Abandon All Hope I

Captain Nathan Patrick O'Hare and Ensign Elijah Monroe
Raptor 9-2-5 on mission day 1

Captain Nathan O’Hare, almost ironically, hated being in space; specifically aboard a Raptor. They were cramped and had no facilities that would stimulate him, or allow him to do his work. Usually, he consulted and assisted with the administration for the neurology department, located within the Argentum City Colonial Fleet Medical Center. Since finishing his residency, he’d began to accept more responsibility, both within the Navy and the Medical Corps.

From time to time, Nathan would be sent off to Neurology Conferences as a representative of the Medical Centre’s neurology department. He hadn’t minded at first, they usually involved seminars on breakthroughs, and sometimes managed to make the Captain at least partially enjoy the events. Recently, not so much, most of the conferences at this time of the years were opportunities for suppliers to try and plug their product. Nathan was expected to investigate and collate a list of products he felt the department could use.

Today was supposed to be a leave day he’d requested months prior in order to celebrate his mother’s 60th birthday. He and his dad had invited family members from all of the twelve colonies to a surprise party hosted at his mother’s favourite restaurant in Celeste city, Scorpia’s capital.

Yet here he was, begrudgingly, sat in the passenger area of the Argentum Colonial Medical Center’s transport raptor, 9-2-5. Apart from himself, Nathan was only joined on the transport by the Pilot, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tobias ‘Kite’ Johnson and the ECO, Ensign Elijah ‘Sidekick’ Monroe; both Scorpian natives.

They chatted animatedly with one another as they automatically work on prepping the ship for FTL. Nathan was quiet, book in hand, as they went about their duties. This had been their typical routine for the last two years. More often than not, Elijah took 9-2-5 whenever off-world, the two always seemed to be on duty to facilitate the journey.

It was uncomfortable at first, Elijah wasn’t interested in conversation, and the Pilot and ECO believed they’d been dumped with an assignment no-one else got to do. Eventually, however, a small friendship developed, spending hours within the small space forced eventual conversation, and Elijah secretly enjoyed learning about aspects of their jobs, he hadn’t realised the complexity at first.

As Raptor 9-2-5 made her final approach to the selected jump point, the pilots found their attention diverted to a point just beyond their consoles, as several bright flashes occurred within the space surrounding them. Ensign Monroe’s Eye’s bulges as several large contacts began to show up on the DRADIS, smaller ones following not long after.

“Captain, it’s the Cylons!” Johnson screamed as he sharply dived the raptor out of the path of some incoming missiles. The doctor stayed quiet as the pair began exchanging feedback, not that he’d have much input to offer. Medical staff had little use, or room, for piloting skills.

“Make the jump, now” Nathan ordered coolly. 9-2-5 was rated for transport only, they’d nothing more than debris if they stuck around.

The ECO began to form a rebuttal when Lieutenant Johnson hit the switch, 9-2-5 vanished in flash of light; narrowly missing the unfolding combat.

As soon as they arrived at the point the ECO’s eye’s where fixed on the DRADIS system to make sure they were safe.

“No contacts, Captain” Monroe mumbled, distaste thick in his words. They should have stayed, he’d trained with a lot of the pilot’s currently stationed at Scorpia. Judging by how close the Basestars had jumped to the fleet, he was worried about the initial losses.

“If we’d have stayed we’d have been nothing more than three bodies and raptor debris,” Nathan cut back, his voice steady and firm, “the best thing we could do was get out of there and leave the fighting to the ships actually rated for combat, Dionysus knows they didn’t need more debris in their way” his voice had grown strained, almost apologetic. If he’d have thought they could have made an impact, he’d have stayed. But he wouldn’t allow Colonial pride and honour to take the lives of himself and the two officers, not if there was another option for them to take, 9-2-5 just wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“Reach out to the fleet for a sitrep, request orders” Nathan ordered Monroe, they needed to keep going, find a way to be useful to the war effort. Not listlessly floating through space, eyes lock on DRADIS.

Monroe wanted to argue the point further, but he did the task anyway. When Monroe next turned to face Nathan, the doctor had half expected that the ECO had gained the courage to chew his ear off, then he saw the mans face.

“I’ve got a signal from Command, it’s Admiral Nagala,” Monroe told Nathan, his expression hopeful.

“Patch it through” Nathan ordered quickly, moments later the tiny transport’s hull was filled with the voice of the Admiral.

“This is Admiral Nagala! A Cylon attack against our homes is underway. We do not yet know the size or disposition or strength of the enemy forces but all indications point to a massive assault against homeworld defences. I have taken personal command of the Colonial Fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantia following the destruction of Fleet Headquarters. The Battlestar Atlantia, Columbia, Triton and Ulysses are preparing to engage enemy forces near Caprica.”

The three of them shared a worried look, if Fleet HQ was gone, things had to be dire.

“Any Colonial fleet personnel receiving this message; if you cannot reach Caprica for whatever reason, report to the nearest Colonial base or ship for assignment. Survive. Get back into the fight, but make sure you…”

The speakers scratched as the voice was suddenly silenced, “Get the transmission back, Ensign” Nathan ordered, praying that there’d simply been a disruption.

Monroe twisted knobs and flicked switches to no avail, no matter what he tried, he couldn’t reestablish contact the Atlantia, “I can’t, sir.” Monroe admitted finally.

Elijah mulled their options for a moment “Let’s get to Caprica, join up with the fleet and find us a post that makes us useful” Nathan decided, Johnson and Monroe looking to him for the next step. There was no point staying in the fray at Scorpia, but at least they had a chance to use their skills with the fleet at Caprica, perhaps even some catharsis.

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