Specialist Inanna Quinnell

Name Inanna Quinnell

Position Medical Officer

Rank Specialist

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Gemenese
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description An Athletic physique. Her long flowing hair is often in a pony tail while on duty. She has light freckles over her face and body. Pretty with a ‘girl next door’ kind of aura


Spouse Bence Quinnell (missing)
Children None
Father Tyvon Jorge, High Priest (deceased during the Fall )
Mother Suzan Jorge (deceased during the Fall)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Tami Jorge, Priestess (missing)
Other Family Lieutenant Maxx Cromwell (ret.) Maternal grandfather, 1st Cylon War veteran (deceased only days before Fall)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Inanna is generous, giving person but the Fall has brought about a depression, lingering just below the surface. She clings to her faith, the Lords of Kobal, for hope.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is a gifted physician and puts the needs of the patient, regardless of colonial attitude or heritage, first.

She is stubborn to a fault and won’t back down easily if she believes what she stands for is correct.

Weakness: Suffering from depression, self medicating

Her Faith in the Lords of Kobal as fact, not legend, can cloud her decisions even if science and logic say otherwise.

She still believes her husband is alive and that either he survived and is with refugees somewhere or the Orion managed to make it, as the Solaria. She cannot accept that all those she loved could simply be dead, lost forever.
Ambitions Altruistic in nature, she only wants to treat people because there had already been to much death.
Hobbies & Interests Pyramid fan, especially of her hometown team, Illumini Vipers. She has studied and read the ancient scrolls of Kobal, and thus is very religious. She has an Regid exercise regime she continues to upheld since before the Fall.

Personal History Inanna was born 27 BCH in Illumini, Gemenon. Her father had been the High Priest of the Illumini Patheon dedicated to the Lords of Kobal. So it was no surprise that during her childhood, she had been immersed in the legend, the faith, of the lost tribe of humanity. She even imagined one of those distant stars in the sky was that lost tribe’s home.

Unlike her sister, who also joined the priesthood as many on her paternal side had done was centuries, she was pulled in a different direction to be a healer, not of the soul but of the body.

She attended Gemenon Medical School and while there, was costed by her maternal grandfather. He was a kind, generous man though he never spoke of his wartime experience, traumatized by all the carnage and loss of many of his friends. However it was his presence, his momentos of his time in the service that helped make her decision from civilian to military physician upon graduation.

Naive perhaps, she convinced her parents that serving in the military was not going to lead her to another war, not with the Armistice in place. Instead, it would give her life experience and allow her to travel through out the colonies.

She met her future husband on Picon. He was a viper pilot and was relentless when pursuing her. In many ways, he represented the positive life she had expected for her future.

They were married 2 BCH in a ceremony officiated by her sister. Both were to serve aboard the Battlestar Orion.

When the Fall occurred, she had been away, attending her grandfather’s funeral and was on her way back. The chaos and destruction prevented that from happening. Moments of joy her life seem to be living was now total utter madness.

She ended up among refugees making her way instead to the Battlestar Solaria. Frantic, she received no news aboard the fate of her husband or her friends aboard the Orion.
Service Record 2BCH -0
Medical Officer
Battlestar Orion

Medical Officer
Battlestar Solaria