blue jeans and tanktops to dresses, but she wears both equally. She wants to be a scientist and explorer over a business woman or politician. Seph despises intrigues, but still sees their use.

And now that the Colonies have been destroyed, she’s doing what she can for survival. Organizing people and gathering scientists and intellectuals to solve the problems that will arise during the Solaris’ journey to a new home.


Persephone is a hands on person who dislikes people who flaunt their status. At times she dose dress very formally, but at other times, she’s known to dress in very casual street clothing which is an oddity considering the fact that she runs one of the largest research conglomerates in the Colonies. It’s easy to underestimate Dr. Arrius. She can often be found doing instead of talking, and often there is the trace of grease or the slight cut from working on projects.


Doctor Persephone Arrius is one of the leading scientific minds in the colonies, and was born into the infamous Arrius family on Caprica who are well known for their skill at business and politics. At least two of the Arrius clan, in the past, were presidents of the colonies, and Persephone’s father was equally renown and powerful. However Persephone herself was highly intelligent. Her father spared no expense for the finest tutors, the finest colleges and universities. Persephone was to be the apple in Richard Arrius’ eye. A political tool, someone to show the Arrius clan’s ‘good faith’ and ‘commitment to the betterment of the colonies.’

In reality, Persephone was raised in a guided cage, especially for her marvelous intelligence. Her father’s true face was absolutely sinister. He played politics with the presidents advisers. He played both sides in the Assembly with agendas and intrigue, and his most insidious nature, he manipulated and funded Tom Zarek and other radicals just so the his friends in the Picon defense industry could keep their funding. Persephone soon grew tired of her father’s treacheries and after a heated argument.. She walked out on Richard Arrius, his entire corrupted family, and even the family’s money.

Persephone soon bought a warehouse on Tauron and created Arrius Laboratories when she was twenty years old, in a tried and true rags to riches story, Arrius Laboratories is responsible for many of the modern medical technologies present in civilian and military medical facilities. She valued her employees, and in return; her people showed greater dedication to a philanthropist, however Persephone did not accomplish all this by being nice. She’s bent the rules and laws, but they never break, and she poached many former employees from her father’s company, Arrius International, into her own corporation. Her father attempted to shut her fledgling company down or buy her out on several occasions and that’s when, out of the blue, the Colonial Attorney General received reports of alleged wrongdoing and funding of certain groups on Saggittarion. Namely the insurgents.

Richard Arrius was tried through the Colonial Supreme Courts, and his lawyers did manage to throw the evidence out. However, the day after the landmark trial, when Richard Arrius was attempting to rebuild his sullied reputation, a package arrived containing pictures of him with Zarek arrived in a meeting discussing weapons arrangements, thus proving that he was worse than a corporate bastard, he was a traitor. Richard wondered why he would receive these images rather than the Colonial Attorney General. It was a warning from his estranged daughter. With a note that simply said ‘do not frak with me.’

And the trials only gave Persephone Arrius even more clout over her father because Arrius Laboratories emerged from the affair as the victim of ‘an insidious corporate takeover.’ Research grants poured into her company and even her father admitted he had been out-played. Persephone became a noted philanthropist. Actually doing good with her wealth rather than talking about it, though she did keep her slightly gray deeds private. It was for the greater good after all that her father be publicly humiliated.

Persephone was not proud of the fact she had to play the game in order to save her company’s soul. Instead of continuing the gray road she was on, she began to see that she was becoming her father, and swore an oath to Athena that she would never do that again. It did not do her good to remind herself that ‘it was for the greater good.’

Arrius Laboratories soon had another problem. Persephone had hired a young computer scientist by the name of Gaius Baltar. Persephone was intrigued by Gaius’ work, but felt like he was pushing the initiative too hard, as the Colonies had outlawed the development of AI. Gaius also attempted several romantic advances towards the woman, all of which were rebuffed by Persephone because she found his ambition reminiscent of her father. On one advance she noted that ‘one day; Gaius, you will wake up and find me over your bed, then you will find your frakking balls missing.’ Finally, Persephone had to fire Gaius because he pushed the issue of AI development with several members of the Colonial Military, who were interested in black projects involving AI development. The defense contractors hired him immediately. Persephone warned Gaius’ new employers about his lunacy stating ‘one day that sexist, narcissistic son-of-a-bitch is going to frak a lot of people up.’

About six months afterwards, Persephone would be travelling from Tauron to Caprica when her star yacht, the Athena’s Grace, lost all contact with everything in the Caprica System. She would then rescue several stranded Viper Pilots in order to find out that the Cylons had returned.