Captain Jerimiah Isaacs

Name Jerimiah Bartholemew Isaacs

Position Officer of the Deck

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Tauron
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 194 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jeremiah is tall with an average build. He has brown hair and sometimes will have some brown stubble on his face. He is known for a deep, smooth voice. He is exceptionally and quite skilled as a boxer. He has a tendency to think before he speaks.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Robert (Bob) Isaacs (deceased)
Mother Lisa Isaacs (nee Evans)
Brother(s) Scott Isaacs (deceased)
Sister(s) Shana Isaacs (deceased)
Carly Isaacs (deceased)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jerimiah is married to the ship and his job. Before the fall he was raised on Tauron and groomed to join the Colonial Fleet. At the age of 18 he was shipped off to Caprica to attend Officer training. While in OCS he studied tactics and Battlestar Operations. He knows where every wire and every bolt is in a Battlestar. He is a fairly easy going individual. However, when duty calls it calls and he is all business. He had been sent to various posts and joined the Solaria just one month before the attack on the colonies. Jerimiah is an avid student of the Lords of Kobol although he does not believe in the faith. Jerimiah considers himself and atheist.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Imposing Demeanor
+ Level Headed
+ Egalitarian

- Unwavering
- Single Minded
- Self Loathing
Ambitions His current ambition is to simply survive. However, ultimately he would like to command a Battlestar. That ambition seems more like a dream right now.
Hobbies & Interests Reading old tactical texts
Horseback Rides
Plays Poker
Amateur Playwright
Reading about the Lords of Kobol

Personal History Third generation Colonial Officer - born into a military family.

Son to Robert and Lisa: from his boyhood on up to his teens Jerimiah was fascinated with speed and technology. While his parents were away on duty he delved into the world of mechanics with his late-grandfather Kono. He was always fascinated to hear his stories of shipbuilding and research. Much of the technology on the new Battlestars was researched and designed by Jerimiah's grandfather.

At 12 yrs. of age Jerimiah exploited his mechanical prowess when he successfully rebuilt and energized a small "surplus" turbine engine at his grandfather's garage. It wasn't long until his mechanical know-how became common knowledge among some of his acquaintances. Almost immediately he was befriended by individuals who dealt ship building and repair. At age 14, however, his involvement at such a young age came to a screeching halt when his father found out about it. Robert Isaacs was no fool though. He wanted his son to stop the illeagal activity but he fostered his son's studies and encouraged them to grow. Robert eventually sent his son to the Colonial Academy to study to be an officer. The thought was that when he got out Jerimiah could work for any shipyard out there.

After 4 years of Academy discipline, study, and exceptionally good grades, Jerimiah submitted his application to the Officer's Training Course. He was later commissioned as Ensign by age 22. Needless to say, his acquired reputation as an officer who thought long and hard before making a decision. While that was considered a good quality it was said that he could not make the tough decisions.

When promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at age 25, Fleet Command transferred Jerimiah to the ARGOS as part of its Tactical Officer. By age 27 he was promoted to Captain and assigned Officer of the Deck.

While "on loan" aboard the battlestar HELIOS, Jerimiah had the rare honor of meeting and escorting the late-great Cdr. Owen Pulsipher through his former vessel and last command. Sadly, he witnessed the "old man's" silent-yet peaceful-death on the C.I.C.'s Command chair. His passing made a bit of an impact on Jerimiah, considering the stories he'd heard from his father and other older warriors regarding this illustrious veteran. He would make command his ultimate goal; and, perhaps one day living up to the legendary status Pulsipher earned. Jerimiah later transferred to the Helios becoming part of its crew.

At the age of 33 Jerimiah was promoted to the rank of Major and continued as the Helios' Officer of the Deck. He served for several years under that position remaining one of the fleet's most eligible bachelors. Although he shared many a romance with a young lady, none really made a difference in his life.

At the age of 37 Jerimiah was given a transfer to Solaria to take over as that ship's Officer of the Deck. The transfer was none to soon because one year after the transfer the attack came wiping out everything he knew. His whole family died in the attack, well everyone except his mother. She is currently on one of the civilian ships in the fleet.