Ensign Marcus Kivicus

Name Marcus Kivicus [Cleric]

Position Raptor Pilot

Rank Ensign


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Fri Jun 22nd, 2018 @ 3:01pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Scorpian

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue


Father Mathias Kivicus (Deceased)
Mother April Kay Kivicus (Presumed Dead)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Marcus was raised on Scorpia to a very strict religious mother and a father that spend 6 months out of the year up at the shipyard helping repair raptors and vipers. He grew up idolizing the military and his father would take him to work and help him work. His mother wanted him to become a priest like her father but he already set his sights on becoming a pilot. It wasn’t until he was in the academy when he realized he didn’t have the tenacity for dog fighting and preferred a safer location in a Raptor. He excelled in both Piloting the Raptor and working the communications equipment in the rear.

Just before joining the Academy he was working part-time with his dad in the shipyard. Spending two years there, he decided it was time to join the academy he was ready to fly.

Went through flight school was going to be viper pilot but lost his nerve when he was up there and transferred to being a Raptor pilot. He learned the in and outs of both Pilot and ECo just in case he was needed to do the other.

He was assigned to the Material Transport department on the Scorpia Shipyard, flying parts from one side of the shipyards to the other it was boring but he was doing what dreamed of which was flying a raptor.

Then the Cyclons attacked, he was on his way back to the shipyard from a delivery on Scorpia, when the first bombs his the west side of the yard. The area where his dad had been working. Seconds later more dropped on the planet, he made a beeline for the closest docking hatch and tried to take on survivors, as more bombs hit. The station was destroyed before he could get to the docking hatch. Three raiders appeared and shot at him he took damage, his FTL, communications and port engine was offline and a stray viper round hit his left thigh. Unsure what to do he headed for the first ship he could see the PatrolStar Achilles. He made a combat landing just seconds before they jumped, but he wouldn't have known they jumped because he passed out.