Too far away to make a difference

and Ensign call sign 'Jestor'
Deep Space on mission day 1 at 0350 hours

Ranulf was pleased as they launched.  The thrill of being hurtled out into the black always was a thrill for him.  As soon as they cleared the ship he banked to Port and accelerated out into deep space.  =/=This is Scout all lights are green and moving to assigned CAP sector.  Will report when we arrive at location.=/=

Jestor was not as pleased, in fact he was down right annoyed.  He was on Scout’s starboard wingtip as he closed into a loose deuce formation.  He stayed on the ship to ship frequency so just Scout would hear him.  =/=How come we get this long range sweep?  We just came aboard after all?  I had plans, there was a cute tech on the flight deck when we came aboard and I was going to ask her out for dinner tonight.  By the time we get these old boats back and serviced I will be lucky to have time to even see anyone at dinner.=/=

Scout shook his head laughing =/=Jestor you would have struck out with her anyway.  Besides these are not old boats.  These MKIII’s are almost new in fact.  Besides I like them and they can do about anything the new MKVIII can in the right hands.  These MKIII’s are just not the new shiny toys.  You know why we got this mission as well, crappy jobs go to the newest people.  This area only gets randomly patrolled as it is a long range patrol.  Just enjoy getting stick time.  We could have been stuck on some planet garrison after all.=/=  Scout checked his course and his sensors.  He shifted his flight path minutely every few seconds as he had been trained.  He was a firm believer in never taking unnecessary chances.  Flying straight and level was an invitation to being shot at, if anyone had a mind to do such a thing.

Jestor growled under his breath.  Why did he have to be stuck with Scout?  There he was jinking again.  Who did he think was going to shoot at them out here in the middle of the deep black?  Jestor shrugged after his momentary temper.  He knew why he was paired with Scout, after all the conniving he had done to be his wingman.  He knew Scout was the best shooter in the training unit.  Jestor had learned to put up with the boring, quiet, big fella as he suspected being around Scout was a good way to stay alive.

It had been over an hour just to get to their patrol sector.  Scout had enjoyed the flight, mostly because after the first fifteen minute check in Jestor had not bothered him.  There was just something to be said for racing through the seemingly empty blackness of space.  =/=Jestor you want to call it in we are beginning our CAP.=/=

Jestor switched channels and called the Ship =/=Headhunters CAP, Jestor and Scout we have arrived and are beginning CAP=/=  There was a brief affirmative reply and silence returned.  Jestor hated the quiet and told himself jokes as he flew.  He did not bother telling them to Scout any more as he had learned Scout neither answered or laughed at even his best jokes.  Telling a joke to his wingman was just simply depressing.

They had not been on station long when a large number of bandits appeared on their sensors.  Scout narrowed down his scan to focus on the inbound craft.  Even as he did so three broke formation to race toward the pair of vipers.  =/=Jestor call this in we have multiple bandits moving coreward?  Three are coming at us.  Those are Cylon raiders..  Call it in now!  They are weapons hot, Jestor break low to Starboard.=/=  Even as Scout was speaking her went into a high barrel roll to port putting himself closer to the now firing Cylon Raiders.  Their kinetic energy rounds slicing through the space the vipers had just vacated.

Jestor tried to call out and got nothing but static, he broke starboard hard and accelerated and still tried to raise the ship.  He tried to contact Scout to warn him they were being jammed but he just got static!  He had other problems now though as a Raider was on his six low and shooting.  Jestor jinked and jumped into a low YoYo hooking turn causing the Cylon to overshoot and loose his position.  Jestor noted the Cylon was responding quickly and he had to think fast on what do do next.

Scout finished his barrel roll with a Cylon Raider almost head to head and nearly already in his sights.  Scout popped up in an elevator move using a cobra style maneuver to keep his nose on target and fired rapid short burst into the Raider as it closed.  The 30mm shells bounced off, glanced away but enough punched through to crack the Raider’s hull.  It came apart in a brilliant explosion forcing Scout to snap his nose back up and inline with his flight direction.  He broke away diving low to starboard.  He saw Jestor was in trouble but could not make contact as he was being jammed.  He accelerated toward wingman to help.

Jestor was screaming into his comm for help as he jinked and rolled trying to evade the pair of cylons shooting at him.  It was a mad run and he knew his luck could not last forever.  Just like he knew screaming at Scout over a jammed comm was a useless gesture but it helped him cope just the same.

Scout slipped his viper in under the Cylon Raiders so he would be firing up into their six.  He positioned his LOS so he did not need to worry about an overshot hitting Jestor.  He locked on and fired lighting up the backside of the targeted Cylon.  The cylon broke off its attack but Scout stayed with the Raider move for move.  The Raider blew apart on the fourth burst.  The remaining Cylon Raider broke away and raced off to escape.  It saw the trap forming as he would be caught between the two vipers if it remained on the attack.

Jestor saw the explosion behind him then spotted the other viper on his sensor.  He realized the third Cylon was trying to get away and pursed.  He locked on and fired both missiles he was carrying but the Raider jinked and they both missed.  He was closing and suspected the cylon Raider was trying to lure him into an overshoot.

Scout had moved onto Jestor’s wing and was now just flying.  When the Raider turned to his side though he jumped in front and since he was already locked on loosed both his missiles at the Raider.  It jinked causing both to miss but in evading it flew into Jestor’s gun range.

Jestor fired longer burst then he should have in his endeavor to destroy the Raider.  he missed more then he hit but the number of canon shells that hit were enough.  The Raider lost a wing and went into a tumble with bits and pieces flying off as it tore itself apart.  One last burst from Jestor’s canons were enough to cause the remaining shell to breach and explode.

Scout tried to make contact again =/=Jestor did you get through to the ship=/=

=/=No we were jammed.=/=  Jestor tried to raise the ship but comms were still being jammed.  =/=Still no joy Scout?  What the frak is going on?=/=

=/=No frakking idea but we need to get back to the ship asap.  Whatever is going on it just is not good.=/=  Scout took the lead as he turned back toward the ship, and accelerated.  They were at least an hour away and way too much could happen in that amount of time.

Scout and Jestor were closing on the ship when they finally could hear what was going on.  None of it was good.  Despite surviving his first combat in style, Scout felt useless as he returned to the ship.  They had been too far away to make any kind of difference.  Being pragmatic Scout contacted the ship to recover.  After all they needed rearmed if they were to be useful.


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