“Viper Repairs…

Lieutenant J.G. Ayesha Myers, Lieutenant Darius Kendall and Calista Pennington
Hanger Bay, Solaria on mission day 1

The luxury liner Olympia had just arrived at the the Nogura Fleet Depot and was now being protected by the CAP and was in the safest place it could be. As soon as the captain had given word that they had arrived, Calista made her way to the shuttlebay. The staff who were at work in the rooms put up a small resistance when she told them she wanted to go over to the Solaria with the Colonial officers, but in the end, she’d won. That’s the way it always was.


She’d stepped onto the raptor and sat next to a tall man in a colonial uniform. He had white hair, held a brown bag on his lap, and he stank of cigars and ambrosia. She thought to herself for a moment, hoping that he wasn’t an example of the typical colonial officer for all their sakes. The ride to the Solaria was a quick one, but wasn’t particularly comfortable. She was used to flying in comfortable seating with safety belts; this had neither. She’d yelped loudly when the raptor touched down on the deck and spent the next few seconds while the raptor was brought into the hanger bay avoiding eye contact with the man on her left.


Once the doors opened, the older man stood up and stepped out sensibly, walking over to the officers who were their to greet him. “My name is Major Bradford Power. I’m a doctor.”


That’s was all she’d heard as she rose to her feet and walked toward the exit of the raptor. Before she’d left, she changed into a short red dress that hugged her curves. She was used to changing her clothes several times a day, so she did so mostly out of habit. The colonial officers helped her off the steps of the raptor in her high heels, the men seeming particularly eager to lend a helping hand.


“Oh my Gods, is that Calista Pennington?” Darius said, tapping Ayesha on the shoulder and pointing toward the spectacle.


Ayesha studied the woman for a moment. “Probably.” She said as she turned her gaze back to the Viper she was working on. “Guess her home blew up.”


Darius was fascinated by his new friend’s tone concerning the woman. “So, you’re not obsessed with her like every girl I’ve ever met?” he asked with a grin. “You’re telling me you don’t wear Calista shoes, or Calista perfume, or Calista foundation? Do you watch Calista’s show?” he chuckled, amusing himself.


“No, I do not.”Ayesha replied. “I rarely wear makeup and my shoes are all colonial issue. Can you hand me that wrench please?” She asked as she probed into the inside of the Viper.


“And you don’t need any makeup either.” he said. “You’re frakking beautiful the way you are.” he said, handing her the wrench and standing up. His eyes followed the woman across the room as she tried to lose the very attentive viper-jocks who were flanking her.


“Uh huh. Nightlight either help me or go drool ok?” She could tell his mind was not on the matter at hand. “I want to get this Viper purged and back in the sky.”


“Hey, I don’t drool.” he responded with a chuckle. “I’m too suave and debonair.”


He leaned down so that she could see his face and he spoke a bit softer. “I just thought you might want to meet your hero.”

“You mean Lieutenant Kara Thrace?” She quipped “I am fine thank you Nightlight.”


“No no no, Echo. I take your dreams seriously. You have to learn to go for what you want!” he said, standing up again. “And if you want to meet Calista Pennington, who are you to stop you?”


Without waiting for a reply, the grinning man turned and walked away.


She glowered over her shoulder and  choosing the high ground went back to work. If he brought that bimbo back over here, well… she would embarrass Nightlight so much for the crime.


Darius made a beeline for the woman in the red dress. She had just escaped her newfound paparazzi when he made his approach.


“Ms. Pennington!” he shouted out, landing right beside her as she stopped.


Calista looked over, having just escaped the throng of people, and felt the familiar annoyance of not being able to escape attention. If she was honest, she loved it, yet still it felt good to pretend like it was a bother. When someone called her name, she turned around and looked at him. She gave the man a smile, taking note of his appearance right away.


“Yes?” she asked.


“I know you hear this alot, but my friend has to meet you.” he said, his smile broadening. “She’s your biggest fan.Will you just come say hello?”


Calista looked left and right and, at that moment, realised she had no idea where she was or what she was doing. She had been walking with such determination but, to where, she didn’t know.


“Oh, uhmm…sure!” she said, moving a hand through her long blonde hair.


Darius then turned around and, trying to restrain himself from bursting into laughter, proceeded to lead her over to the Viper that Ayesha was laying under.


