Specialist Jamie Perth

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Jamie Perth

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Specialist Perth




Field Medics
Medical Department

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Daniel Perth

Lynette Spencer


Jamie can come across as quiet and often keeps to himself, although if approached he is friendly and can be outgoing enough for most social occasions. His somewhat introvert personality by no means distracts him from his self-confidence, especially in his line of work, of which he has has placed significant dedication towards. Such commitment is reflected through his clinical acumen, and recent achievement as the youngest graduate of his cohort of critical care paramedics.

His relatively ‘fast-tracked’ progression through medical training has, at times, raised concerns from more senior paramedics and supervisors. Some have described him as book-smart, confident and highly capable for the job, but still lacking in overall experience, causing him to suffer occasional lapses in clinical judgment.

As a reservist, Jamie’s association with the Colonial Fleet began during his days as a paramedic student under a sponsorship program. Due to his relatively low service requirements (one to two months per year) compared to that of full-time Fleet personnel, Jamie generally conducts himself in a more civilian manner, although that isn’t to say he is completely ignorant of military protocol and procedure. Because of this, some have judged him to lack ‘real’ loyalty to Colonial Defence, while most others have been happy to disregard inconsequential differences in exchange for a specialist skillset of his calibre.

Unlike many Colonials, Jamie lives life non-religiously. He views the Sacred Scrolls with scepticism, finds prayer to be nonsensical, and is a firm believer in the scientific method and secularism. Despite fairly strong opinions on the matter, he holds no expectation for others to abandon their faith, but will show concern when religion inappropriately interferes with the rights and freedoms of others, especially if done through government policy.


Light complexion, blue-green eyes, dark blonde hair, boyish appeal. Clean-shaven, with wavy hair usually kept tidy. Lean and physically adept.


Jamie Perth was born in Glenvale Harbour, Scorpia, a coastal city that was of approximately 200,000 residents, nestled amongst the foothills of Mount Conara, 50 kilometres southeast of Argentum. He was the only child of Daniel Perth and Lynette Spencer, brought up in a middle-class family where his mother was a school teacher, and his father an electrician. He enjoyed a fairly happy childhood and performed well throughout his school years both academically and socially, despite being one of the quieter students.

Tragedy struck when his mother became unwell and was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma, several days after Jamie’s thirteenth birthday. Despite surgical resection and adjuvant chemoradiotherapy, she succumbed to her illness a little over two years after the initial diagnosis. Both he and his father suffered a prolonged period of grief, relying on each other for support as they slowly regained the resilience to move on.

All the time spent in and out of hospital with his mother piqued Jamie’s interest in the physical and life sciences. His passion in steering his own path towards a health-related career caught the attention of one of his science teachers, whose sister was a paramedic. Arrangements were subsequently made for Jamie to spend a day as an observer with the local ambulance service, which bolstered his determination to one day become a paramedic himself. He had toyed with the idea of aiming towards medical school instead, but eventually decided against it, even though his school grades would’ve granted him a spot.

Jamie graduated high school at the tender age of 17, and moved to university to complete a three-year paramedic science program in Concord, an inner western suburb of Caprica City. In order to assist with tuition, textbooks and living away from home, Jamie applied for sponsorship from the Colonial Fleet and joined as a reservist. Alongside his studies, he spent approximately one to two months per year training and serving with the Fleet, giving him a chance to work and travel abroad to the other colonies. This arrangement was maintained after the completion of his degree.

He spent two years working as a general paramedic, before hitting the books again by enrolling into an intensive 12-month course to become a critical care paramedic. Such a qualification broadened his skills and scope of practice significantly, giving him the opportunity to care for and transport the sickest of patients, wherever they may be – on board a ship, in rural/remote towns, out in the bush, and within hospitals.

It was during one of his extended missions with the Reserve on Picon when he met Corporal Oliver Haskell, an active duty Colonial Marine assigned as part of a security detail for medical transports. Their relationship started off collegial, but became increasingly serious especially whilst Jamie was away from service. Due to the fact that the majority of Jamie’s time was spent off-duty as a civilian, and that both were enlisted personnel and answered to separate commanding officers, their relationship was not strictly a secret.

At the time of The Fall, Jamie had been in the middle of transporting a patient from Scorpia Fleet Shipyards to a hospital on the planet’s surface, just breaking through atmospheric entry. This masked their detection from Cylon raiders. Upon realising the nuclear destruction engulfing everything around them, and then receiving a wireless message of a potential rendezvous at Nogura Depot, Jamie and his accompanying pilot made the decision to spool the FTL drive for a mid-flight jump.