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Recruit Lucretia Adar

Name Lucretia Adar [Revenant]

Position Viper Pilot

Rank Recruit

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color Black, Longe
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Luci is cold on the outside and cold on the inside. She betrays very little emotion and generally makes everyone around her uncomfortable. But she is also focused. She conceals everything about herself within, and only lets what's needed out. She is quiet and silent, and that sometimes makes people uncomfortable.


Father President Richard Adar
Mother First Lady Marianne Adar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucretia Adar’s personality has become Stolic and Quiet. She’s very interested in only one thing, and one thing alone; destroying Cylons. There is anger inside her, mired with grief and rage, but also logical purpose. She’s interested in surviving long enough for revenge, and that is enough. Especially when she picked her callsign.

Right now, she barely shows emotion, as she believes it to be a weakness the Cylons could exploit. What little humanity exists in Raven is directed towards constructive tasks like preparing for the next battle. She broods constantly and spends much of her time alone and isolated until she’s needed. She has harnessed her rage against the enemy and that is more than enough to live to fight another day.

Right now, she has not revealed her full name to anyone, because she suspects it might interfear with what needs to be done.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lucretia is intelligent, ruthless, and focused. Gone was the happy party-girl that the tabloids once spoke about. She now desires vengeance. They cylons have created a young girl so cold, she's too angry to die, hense her callsign.
Ambitions Every last cylon dead. Plain and Simple
Hobbies & Interests Training.

Personal History Lucretia Adar is the youngest daughter of President Richard Adar, but nonetheless was raised in the Adar household for the first part of her life, which was uneventful as she was waited upon, hand and foot, for nearly her entire life. In her public life, she became quite the party girl and socialite, often followed by an endless amount of celebrities and socialites.

Most importantly, even as the daughter of the first family, she loved her family in any way she could.

Her life up until the destruction of the colonies was a happy one being raised by President Adar’s brother, James Adar. Pretty much, she was a normal, very materialistic and spoiled teenager that grew up with her mind set on Caprica University as a typical party girl.

That was before the fall of the colonies.

During the fall of Areleon, She watched the ship her parents were on destroyed, and she fell in with refugees, realizing she was the last of her family. Her life with her parents was happy, even though it was filled with politics. She fell in on a refugee ship that ended up in Solaria’s fleet.

For a young girl that had everything, happiness, money, fame. She now had nothing, and it was due to the cylons. A Darkness has begun to grow in her, and it has begun to feast. She wants every last Cylon dead.