Solaria Fleet

Made up of a rag tag group of survivors from across the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, the Solaria Fleet originally sets out to meet the Battlestar Galactica and her assembled fleet at Ragnar Anchorage, but when it becomes clear that the Galactica has fled, the Solaria Fleet does its best to try and meet up with the Galactica and reach somewhere to be free. All of the vessels in the fleet are FTL capable and have various degrees of armaments.

Joined at the Colonies


Aries is a vessel originally constructed by the Colonial Fleet but later retired and sold to a civilian company, United Technologies Aerospace Group (UTAG) and serves as a test bed for their technologies. The ship initially suffers the same fate as other networked vessels, succumbing to a Cylon virus before she is rescued by the Solaria on the outskirts of the Helios system before jumping away. Aries has some small armaments for defence.

Athena’s Grace

Developed by Arrius Laboratories as a Deep Space Science Vessel, the ship was a prototype design pitched to the University of Areleon. The University opted to go with a more cost-effective solution, however Dr. Arrius still used the original prototype as her personal yacht and science vessel. The Grace was found and rescued by Vipers from the Solaria and is permanently docked within Solaria’s starboard flight pod unless in use.

Colonial Heavy 679

A vessel originally assigned to the Colonial Government as an inter-planetary transport, Colonial Heavy 679 is now the command ship for civilian leaders in the fleet. She is armed with a single pair of forward facing gun batteries.

Colonial Shuttle

A single deck, two pilot vessel, there are three Colonial Shuttles in the fleet, docked at different home ports. These vessels are used for crew transfers between ships and planets for those vessels not capable of landing.


Loki is a large cargo vessel with a minimal crew and virtually no capacity for anymore. Many of her operations are automated but are currently offline as the crew repairs them due to suspicious events during a Cylon attack. She is capable of carrying up to 32 loaded cargo pods at any one time.


Any fleet needs a source of fuel and it is the Mahjong that stores and refines the Tylium ore into the liquid source of fuel that the fleets vessels need. All refueling operations occur under the watchful gaze of the Solaria.


A luxury passenger liner, Olympia was moving between the wealthier colonies at the time of the Cylon attack. She swiftly jumped to the location of the Achilles and was one of the first vessels in the Solaria fleet. Olympia has been requisitioned by Commander Hanson for housing survivors.

Patrolstar Achilles

A much smaller Colonial Fleet vessel with light armaments, Achilles is manned by just one hundred personnel and is less than half the size of Solaria. Commanded by a military veteran, Achilles joins up with Solaria after her first jump out of the system.

Passenger Transports

Much smaller than most ships in the fleet, the five passenger liners that joined the group are capable of holding a maximum of one hundred civilians, but their capabilities have been pushed following the escape from the Colonies. These passenger liners are much less luxurious than the Olympia but are much faster.

Picon Traveller

The Picon Traveller is a Fuel Transport vessel which had been transporting a full cargo of Tylium fuel from Sagittaron when the Cylons struck. She hid in an asteroid field until meeting up with the Solaria at the Nogura Fleet depot.


Joined After Departure from the Colonies


Hyperion is an older vessel, with an otherwise obsolete FTL drive system and is currently used as a Cargo vessel. The ship was part of the fleet that escaped with the Battlestar Pegasus and was later located by Solaria once the fleet was abandoned by Admiral Caine.


A large Cargo vessel, the ships many compartments have been modified to house civilians. The ship was part of the fleet that escaped with the Battlestar Pegasus and was later located by Solaria once the fleet was abandoned by Admiral Caine.


The largest civilian vessel in the fleet, Skyport is a vessel with large recreational facilities and several arboretums where the fleet is beginning to grow food instead of flowers. Large meetings of the new Civilian government and military personnel take place on Skyport on a regular basis. The ship was part of the fleet that escaped with the Battlestar Pegasus and was later located by Solaria once the fleet was abandoned by Admiral Caine.