And now…we jump!

Lieutenant J.G. Ayesha Myers
Freighter on the way to the rendezvous on mission day 1 at 7h00 hours

The cargo bay was crowded and it was hard to find someone of a higher rank to either report to or to get to take charge. Pilots sat slumped against the hull, despair on their faces. Ayesha took stock. Her father’s words echoing in her head ‘Never let them see they beat you’ Well she wouldn’t. She straightened her flight suit and clicked her heels together. And then she stepped into the centre. “ATTENTION!” She yelled at the top of her voice.


Heads came up.




The pilots were well trained and they got to their feet and fell in. “We are officers in the fleet. We are members of the colonies Armed forces. WE WILL NOT be defeated by a bunch of computer chips!! Yes we have suffered losses, we do not know what has happened,but we will continue. This freighter crew need our assistance. We need to help them Not sit here like lumps of slag on a deck.” Her voice carried to the 15 other pilots gathered. “Let’s get to work!”


They exchanged looks and then broke up to scatter and help the deck hands and crew of the Freighter. Ayesha herself, moved towards the hatch. She would go find someone to tell her their ETA to the rendezvous point.


The Freighter had FTL but with the Vipers in tow it would be hard to jump. But maybe they could reel them in close enough to be caught in the FTL bubble…. Her thoughts trailled off as she found her way to the bridge. A ten minute conversation had her running back to the cargo bay.


A few shouted commands and she and the deck crew were reeling the fighters into the hull, and securing the lines. What Fighters they could get into the already cramped cargo holds they did, but it still left a number outside the ship. She had no authority to order anything, she knew it, the pilots knew it. But no one were arguing with her… at this time.


Just as they secured the last Viper, the Captain announced their jump to FTL. Ayesha closed her eyes as the jump occurred. Soon.. soon she could find out what was happening….


“Attention all, we have arrived at the rendezvous.” Ayesha took a breath. And went back to the bridge to contact Battlestar Solaria Actual.