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Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall

Name Amaris Naomi Kendall

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Tauron
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’4″
Weight 117 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amaris is a pretty woman with a dark-caramel complexion. Physically fit yet petite, Amaris lacks the strength and presence that would make her physically threatening or imposing. She has delicate features, but often wears a neutral and business-like express that hardens them. She has naturally curly hair which she straightens daily and big gorgeous brown eyes which can be very captivating, but are often cold and distant.


Father Admiral Atticus Kendall, Commander, Battlestar Columbia (Deceased)
Mother Laura Kendall, MD (Deceased)
Brother(s) Commander Atticus Kendall Jr, Commander, Battlestar Nemesis (Deceased)

Mattis Kendall, J.D., Attorney General, Tauron (Deceased)

Ronan Kendall, MD (Deceased)

Lieutenant Darius Kendall, Viper Pilot, Battlestar Solaria

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amaris Naomi Kendall is a Tauran woman serving in the Colonial Fleet as Executive Officer of the Battlestar Solaria and, before the Fall, was the youngest Executive Officer in the Colonial Fleet. The Youngest Child to famed Colonial Admiral Atticus Kendall, Amaris has spent the entirety of her military career in her father’s long shadow. Admiral Kendall’s influence was great and he was a surrogate father to many prominent high-flyers in the fleet, the most notable of which was Admiral Helena Cain; he called these disciples of his, including Amaris, razors. Promotions came quickly and easily for Amaris and the best assignments were always readily available. Rather than leaving her a spoiled and entitled brat of an officer, these privileges have left Amaris pathologically desperate to prove to everyone she comes in contact with that she is independently competent and deserving of all her achievements. In her attempt to distance herself from her image as the Admiral’s Daughter, Amaris has ironically become the spitting image of her father; her tactical brilliance, brutal determination, detail-oriented mind, commanding demeanor, and pragmatic philosophy remind anyone who has spent 30 seconds in his presence of her dear-old dad. Consequently, she also shares his ruthless streak.

Amaris is a proud woman who has not joined the fleet to make friends. She has some close relations among her colleagues, but most of the people she has served with has seen her more as an unstoppable force of nature than a mortal woman. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, but never manages to be particularly generous or kind to anyone. She is a woman of great ambition and has the gifts of diligence, discipline, and patience in abundance. Though not the most knowledgeable officer in regards to spacefaring, Amaris knows how to organize people and she knows how to fight a battle; she is extremely effective both as a military administrator and as a combatant commander, displaying a bravery and zeal few can match with an attention to detail that often allows her to surprise the enemy. Like her father and all his razors, she is cynical, brutal and ruthless in her military methods and needs to be restrained by the moral compasses of those around her. Though intensely capable and dedicated, Amaris lacks the experience that comes with more time in the fleet.

Amaris spends most of her free time in quiet pursuits. When she isn’t keeping in shape or reading reports, she often reads novels and writes extensively in her log book. She doesn’t ordinarily fraternize with the lower ranks, but is able to do so rather well when put in a situation where she must. She encourages the people around her to be strong in the face of adversity and to be fearless as they look down possible death. Now that humanity has been nearly completely destroyed, those who remain must be razors if they’re going to survive.

Personal History Amaris was born 32 Years BCH on Tauron to Colonel Atticus and Dr. Laura Kendall; she was the youngest child after 4 boys and, since the day she was born, she was clearly her father’s favorite child. Atticus wanted his sons to grow strong, but he granted them a freedom he never made available to Amaris. Indeed, in the Kendall home, Daddy was God. He was only there between tours of service aboard the ship where he served as XO. When she was five, her father was given Command of the Battlestar Galactica and she saw even less of him. She was raised by her mother along with her older brothers, but, even as a child, their father’s shadow was cast long across the household.

Amaris was a brilliant child who excelled far beyond her years in her studies; the young girl soon developed an ego to match her acuity. At her father’s insistence, she was placed in a private school for gifted girls on Tauron, hoping that they could help her hone the considerable gifts she had been given; the school was a known training ground for the most prominent female Tauronese leaders. As a child, she was arrogant, fuss

And Are We Yet Alive UMH 553 (1-3, 6), she excelled in her studies; in particular, she showed mastery in mathematics. Students who excelled in the boarding school were given internships in the fleet in order to study in a practical military environment. Her father quickly called her to study under him on the Battlestar Colombia where he sat as the commanding admiral. Under her father’s tutiledge, Amaris learned an incredible amount about leadership, combat, and logistics. She served aboard Columbia for two years as the Admiral’s Assistant before she enrolled in the War College with concentrations in organizational leadership and applied mathematics.

Upon graduation, Amaris served a three year tour aboard the Battlestar Renegade as a Junior Tactical Officer before being transferred to her father’s flagship, the Columbia, as Senior Tactical Officer. After yet another three year tour of duty, Admiral Kendall pulled some strings to get Amaris a top assignment aboard the ship of one of his “razors” and another rising star in the fleet. Rear Admiral Helena Cain. Amaris was assigned as Officer of the Deck aboard Battlestar Pegasus. One year before the Fall of the Colonies, Major Kendall aced her command exam and was transferred to the Battlestar Solaria as Executive Officer under Commander Martin West.

Amaris served eight months aboard the Solaria before the Fall. She’d settled in with many of the crew and had even begun a secret romantic relationship with West. During the Cylon attack, the Solaria was under decommissioning at Scorpia Fleet Yards. After six Baseships jumped in and began attacking the Fleet Yards, the Solaris executed its first jump in 15 years to rendezvous with Admiral Nagala’s Fleet. They arrived in time to witness the destruction of the Fleet, rescue a series of vipers who had lost their capital ships, and execute an emergency jump to the Nogura Fleet Depot. Just as they were jumping the ship was hit with a nuclear missile, killing many of her crew including the Commander. Major Kendall assumed command of the Solaria and ordered her to take a obscured position behind an asteroid were they could avoid detection and make massive repairs to ship systems. The small fleet of ships which had gathered near the Depot was beginning to look to Solaria for protection and leadership, so Amaris hesitantly surrendered command to Commander Mitchell Hanson on the condition that she would serve as his XO.
Service Record Born – 32 BCH

Attended Woodbridge Academy on Tauron – 26 BCH, Age 6

Attended Brayton Colonial School on Caprica – 20 BCH, Age 12

Interned as Admiral’s Assistant on Battlestar Columbia – 16 BCH, Age 16

Amaris enters War College on Caprica – 14 BCH, Age 18
Organizational Leadership
Applied Mathematics

Battlestar Renegade

- Assigned as Junior Tactical Officer
Promoted to Ensign – 10 BCH, Age 22

Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade – 9 BCH, Age 23

Battlestar Columbia

- Assigned as Tactical Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant – 7 BCH, Age 25

Battlestar Pegasus

- Assigned as Tactical Officer
Promoted to Captain – 4 BCH, Age 28

- Assigned as Officer of the Deck
Promoted to Major – 1 BCH, Age 31

Battlestar Solaria

- Assigned as Executive Officer – Age 32 – Eight Months BCH
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel