Captain Alethea Graystone

Name Alethea Graystone [Astraea]

Position Commander, Air Group

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Caprican
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alethea is a physically fit woman with an athletic build and slightly above average height, She has long wavy blonde hair but often wears it in a ponytail that makes it appear straight. She often has a feminine, almost seductive, and kind expression and can often be seen with a smile on her face.


Father Arthur Graystone
Mother Kathrynn Graystone
Brother(s) Jonathan Graystone
Christian Graystone
Sister(s) Jennifer Graystone
Ashley Graystone

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alethea is a Caprican woman and the first child of Arthur Graystone, CEO of the powerful Graystone Industries as well as a graduate of the Athena Academy. Essentially born into wealth and power her early childhood was lacking in nothing and by many accounts left her spoiled. Constantly being in the public eye left an impression on her, she was never able to make a mistake without it becoming major news and always needed to be cautious of the true intentions behind the actions of people. This made her quite distrustful.

All these personality traits would change when she joined the Colonial Fleet. What started as an act of rebellion and out of disgust over her family’s role in bringing about the Cylons turned into a sense of purpose and feeling truly at home for the first time in her life. While her background had opened every door in civilian life, it resulted in doors being closed within the Fleet. Even to graduate she needed to work the hardest she ever had and from there superior officers often held her family’s history against her or if not that just wanted to give the socialite a hard time. Rather than letting it demotivate her, it instead served as incentive to work that much harder to prove herself.

Despite initial difficulties, Alethea has found a place in the Fleet and gained a solid group of friends and even the respect of superior officers. While eyebrows still are raised at her name, they quickly turn back to normal when reading her record. She remains fiercely loyal to the Fleet and believes in a stern but fair approach to make all those that serve under her the best they can be. Towards her superiors she will always show respect but will voice disagreement in a private setting.

Most of her free time is spent socializing but also keeping in shape.

Alethea almost always manages to find the good in a situation and maintains a very positive attitude.

Personal History Alethea was born 28BCH as the first child of Arthur and Kathrynn Graystone, then still heirs to Graystone Industries but already incredibly wealthy. She grew up in one of the most wealthy areas of Caprica City and for her early years was shielded from the outside world, and indeed universe, entirely. When she was 3, her father became CEO of Graystone Industries and from that moment on she spent most of her time with her mother as Arthur would often work late nights and be hardly ever at home.

As came with her station she was enrolled at the prestigious Athena Academy where she showed great intellectual capabilities and was almost continuously ranked among the top of her class in a wide range of courses. At age ten she started to be groomed by her father to serve in Graystone Industries, as the heir apparent to one of the most powerful corporations she needed to start young. When not at the Academy she was in the Headquarters learning from her father.

This apprenticeship, as it would turn out, was a double-edged sword for the family. With full access to company records she discovered the dark past they had tried to hide from her. The role of Graystone Industries in bringing about the Cylons and indirectly causing the Cylon War. Disgusted she turned away from the family and fully embraced socialite life, more often being in the tabloids than not. As a consequence while still high, her grades started to drop and general academic performance was a lot less than it used to be. Upon graduating at age 18 she was faced with the difficult choice of figuring out what to do with her life, only after meeting with a bunch of Officers at a bar did she decide for the Colonial Fleet. To join the military would be the ultimate revenge against her family and the ultimate act of rebellion. Subconsciously it also felt as a path to redemption for the ancestral sin.

Despite the lower grades in her most recent years, the prestige the Athena Academy still carried and her general academic performance got Alethea admitted into the War College. Being a Viper Pilot had always fascinated her and as such she worked hard to get accepted for that direction. Despite the best attempts to make life hard on her, she defied the odds and got through the College with excellent performance and by the end even the respect of many of her teachers. After graduating she served on the Battlestar Orion as a Viper pilot, after two years she was promoted to Squadron Leader and after another two made Deputy Commander, Air Group. She remained on the ship until being transferred to the Patrolstar Achilles three months before the Fall to serve as the Commander, Air Group. The Achilles was on a training cruise when the Cylon attacks happened. Being lucky that the small size made it an uncompelling target and the skills of the FTL Officer meant that the ship would remain going but not before taking a full hit from the Cylon vessels. Limping along the Achilles eventually found its way to a large enough fleet formation and the Battlestar Solaria but not before losing many of its crew. After serving on the Achilles for a while as CAG she was reassigned to the Solaria as it was deemed her skillset would be more useful there.
Service Record 6BCH - 4BCH
Ensign, Viper Pilot
Battlestar Orion
Lieutenant J.G., Squadron Leader
Battlestar Orion
Lieutenant, Deputy Commander, Air Group
Battlestar Orion
Lieutenant, Commander, Air Group
Patrolstar Achilles
Captain, Commander, Air Group
Battlestar Solaria