Lieutenant J.G. Ayesha Myers and Lieutenant Darius Kendall
Lower decks, Solaris on mission day 1 at 0845 hours

The Port Flight Hangar was quickly becoming a hive of activity the likes of which the Solaria hadn’t seen for perhaps a decade. Deck Crew, Pilots, and the odd crewperson from other places were running back and forth, welding vipers, telling jokes, and getting things operational. Darius had been doing the same for a few hours before this very moment, but now he was in the company of a beautiful woman and, like his school days of old, he was playing hooky. Things were just disorganized enough that they would be able to slip out of the room without too many questions being asked.


“Just don’t look like you’re having too much fun.” he said to her as he lead toward the exit.


A smile flitted across her lips as they walked. “Fun? Sure walking to the pilot rack and head area is such a fun adventure.” Ayesha slanted a look at him as they walked. “Things are bad aren’t they?”


His smile started to fade ever-so-slightly. All his life, he’d fought with his fists, with his words, with his viper; that smile was his most effective weapon. He let it fade now, and the realization of the gravity of the day returned to him. “Things are….over.” was all he managed as they walked across the bay.


Ayesha nodded in silence and then they were in the corridors beyond. “Then we will have to fix those Cylons good won’t we.” she was firm in her resolve. No Cylon was going to beat her. And maybe they could rebuild one day…


He also gave a nod, but didn’t’ respond immediately. “Just about my entire family is…was in the fleet.” he said. “Frakking toasters have alot to answer for.”


“My family is the same. My mother was commanding a battlestar…. they do indeed have a lot to answer for but there is still hope that people survived.” and Ayesha needed that hope. “And when this is finished we will see what is stronger… my money is on flesh and bone over metal and computer chips.”


He looked at her as she spoke and, when she was done, he offered a broad smile. He liked her spirit. Sometimes even the optimist needed reminding. At this point, he decided he would talk in the present tense. “My father’s an Admiral and he commands Columbia. My brother commands a battlestar too…My sister’s the XO here.” his smile broadened even more. “And I’m the fun one.” he finished.


She studied him. “Kendall…. I think I met your father once. My father is at the Caprica military academy, my mother commands the Trident. Two of my brothers are on the Galactica, one on the Pegasus, as pilots one on the Atlantica as an aide to the Commander and my last brother is the secretary of Agriculture.” she smiled. “I think I met your father at the Academy when I visited my father there. Scary man.”


“Yeah, people tell me so.” he said, clearly avoiding the conversation. The truth is, in his household, his father had been God. He understood very well how scary the man was. He offered a smile, however, and looked over at her again. “We’re a pair of well connected military brats, huh? We should be in charge around here.”


“oh no thank you!” Ayesha laughed. “I will stick to my viper thanks.”


He also laughed, walking beside her until they ended at an alcove with a ladder. “We’re going up one level.” he said simply, gesturing with his right hand. “Ladies first.”


With a nod Ayesha climbed up the ladder. Battlestars were pretty much the same even if it was older.. she got to her feet at the top and waited for him to join her.


Darius followed after, taking two rungs at a time. When he was on her level again, he spoke. “So, why do you fly, Miss Myers?” he asked, making the assumption it wasn’t a “Mrs.” He assumed she would have mentioned that when she was talking about her family. “Are you flying toward something or flying away from something?”


“For the fun of it.” she admitted. Ayesha smiled. “I love the thrill of flying. And flying takes you so many fun places.”


One might have thought that would have been a common answer, but Darius honestly hadn’t heard it very much. “Well, at least your doing what makes you happy.” he said with an affirmative nod as they walked. He knew that the pilot racks and the head were close-by. He said nothing else, just thinking about her words. He imagined who she might be and he looked forward to getting to know her more. He didn’t express these sentiments, of course; he did learn some things from his father after all. Don’t get so close they can hurt you, no matter who it is.


Ayesha didn’t need to talk as they walked. But after a moment of silence she asked. “What about you Mr Kendall? Why do you fly?”


“You can call me Darius, or Nightlight.” he answered smoothly and amiably. Just as he said so, he realised that he had set the precident by refering to her by her last name. There was a moment where he felt slightly uncomfortable, but he just chuckled through it and moved on. “But, uhm…” he continued. “I joined because I wanted to make my father proud. He was an ace pilot back in the Cylon War….Well, I guess the First Cylon War now. They called him Ironhide because he was unflappable. There was a running bet for anyone who could get him to smile. And his body counts on Cylons was ridiculous.” he spoke with some pride, looking over at her as he did. “I wanted to make him smile too, I guess.”


Ayesha nodded. Parental approval was something she understood. “You are here alive and ready to kick Cylon arse. I bet he is very happy about that.”


Darius gave an open laugh, but didn’t respond verbally. After a few seconds, he raised an eyebrow with a friendly expression. “You might deserve my nickname more than me today, Echo.” he said just as they came to the corridor with the pilot racks. He spun the metal circle on the door before them  and opened it to reveal the head. “We have arrived at our destination, please put your seats in the upright position.” he said, smiling but not laughing at the joke in particular.


She laughed cause she enjoyed his sense of humor. “Thank you very much for the escort Nightlight, I appreciate it greatly.”


“You’re very welcome.” he said, clapping his hands together gently and then holding his fingertips. “Oh, you’ve got supplies, right? Towels, washcloths, soap, a change of clothes?”


She shrugged. “Yeah in the bottom of my viper.”


He lifted both his brows and then shook his head, laughing a bit. “Didn’t think of that one, huh? Well, unless you wanna dance around here, naked, we better find you something..”


He turned toward the nearest rack, opened the door, and walked in. He was new to this ship too, so he had no idea who’s way he was about to get into. He looked at the racks until he found one that clearly belonged to a female. He opened it up, grabbed the uniform and their toiletries bin, and walked back out into the corridor.


“I come bearing gifts.” he said, handing the materials over. “If the person who owns that stuff asks, tell them I took it and ask if they wanna fight about it.” He gave a bright and handsome smile.


Ayesha smiled. “Thank you. And I’ll keep that in mind. I should let you get on so you don’t get into trouble.”


“That would be nothing new.” he said, as he started back down the corridor, walking backwards. “Save some water for the rest of us.”


She laughed as he walked away, allowed herself one casual glance at his backside then headed in to shower.

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