Shoreleave Cut Short

Captain Cooper Yates and Adam
Myrus Beach - Virgon on mission day 1 at 0900 hours

<< Myrus Beach – Virgon >>

Cooper “Coop” Yates sat at the table on the patio of the villa, a cool sea breeze rolling in the sun still low in the sky. The blue air hung heavy this morning, the summer had been sweltering so far. Coop sipped his coffee, enjoying the last few days of his shoreleave before he was due to report back aboard Polaris.

“Good morning.” A voice came from behind him.

“Good morning.” Coop replied with a small smile. He turned to face the man who had emerged from the bedroom.

He was standing in a pair of loose cotton sleep pants, they were actually Coop’s, when he had met the man two days earlier Adam hadn’t been intending to stay in Myrus that evening, let along the following few days. Both knew very much that the trisk wasn’t anything serious.

“How’d you sleep?” The man asked Cooper as he moved to kitchen and poured his own cup of coffee.

“Alright, I don’t usually sleep late. Life of service does that.” Coop replied with a smirk.

“Most people wouldn’t consider,” He started glancing at the clock on the display. “0910 late, especially on a vacation.”

Coop smirked and took another mouthful of coffee. “You have to head back tonight don’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied nodding slightly. “I have meetings in the capital tomorrow I can’t push, unlike the last two days.” He said with a smile, closing the distance between them a kissing Coop. “It’s been fun, but the real world awaits.”

Coop nodded, “I can fly you back to the Capital this evening. I’m suppose to try to see my sister before I’m due back on the Polaris.”

Adam smirked, “You did say you would take me flying before left.”

“Well go today, the ship let me borrow an old raptor. She can’t do FTL, but she’s still got a few years on her sunlights left. I was thinking we’d go down South, the coral reefs are pretty beautiful from the air. Then loop back up to the Capital late afternoon.” Cooper said.

Adam smiled, “Sounds like a plan, but for now.” He started, setting his cup down. “I have other ideas.”

<< Several Hours Later >>

The slightly battered raptor sat on the pad a about 200 meters from the villa Coop rented for his leave. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the cities or starships. The pair were sitting in the front of the Raptor, Coop at the controls as the craft rumbled to life and lifted off.

The early afternoon sun was high in the sky. The Raptor was cruising south along the coast, the sunlight reflecting off the shallow water over the brilliant corals. Coop was considering finding a quite atol for them to set down on when the comms suddenly came to life.

=/\= All Colonial Fleet vessels we have multiple Cylon contacts in systems. Set condition throughout the Fleet. Battlestar Groups to engage enemy hostiles. =/\=

Cooper felt his stomach drop. He grabbed the headset and put in, pulling the communications traffic off the speakers.

“What, what’s happening?” Adams said, clearly scared.

=/\= Polaris Raptor 447 to Polaris come in. =/\= The Battlestar was due to be in orbit for a few days, his shore leave timed to their assignment here.

He couldn’t get anything back. Suddenly, the sky began to fill with bright lights. Orbital bombardments. The radiological alarm went off.

“My gods, they’re nuking the planet.” Coop said in disbelief. He glanced over at Adam he could see tears in the corners of his eyes. “We’ve got to get out of the atmosphere and away from the radiation.”

He said, putting the craft into a steep climb and clearing the atmosphere moments later. As the blue sky faded to the cold dark of space the gravity of the situation struck. He could see at least half a dozen basestars in orbit. Thousands of raiders filling the sky, and the Colonial forces floating dead in space. Vipers being piked off by raiders and heavy bombardment on crippled battlestars.

However they did the Cylons had disabled almost the entire fleet. =/\= Polaris Raptor 447 to any Colonial unit come in. =/\= There was tons of comm traffic, none of good.

“Can, can we get out of here some how?” Adam asked, knowing they would quickly be picked off if they remained.

“No, this raptor is old, she doesn’t have FTL.” Coop said, eyes glued to the DRADIS trying to find some glimmer of hope out of the situation. Then he saw it, Fleet transponder code for a patrolstar, the Achilles, tiny compared to Mercery-class battlestars being savaged by the Basestars. Her energy levels were low, but not as low as the other crippled ships.

=/\= Patrolstar Achilles this is Raptor 447, Captain Cooper Yates. What is your status. =/\=

=/\= Raptor 447 this Achilles, our main systems are unresponsive, we’re trying to jump but we can’t get our FTL to spin up. The fleet is falling aport, we have orders to jump. =/\=

=/\= Achilles, got room for a raptor? We have no jump ability. =/\=

=/\= We can take you in our port pod, but we have no OLS, you’ll have come in visually. =/\=

=/\= Copy the Achilles =/\= Cooper said over the comm, “Hold on this might get bumpy.”

Keeping an eye on the DRADIS to make sure no Cylons decieded to take them out he maneuvered the Raptor to an approach vector with the Achilles. Reducing speed as the distance closed he landed moments later on the deck, not quite as hard as he expected.

“Let’s go.” He said grabbing Adam who was sitting stone faced in the co-pilot seat. Jumping out of the Raptor the deck was a mess, clearly he wasn’t the first to do a hard unguided landed.

“Captain Cooper Yates.” He said, half wishing he’d at least grabbed his uniform jacket out of his bag. His civilian clothing out of place in the sea of jumpsuits.

“Sir,” a young officer said snapping to attention when he identified himself.

“Adam, see what you can do to help out.” The other man looking completely lost, he nodded and walked off without another word, like Coop he had hailed from Virgon, and had seen enough to know his family, and most of his planet had been wiped out.

“Ensign what’s our status.” He said heading off the flight deck, the young man falling into step next to him.

“We don’t seem to be effected as bad as most of the fleet, but we were having issues with our nav computer before the attack started. With all the battle stars we must not have looked like as big as a threat. The COs asked you go to CIC.” The Ensign said.

“Copy that, thank you Ensign.” He said leaving the officer on the deck and heading to the CIC.

<< Patrolstar Achilles – CIC >>

Cooper entered the CIC and found it as chaotic as the flight deck he left. “Captain Cooper Yates.” He said coming up to a Major who appeared to be in command.

“Major Sandrina Hyatt, I served with your mother.” She said with a solemn face. “We need any help we can get at the moment. We can’t seem to get our nav computer to ininatilize, we’re trying to restore FTL capacity and jump. From what we’ve decreed the fleet is all but destroyed. Fleet HQ, Ngala and just about every flagship. Word is a few of the older Battlestar are still trying to put up a fight, but received orders from a Commander Hanson to jump to Nogura Fleet Depot.”

“Ma’am, engineering reports the FTL should be back up momentarily.” Someone shouted.

“I recommend a manual jump.” Coop said, looking down at the command table.

She nodded looking to the young JG navigation officer. “Ma–Ma’am, I’ve never done a manual jump, except a simulation at the Academy.” He said looking as if he was about to vomit.

“I can do it.” Coop said, turning his attention back to the Major. She nodded.

“I relieve you Lieutenant.” Cooper said moving to the Navigator position.

<< Nogura Fleet Depot – A Short Time Later >>

=/\= “This is Patrolstar Achilles to any Colonial Fleet Vessels….

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