Sisters of Hadria

Hadria Byrtus
Olympia on mission day 1

Sister Byrtus was sitting on the bed in the slightly cramped cabin of the Olympia. Across from her sat two younger women, eyes closed. The three were members of the Sisters of Hadria, a religious order. They had been aboard a transport ship, an old, transport ship that had failed. The distress call had been received by the Olympia, unable to offer the transport what it needed to be repaired it had agreed to transport the passengers to the next port. The Cylon attack had changed that plan.

Having not paid the heavy fares of the ship, the Sisters had been crammed into a crew cabin. “Sister Byrtus, what do we do now?”

“We mediate, we pray for guidance. We follow the path the Lords of Kobal set out for us my child.” The older woman said smiling.

“I admit, I didn’t think I would live to see this day, the reckoning, but we are the chosen, the pure, the ones saved by the Lords.” She said emphatically, the many necklaces around her neck cringed together as she got to her feet. “What does the prophecy say Sister Pytras.”

“That before we can know salvation, the Lords of Kobol will purify the herd. Our sins will return and rain fire upon us, destroying the forsaken.” The younger of the two replied.

“Yes, and the Cylons, the very embodiment of our sins, our greed, and sloth, returned and rained fire, destroying the Colonies. Then what Sister Cyros.” Byrtus said, pacing the small room.

“Those chosen by the lords, pure of heart, worthy of salvation, will follow a Star, brighter than any. They will find a new home. The 12 Lords of Kobal will be waiting, and together they will lead humanity as it begins anew.” The other woman said.

“Yes, and at this very minute a star, the Battlestar, Solaria, who name comes from the ancient language, meaning sun. We are following a bright star, to our new home.” Byrtus said, clapping her hands together. “We have been saved, and we will help humanity to grow a new.”