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18 years Prior to the Fall of the Colonies

Ever seen a slave? No? Well here you are people! Her title is Junior Priestess of Hera, but lets be frank here, Her job is to serve at the pleasure of the Arch High Priestess, doing as she is bid. Kore is not her real name. Her real name was taken from her when she was conscripted into the temple by priestesses of Hera.


Quiet, unassuming, not really devout, as she has issues with the fact that she has basically been in indentured servitude since child hood. She keeps her feelings to herself, and though she shows reverence to the Arch High Priestess, she would not put her own life in danger to protect Laetia.  She might even prefer to shove Laetia into the path of any bullets. And now due to the circumstances facing humanity, she is loath to request ‘contributions from the faithful’


Born on Aerlion to farmer parents, Kore, as she is now known, was taken from the family home at the age of 5, when she was “Chosen by the lords of Kobol to serve great Hera!” It was a way to renew the priesthood on Aerlion, which fought for supremacy with the Temple of Demeter. They changed her name to Kore and over the years she has served in many different temples around the colonies, moving with the priestess she was assigned to when she was 10. This Priestess, was Laetia. Who as she climbed the ranks of the Priesthood, gained more and more Prietesses, junior priestesses and novitiates to follow and serve her.

She spent many years on Leonis under Laetia’s rule and guidance. At the age of 17, when Laetia ascended to Arch High Priestess, Kore was ‘promoted’ from novitiate to Junior Priestess. But her duties remained the same.

Traveling with Laetia gives her one advantage though, she has been able to visit the different planets, and learn about the different people and their cultures. She sympathizes with the poorer people in the colonies and is the first to volunteer to assist people. She can read, write, do basic math and has learned the scriptures as part of her education in the temple.