Interim Assignments

Captain Cooper Yates and Major Catherine Wolf
Patrolstars Achilles on mission day 1 at 1300 hours

The Patrolstar Achilles had moved into formation with the spattering of ships that were holding around the Battlestar Solaria. There had been an order for any rescued Fleet personnel to report to the Solaria for interim assignment. The Raptor he had arrived in had been readied, and there were a few others assembled on the flight deck.

The Captain who’d managed to track down a spare uniform and pull it on, he found he was the ranking member as he climbed into the cockpit of the Raptor and took the controls. Minutes later it was cruising towards the Solaria.

=/\= Solaria to Raptor 447 you’re clear to approach the port pod. Call the ball. =/\=

=/\= Raptor 447 copy that. I have the ball. =/\= The craft landed with a light thud, his flight skills certainly more refined when there wasn’t a fleet of Cylons trying to eradicate him.

Exiting the craft he returned the salute of the Petty Officer who was waiting. “Sirs, Ma’am, welcome aboard the Solaria.  The PO said to the group. “Please follow me to CIC.”

The group travelled in relative silence. The ship was a little worn around the edges but Coop had served on an old Galactica-class before. The bird still had plenty of fight in them.

<< CIC >>

“Major Catherine Wolf, Officer of the Deck.” The woman who was currently ranking officer in CIC. “Welcome to the Solaria, I’m sorry it’s not under better circumstance. All serving members of the Fleet are being reassigned to needed roles aboard the Solaria or other ships in the fleet. Captain Yates.” She said, glancing at a paper on the table. “I understand you’re a Nav Officer. We’re short staffed in that department, you’ve been assigned to the Solaria in that capacity.”

Coop nodded to the woman, as her gaze returned to the paper. “Lieutenant JG Mallinace, you’ve been assigned to our areospace group, report to Captain Kilmartin our CAG on the flight deck. Petty Officer Kassini, you’ll report to Engineering. Ensign Halia, you’ll be working under Doctor Power in medical. I’m sorry we don’t have time for more pleasantries, but we will all have time to get to know each other in the future. Dismissed.”

The other three saluted and headed off in their various directions. “Major,” Coop said  as she turned her attention back to the centre table. “What’s our status?”

“Making repairs and trying to get the ship combat ready. The Commander and XO are preparing our action plan. I’d like you to take your station. We’re not expecting to go anywhere right away but I want an experience navigator at the ready should that plan change.”

“Aye ma’am” He said, taking his station, and looked around at his new crew mates. It had been a long day and it wasn’t over anytime soon.