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Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Name Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Picon
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue


Father Captain Morgan Hunter, QTPD, 7th Precinct
Mother Amara Hunter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Logan believes in justice over the rule of law, but does think the best way to achieve it is by due process.
Strengths & Weaknesses Exceptional pilot
Accurate with sidearms

Sucker for a pretty lady
Ambitions Prior to the Fall he aspired to command his own Battlestar, now he just wants to protect humanity.
Hobbies & Interests Reading about historical figures, whether ancient or recent.

Games of strategy.


Personal History Logan grew up in a middle class family in Queenstown on Picon as the only child of a police officer and teacher. He learned to respect law and order, but to not do so blindly.

He attended the Colonial Military Academy following high school and went on to flight school in the Viper pipeline. His father may have liked for him to join the police force, but was quite proud when Logan graduated the Academy. His mother was also supportive and Logan's fellow cadets and flight trainees loved the multiple care packages sent by her and her students.

Logan has spent the years since joining the Colonial Fleet honing his skills as a pilot and fleet officer. He strives to not only gain the respect of his fellow pilots, but maintain it. He also enjoys working with the enlisted personnel that keeps his Viper flying.
Service Record Colonial Fleet Academy, 12 - 8 years BCH
Basic and Advanced Flight School, 8 - 7 year BCH
Battlestar Mercury, 7 - 4 years BCH
Scorpia Shipyard Defense Wing, 4 - 2 years BCH
Advanced Aviation Combat Maneuvering Course, 1 year BCH to 6 months BCH
Battlestar Solaria, 6 months BCH to Present