Ensign Ranulf MacCloud, Scout

Service Record

Ranulf MacCloud

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Ensign MacCloud






Viper Pilots
Solaria Air Group

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NPC Character

Personal Data



13 May

6'2" 191lbs short cropped dark brown hair blue eyes



Self-confident, the kind that comes from trial and error. All through his life He has pushed the envelope of possibilities. Even as chided others for attempting lesser risk. At the flight school he was always just within the guidelines of each mission. He flies with a fearless controlled abandon. Quiet, Most people forget he is even around. Never speaks unless he has something to say that seems important or revelant. Is one of those people that seem to be invisible in a room. Honest, Was taught from earliest remembrance that to allow an untruth is to be party to it. Quite often he will over explain a situation to be sure he left nothing out. This makes many people believe he is a bit slow, but not any who know him well. Helpfull, Ranulf will always stop to help someone out. Lifting something heavy, Or handing someone something out of their reach, never a big deal just does things as passes by.  These are Ranulf’s most noticeable traits. Very tolerant of others excepts nothing but the best effort of himself. Observant to the point of being annoying, often hands someone a tool before is asked or moves a drink before it is spilled. Makes every attempt to truly listen to others and treats everyone with respect. This non assuming personality is at odds with his personal and creative risk taking nature. For instance when training he never exceeded specs when in formation, but set speed records when flying alone.  When flying the Viper, his real love, He is ice cold as he pushes his interceptor to the limits.


Non-descript scotts/briton features,except for his bright blue eyes. Has a 34″ waist making for a lanky appearance, still moves with a self-confident grace and deceptive speed. Thinning light brown hair with a well-trimmed full beard and mustache. Has broad shoulders, long legs and a straight body that makes his clothes always look ill-fitted.

6’2″ 191lbs short cropped dark brown hair blue eyes


Ranulf was born and raised on Aquaria.  He is from a low middle class family, with two younger siblings. His Father was a shuttle pilot, hauling low priority cargoes to and from ships. His Mother worked in a local factory. Ryder grew up working with his dad whenever he wasn’t in school.  His physical strength and endurance comes from long work hours rather then working out in a gym. He learned quickly and showed a natural ability at flight controls. Was allowed to solo a shuttle at age sixteen. This added income for his family and actually freed up some of his time. In the nearly four years he flew shuttles He never turned down a flight, regardless of weather or how remote the landing site. He never made a bad landing despite some very harsh circumstances. Only average at team sports as he seldom could make practices.  He excelled at martial arts. Being able to train in his free time, He could make classes whenever time allowed. His quick reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination, reach, and cool head allowed him to truly excel. Between school, work, and his martial arts training, plus helping out at home with his siblings Ranulf had no time for a social life. Taking care of his siblings has made him protective of other people. Around people in a non-work environment Ranulf becomes shy and uncomfortable. In a work environment he is at ease and creative.

At age of ten he began martial arts training under a Master.  Not that he knew that at the time.  He attended classes as often as he could and trained in his free time with a dedication beyond his years.  This determination was noticed and Ranulf became as a son to his Sensei.  In time he was more of an apprentice then a mere student.  Ranulf from a young age was enthralled by the viper videos.  At eighteen He submitted an application to the Fleet Viper pilot training academy. His studying paid off well as his entrance exam scores where nearly perfect. Still he was not high born or wealthy, it was nearly two years before he received his acceptance letters and orders to report.

His acceptance he learned was due to a flight he took to a remote area nearly a year before.  Some Fleet Logistics Officer, Farrington was his name.  He needed a pilot to take him into some really bad weather and none of the ‘experienced’ pilots would take the flight.  Ranulf convinced Farrington he cpould handle the flight and took the officer there.  The weather had been really bad and Farrington was impressed by the young Pilot’s skill and steady hands.  They had talked during the flight and Farrington upon his return signed off on the young pilot’s request.  It was too late for that year’s start but it carried over to the next class’s start.

During his training he excelled at hands on skills, winning the fighter gunnery trophy.  He had some minor problems with academics but his ability to chart and navigate were exemplary.  He rarely partied or even went out during his time training, he spent most of his free time in the Academy hangar learning more about the Viper’s workings.  His two loves were noticed as he was also made a student martial arts instructor his first year at the Academy.  His piloting skills were apparent and he received advanced course in combat tactics ahead of anyone in his own class.