The Colonial Raptor is a versatile craft that has remained in military service largely unchanged since the First Cylon War (over fifty years of continuous service).  The Raptor is the main military transport and electronic countermeasures vessel for the Colonial Fleet. Raptors can also perform combat roles with exterior mounted weaponry, and they frequently see action as Search and Rescue (SAR) units.

General Specifications

  • Crew: 2 (Pilot and ECO)
  • Max Passengers: Varies – 6-12
  • Length: 10.15m
  • Armament: Varies, but maximum load:
    • 2 Six-barrel 20mm cannons (3000 rounds each) – either forward facing or rear “tailgun”
    • 2 Rocket Pods (240 rockets each, 20 rockets per burst)
    • 8 Missile Mounts

Raptor Variations

As mentioned above, the Raptor is an incredibly versatile craft.  One Raptor, however, can not perform all feats without being modified for a specific task. A Combat Raptor for example will not be able to hold as many troops nor fly as swiftly as one stripped down and dedicated for transport purposes. Raptors can be modified to many in-between states but the three general classifications are:

  • Combat Raptor: Full counter measures, full weapon array, maximum of six passengers.
  • Standard Raptor: Standard counter measures, cannons and two missile mounts, maximum of eight passengers.
  • Transport Raptor: Limited counter measures, no offensive weapons, maximum of twelve passengers.