Tour of Key Facilities

Solaria, for its age, remains a large battlestar with many facilities for its crew for training, flight preparation, and rest.

Crew Quarters

There are several different types of crew quarters located on Galactica. The two primary types are officer’s quarters and duty lockers. Limited space remains for visitor’s quarters.

Generally, the commander’s quarters is a special area with separations for a desk, chairs and furniture as well as a bunk. Senior officers may be allowed a duty locker for themselves and a spouse. The CAG and other officers often share duty locker space with the remaining pilots. Non-commissioned officers generally share duty lockers as well.



Solaria has a makeshift daycare center to accommodate the children of the many civilian refugees who were taken aboard and made Solaria home after the attack on the Colonies, as well as crew who started families.

Hangar Decks

 The hangar deck is where auxiliary craft, such as Vipers, Raptors, atmospheric shuttles, and even captured enemy craft are stored and maintained between ops. They are generally situated next to, or under the flight deck of the command vessel for quick access.

With action stations called, Vipers are moved off the hangar deck and into the launch tubes.

Hangar bays are designed to store and maintain auxiliary craft that a vessel may carry, however, not all hangar bays can accompany every possible type of small craft. Depending on the craft, Hangar decks will vary in size. On large battlestars, hangars are long and narrow, designed to hold dozens of craft, and quickly refit or refuel fighters and scouts that could be called upon to launch in a moment’s notice. They feature numerous alcoves that are used as storage and work bays, and feature diagnostic, and maintenance equipment in each section that allow the deckhands (commonly called “Knuckledraggers” in military slang) to work quickly and efficiently with their assigned aircraft. Vipers stored in these alcoves can then be dragged across the slim deck and into the connected launch tubes when called upon, under the direction of the Deck Chief.

The cramped and humid hangar bay of the Solaria.

Access to the above flight deck is granted by large elevators that are located at regular intervals along the length of the flight pods. They are kept secured while in operation by airtight doors to prevent any atmospheric leaks or other kinds of serious accidents. These elevators are the preferred method of launching Raptors on older battlestars, where they are lifted up to the landing bay, taxi, then “lift off” through one of the pod’s fore or aft openings.

On smaller ships, the hangar decks are much more cramped, and have no structural similarities to their larger battlestar counterparts. Conditions on these ships can be less than ideal, with smaller working spaces, high temperatures, and high humidity. However, they still feature the personnel and equipment needed to maintain a healthy fleet of fighters for fleet protection.

Hangar decks have had many other uses, especially during times of combat. They have been used as temporary morgues for fallen crew, meeting halls for prayer services or shipboard ceremonies, and can even be converted for use as a courtroom.


One of Solaria’s heads.

There are several restroom facilities on Solaria. Some are used as general purpose lavatories with just sinks and toilets while others appear to be meant as crew bathing facilities. These have showers, multi-basin sink facilities and lockers that are named with callsigns. Every public head seen appears to be unisex.

Separate heads are not allocated for gender or rank, instead, they are fully communal.

Observation Deck

Observation deck on the Solaria.

Situated at the very front of the ship, this room allows crew and visitors the rare opportunity to look out a window into space. The room is often used by couples for courting. Because of the high demand for this room, officials on Solaria have had to impose time limits on each group that enters.

Recreation Room

Pilots in the Solaria Recreation Room.

The “rec room” is a general-purpose room where officers can gather to socialize, relax and participate in games. There are often triad games played here. The walls are decorated with many photos of pilots who served on Solaria, spacecraft and airplanes, insignia, decorations and other memorabilia. Enlisted and civilian personnel may use the recreation rooms only at the invitation of an officer.


The general medical care facility for all of Solaria and other Fleet ships when necessary. The sickbay is designed to survive autonomously in case of a shipwide disaster. The sickbay seems to have the equipment of a basic small hospital (beds, stretchers, IV’s), but is relatively spartan otherwise. It is also equipped with a machine similar to a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. There is also a morgue.


Solaria’s Wardroom.

A formal meeting and multi-purpose room, the wardroom has tables usually arranged in a U shape surrounding a podium placed at the front of the room. It has seating for 10 to 15 people. More formally decorated than most of the other rooms on Solaria, it contains the flags of the Twelve Colonies and is carpeted with a plush, blue carpet.

Weight Room

Officers working out in the Weight Room.

Solaria has a fairly standard weight room to maintain the crew’s physical fitness and for rehabilitation after injury. Leg strength is particularly important for Viper pilots; acceleration can dramatically magnify the force needed to press the fighter’s control pedals. People often use the weight room as catharsis, pushing themselves and venting through strenuous weightlifting, boxing and the like.


There is also an additional area of space for physical training, such as self-defence and martial arts.

Firing Range


The firing range is a facility on Solaria that allows her crew to maintain their small arms proficiency.

A standard practice among pilots is conducting an equilibrium exercise by spinning a person around in a vertigo chair and then having him or her fire several shots on a target within a set amount of time. Many of them don’t even hit the target.