Known Cylon Models

Humanoid Cylon Models

Number 1 A.K.A. “John Cavil”


Otherwise known as Cavil or John, #1 is based on a late middle-aged human male. He often masquerades as a priest or confidant, using his sharp wit and persuasive skills to confuse and mislead his opponents. While they appear to eschew the religion of the Cylons, they will use their knowledge of Cylon and Human religion in their manipulation of others. They tend to authoritarian, draconian methods, and show a nihilistic streak. The Cavils appear to be the closest thing to a leader in the Cylon society, using their authority and influence to convince the other models to do as they wish. They were the first of the humanoid Cylons created, and their knowledge of the creators may be one of the reasons they hold such sway in Cylon society. He Is a vicious foe, a sociopath even by Cylon standards. While usually avoiding combat, the Cavils a re brutal foes and have no compunction about the use of violence.

Number 2 A.K.A. “Leoben Conoy”


The number 2 model is particularly dangerous. These Cylons style themselves as prophets or philosophers. They are masters at observation and manipulation, capable of interweaving truth and lies in a way that makes them believable to even the most cynical or cautious. The 2s appear to enjoy the game of repartee and are very hard to interrogate.
They are the main purveyors of the Cylon monotheism. Often they talk about being able to see the patterns of the universe, and claim special insight into their God’s machinations. They are also one of the most able fighters in the male Humanoid Cylon stable. Leoben seems to take particular interest in the affairs of humans he considers important to God’s plan [or perhaps are simply intriguing to him.] The entire model has a romantic and prophetic fixation on the human pilot Kara Thrace, but have also showed a more philosophical interest in other resistance members.

Number 3 A.K.A. “D’Anna Biers”


The Number 3 model is second only to the Ones in their single-minded pursuit of their goals, even when they do not coincide with the wishes of the other models. They are very violent, practical, and devious. They are also one of the stronger models of the humanoid Cylons, physically dangerous as they are crafty. They are, like the Leoben model, highly religious, subscribing to the monotheistic Cylon God. Similarly, they are well-spoken and charismatic. One of the few weaknesses the 3s show is a need for affection – true love. In this they are similar to the 6s.

Number 4 A.K.A. “Simon O’Neill”


The Number 4s are the most rational, machine-like of the humanoid Cylons. They usually pose as doctors and scientists, a function they provide in Cylon society. The Simons are motivated by curiosity and duty to the Cylon race, and are the most easily manipulated of the Cylon models by authority figures like Cavil of D’Anna, but respond best to reason and facts. The Simons were rarely used as sleeper agents, as their base programming does not mesh with the human personalities that were crafted for them. Several of the Simons that were undercover malfunctioned and had to be boxed when they could not reconcile their harsh mechanical reality with the emotional memory implants.
Most 4s are not easily swayed by emotional or moral entreaties. Like the 1s, this model is fully cognizant and accepting of their true nature and do not feel the need to be “human.” They are not overly religious, but often pay lip-service for the good of the group.

Number 5 A.K.A. “Aaron Doral”


The Dorals are another infiltration model, designed to sow dissension and confusion in the enemy. They work to undermine authority, work with stealth and guile which their “everyman” appearance allows. They are the most militant and fanatic in their pursuit of Cylon goals. They often work as operations managers, and overseers.

Number 6 A.K.A. “Shelley Godfrey”


One of the most successful of the Cylon sleeper agents, the Six is one of the most versatile models for undercover work for their ability to empathize and manipulate human emotions. This ability is also their Achilles Heel: they are given to powerful emotion, and like the 3s desire to be loved. They are promiscuous, highly sexual, and violent, easily driven to action by their unsteady emotional state. Like the 5s, they are often used as field commanders and overseers. They are strongly protective of their “sisters.”

Number 7 A.K.A. “Daniel”

Daniel is often referred to as an “artist, and so sensitive to the world”. Ellen Tigh was very close to Daniel, which enraged Cavil; he felt that Daniel was Ellen’s favorite child and became jealous. Cavil poisoned the amniotic fluid being used to mature the Daniel copies and then corrupted Daniel’s genetic code, meaning that no further Daniel copies could be created.

Number 8 A.K.A. “Sharon Valerii”


The Sharons are held in low regard by the other models as being quirky, emotional, and weak. They were most extensively used as sleeper agents and show rebellious tendencies that are tempered by a fearful and inconstant nature. They are the most human of the models – mostly likely why they are looked down on.

Mechanical Cylon Models


The original Cylon Centurion model Modern Centurion model

The Cylon Centurion is a fully armored, metallic automaton that functions as the basic foot-soldier of the Cylon ground forces.

