Captain Cooper Yates

Name Cooper Yates

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Captain


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Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 @ 5:53pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Virgon
Age 35

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Born on Virgon in the capital Boskirk, to a well to do family. His father was a prominent politician who was serving as Deputy Premier of Virgon, and a likely contender for the next President of the Colonies, at the time of the fall of the colonies. His mother an Admiral in the colonial fleet was in command of the Battlestar Pacifica during which was destroyed during the Cylon Attack.

Cooper attended university after and complicated a degree in Political Science originally planning to enter politics and follow in his father’s footsteps. However after graduating he decided to join the military instead. He completed his basic training and then was accepted into basic flight.

During his time in flight school his mother approached him, she wanted him to drop out of flight school, knowing the expectancy of a Viper pilot. He completed flight school but requested a posting on a ship instead of to Aerospace Wing. His first posting was aboard the Fleet Heavy Cruiser Adreia, as a junior tactical officer. The ship was part of Defence Group 7 and it’s main assignment was the forward defence posting of Helios Alpha and Beta.

The tour was relatively uneventful, but Yates earned a promotion to Lieutenant JG and at the end of the tour was assigned to the Battlestar Athena as Tactical Officer. He completed his Navigation Officer certifications during this tour and was promoted to full Lieutenant and made a relief Navigation Officer aboard the Athena on his second tour aboard.

Reassigned to serve aboard the Pacifica he earned promotion to Captain during his assignment, however his time aboard was cut short, his mother Admiral Calistia Yates was due to take over the Pacifica as her flagship. Choosing to not serve under her he requested transfer and was posted to the Polaris at the time of the fall of colonies. He was serving her at the time of the attack.
Service Record University of Virgon – Political Science Degree

Basic Training – Colonial Fleet Academy – Virgon
Basic Flight – Colonial Fleet Academy – Virgon
Heavy Cruiser Adreia – Junior Tactical Officer – Ensign
Battlestar Athena – Tactical Officer – Lieutenant JG
Battlestar Athena – Relief Navigation Officer – Lieutenant
Battlestar Pacifica – Relief Navigation Officer – Lieutenant
Battlestar Pacifica – Navigation Officer – Captain
Battlestar Polaris – Navigation Officer – Captain
– Cylon Attack –
Battlestar Solaria – Navigation Officer – Captain