The Colonies Before The Fall

The history of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol stretches back nearly 4,000 years before the destruction of the Colonies, with much of its ancient history being shrouded in mystery and religious lore. In this archive you will find out about the lives of those who survived the holocaust from a time when peace and prosperity reigned.

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~ “Conflict 101” ~

Persephone Arrius and Laetia
Caprica, The Palace of Demeter at 1930 Hours

Three years before the fall

The front courtyard was filled with limos as socialites arrived for another one of these functions that Seph wanted to avoid. Until the peace was broken by the arrival of a high-powered red sports car. The driver’s side door slid open and a young woman popped out, tossing the keys to a well uniformed chauffeur who got the horrible job of parking cars for the rich and the stupid.


And she got quite the looks as well because not many people attended these events in a pair of jeans, a tank top with a black leather jacket. The usher at the door nearly stopped her until she presented her invitation.


“Doctor Persephone Arrius?” The man noted. “Are you aware there is a dress…”


“If President Adarr wants to pass a law banning me showing up in whatever I want to wear, you’ll find him in about two hours.” She just walked inside and the usher simply shrugged. Grabbing a glass of wine, she leaned against what appeared to be a column in a lavishly decorated palace that happened to be a favorite location for these ceremonies that the High Priestesses held for ‘charity.’


Her company did more to help Saggittarion refugees than these entitled bitches could ever dream of doing. And mostly watching these people sneer at her was fun.


Laetia helped the Arch Priestess to her chair on the dias with the other Arch Priests and Priestesses, then with a show of humility, she bowed and retreated down to the crowd. Dressed in her best robes of dark purple, she let her blue gaze sweep the benefactors. She knew her role, smooze and flatter, agree to say prayers to the Gods for them.


Slowly, gracefully she moved from group to group, bestowing smiles and benedictions when asked She slipped into a group and spotted a young woman standing off to the side. She wandered over and gave the woman a smile “Greetings Doctor Arrius”


“Hello Laetia. Nice to see you’re in such wonderful health. Your dress, as usual is impeccable.” If anyone was paying attention, she had just insulted her twice . First was a jab at her health, and the other was the fact that she was a priest in a in a dress that cost about five thousand credits.


And this coming from a woman who was born into Caprican high society, left that, and build Arrius Laboratories with her own sweat… and blood. There was lots of blood involved, and rumors that Persephone had bended plenty of rules.


“One does one’s poor best.” Laetia replied calmly. She was used to the Jabs from this one. “One is surprised to see that you accepted my Lady’s invitation to this event. It’s not really the norm for you.”


“I’m always interested in what Arrius Laboratories can do to improve the quality of life in *all* of the colonies.” Seph’s ability to insult her was always fun. Considering this woman had opinions on higher and lower colonies.


The smile brittled but remained in force. “And the Gods thank you for your assistance, as will the people of Sagittarion and Gemenon.” Laetia bowed her head gracefully. “And I am sure the other benefactors here are happy to see you.” her eyes grew sly. “I thought I saw some of your former employees in the crowd. Do make sure you stop and say hello to them.”


“Ahh…. It’s been practically ages since I’ve seen Gaius. No doubt he’s one of your greatest admirers, Laetia.” And this jab was piercing, as she knew just how much of a sexist, narcissist he was. She grabbed a glass of wine from the waiter. “Here have a drink and go introduce yourself. I’m certain you’ll have much in common.”


Laetia smiled. “Gaius Baltar is more interested in blonds my dear child. I hear he took your best secretary when he was fired… such… disloyalty must be a disappointment. Then again she was younger than you wasn’t she?” She waved a hand languidly “now now don’t go getting angry, such a pretty face should have a smile on it. I am sure there are a number of young gentlemen here who would love to assist you with that. Unless you are more interested in young blonds as well?”


“You are the pinnacle of such humility and concern, Laetia. You have clearly come a long way from such a sheltered childhood on Cancerion to becoming a Priestess of Hera. I truly stand in awe of you.” Persephone gave a slight bow and moved to talk with the president of Graystone Enterprises.


Laetia watched her go, and snagging a wine glass from a passing waiter raised it to her lips, siped and then went in search of one of the many ministers in at the benefit.


Persephone sighed as she walked away. “That woman is probably the greatest threat to the colonies since the Cylons.”