First reported shortly after the First Cylon war began, the modern Centurion appears to be a significant evolution of the First Cylon War-era Centurion.

Modern Centurions serve a variety of functions within the Cylon hierarchy, acting as guards, soldiers, executioners and even gardeners.

“Bullethead”, “clanker” and “chrome job” are common Colonial nicknames for these advanced and deadly Cylon warriors. They are also referred to as “toasters” – the common Colonial nickname for the Cylon race as a whole.

Although Centurions are sentient by design, an implant annuls their higher cognitive functions and prevents them from exercising full self-awareness. It also appears that this implant precludes them from harming any of the humanoid Cylons, except by explicit order.

Following the Second Cylon War and the devastating attack on the The Twelve Colonies, Centurions were used in a number of assaults on the surviving human Fleet. Also, on Caprica and other captured colonial worlds, modern Centurions were part of a clean up effort in Colonial cities where they participated in the reconstruction effort.

Centurions are unable to distinguish one copy of humanoid Cylon from another. Whether Centurions are able to recognize members of the Final Five – like Raiders are able to – is unknown.

Modern Cylon Centurions are primarily robotic beings in nature. More agile than those predecessors, modern Centurions are capable of extremely fast bipedal locomotion.


Sleeker in appearance than their robotic ancestors, Centurions are humanoid in structure, with long limbs and heads partially encased in armor. Their hands have four long, multi-jointed claws that can be retracted into smooth-tipped fingers of human proportions to handle more delicate objects.

Some versions of the Centurion wield markedly improved armor. Other Centurions appeared to be constructed from an alloy that is much lighter than that used in earlier models. During combat aboard the Colony, loyalist Centurions of the newer type were cut down by Colonial fire more forcefully than the earlier 0005 models.

The modern Centurion can effectively oppose a squad of Colonial soldiers by means of various combat systems. Long, talon-like fingers act as bladed weapons during close-combat, and fold back to reveal a three-barreled automatic projectile weapon which may be used in fire-fights.

In addition to these built-in weapons, Centurions are capable of carrying larger, more powerful weapons not integrated into their systems, such as mortars and missile launchers.

Heavy Raider

Cylon Heavy Raider

FTL: Yes

Propulsion: * 8x sublight boosters
* RCS thrusters

Crew: Approx. 10

Role: * Dropship
* Gunship

Armaments: * 2x tri-barreled automatic cannons
* Ship to ship missiles

The Heavy Raider shares many design similarities with the rest of the Cylon fleet, featuring an autonomous bio-mechanical design. However, this craft can also be piloted by Centurions or Humanoid Cylons if needed. The Heavy Raider has no windows, and any Cylon piloting the craft must rely on telemetry delivered to a datastream inside the craft for operation.

Heavy Raiders typically carries two tri-barreled automatic cannons capable of high rates of fire. These are further augmented with ship-to-ship missiles, which can be easily connected to the Raider’s DRADIS dish and converted into anti-aircraft batteries for use on a planetary surface.

Typically, Heavy Raiders are tough targets, being able to withstand severe punishment, including crash landings.



Cylon Raider

The Cylon Raider outwardly appears to be wholly mechanical in design, with a high-level AI controlling it. However, from inspection of a damaged Raider forced down in a firefight and recovered, the craft is found to be bio-mechanical in nature, incorporating a number of large organs in its design, including a central brain. In effect, a modern Raider is a creature in itself.

Though Raiders are self-aware, their intelligence level is less than that of a humanoid Cylon and more like a trained animal. Nonetheless, they are capable of independent thought and action, and can refuse to follow orders if they choose.

Much like the humanoids, the bio-mechanical Raider’s consciousness resurrects in a new “body” if it is destroyed.

While this allows the Raider to “learn” from its previous mistakes and become a more proficient killing machine, it can cause Raiders to develop what can be described as a desire for revenge after repeated deaths. Galactica’s Viper pilots are regularly outnumbered and survive, indicating that Cylon Raiders are generally not matches for skilled human pilots.

The Raider is equipped with an FTL drive system. The FTL system utilized by the Raider is far more efficient in jump calculations than Colonial FTL systems.

It is armed with conventional and nuclear missiles carried in internal wing bays and two pairs of kinetic energy weapons of different calibers mounted under the leading edge of the wings. Curiously, the only times the Raiders have been seen using their missiles are during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies and the Battle of The Colony. This may indicate that Raiders are not normally armed with missiles.

Like its counterpart, the Colonial Viper, the Raider is capable of atmospheric operations, and retains an aerodynamic shape.