“Ayesha, look who I found!” He said, tapping on her leg.Calista put on her winning smile and offered a gentle wave at the woman under the viper.


Ayesha glanced up and then her face blank. “You found some random civilian wandering around Nightlight?” she asked curiously. “You know the boss is gonna kick your behind if you are playing tour guide.”


Darius nearly burst with laughter, but he kept it together. Calista, on the other hand, allowed her smile to deteriorate into a confused expression.


“No, Echo.” Darius cut in. “This is your hero, Calista Pennington. All around superstar!” He looked over at Calista. “I’m sorry, Mss. Pennington, she must have been under that viper for too long.”


Echo rolled her eyes and pushed herself out from under the Viper. “Look, this idiot who calls himself a pilot, is pulling your leg, miss… who was it again?”


The look that then crossed Calista’s face was disgust, and it was directed right at Ayesha. She hadn’t seemed to hear the news that had been relayed about her leg being pulled and only seemed to notice that the woman hadn’t heard of her before.


“I don’t mean to be rude here, but…” she began, looking around in the dramatic fashion that she was famous for. “Do you live under a rock?”


“No, ma’am.” Darius cut in, whimpering out his restrained laughter subtly. “She lives under a viper. Big difference.”


“Look Lady, not everyone pays attention to the Civilian world.. In Case you have not noticed, we are bit busy here, you know trying to save the human race?” Ayesha retorted. “And where I live is none of your concern. What should be your concern is that you are a civilian in very … bright … high heels… they are not steel capped right? Be careful, this area is full of oil and things that fall from people’s hands…..” Then she stood up and narrowed her gaze at Darius “Are you going to help me with this Viper or not Nightlight!??”


Calista gave the woman a look of unreserved hatred and then turned her attention from her to Darius; more like a shunning than a change of subject.


“Is this your idea of a joke?” she asked him, angrily.


“Yes, ma’am.” he said with a simple nod as he chuckled a bit.


“Well that’s FRAKKED UP!” She shouted, and if the attention of the entire room wasn’t on her before, it was now.


Darius looked over at Ayesha and gave a light shrug.

Ayesha sighed and turned back to the Viper. “Take the screeching harpy somewhere else would you Darius?”


“What did you call me, BITCH?!” Calista shouted, taking a step toward the viper.


“Woaaahhh!” Darius said, stepping in front of her and using his body to move her away.


Ayesha turned and raised an eyebrow. “Thats Lieutenant BITCH to you miss… so sorry missed your name again, but just a quick newsflash for you, this ain’t the colonies of old sweetie dear, the Cylons don’t care if you sell face cream or hair shampoo, or even if you are a porno star, they care that you are human and die easily. Now get off of this deck before I call security and have you and that pretty piece of fabric you call a dress removed. The Military take a dim view of Civilians threatening Colonial Officers… You might find yourself in the brig. No cameras in there for your porno films.”


By the time Ayesha was finished, Calista had flailed against Darius’ restrained enough to hit him in the face a few times. Several pilots helped him pull her away and he watched as they dragged her from the hanger deck. Once he was gone, he looked around and rejoiced that there were no non-pilot officers in the room.


He slowly walked back toward the viper where Ayesha stood and, when he arrived, he looked at her for a few seconds. “Wow.” he said simply, smiling a bit. “You’ve got some serious negative feelings about that woman, huh?”


“No not really, I just hate it when people set others up for a joke.” She reached out and poked him in the chest with her fingernail. “I also dislike those who do nothing to earn respect. Selling face creams and other stuff just cause you are pretty must be pretty lowering for her self esteem.”


“Well, I think she’s a billionaire.” He responded with a nod. “But I’ll take your point.”


“Was a billionaire. When Caprica and the colonies were attacked I bet her stock plummeted.”Ayesha said with a yawn as she leaned against the Viper. “Look I’ll take whatever punishment the CAG hands down for that little outburst.”


He chuckled. “You better hope the buck stops with him on this one. He doesn’t eat nails for breakfast like the XO.” he said, getting down on the floor and sliding under the viper. “Now stop screwing around and get back to work, Lieutenant!” he called out, jokingly.


She kicked his shoe and went back to work on the Viper.

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