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Lieutenant Cassia Katsaros

Name Cassia Katsaros MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Colony Aquaria
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6-1
Weight 145
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Cassia is a physically fit taller older woman with an athletic build. She has long black straight hair but often wears it in a ponytail that comes down to the top of her buttocks.

Though much of her face has been surgically altered to look female; old age has started to ever so slightly change it back to being male. Even though she is now in her 60’s she has the face of an older woman, whose kindly looking expressions still tell people that she is still female.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Jonathan Katsaros, owner/CEO, fishing boat company
Mother Mary Katsaros, wife
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown if any survived the fall of the 12 colonies

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being a trauma surgeon, Cassia has seen her fair share of far too many people who were to far gone to save; die on her table. So she tends to stay a bit further back in friendships, and this leads many to think that she is cold, impersonal, and standoffish.

As a defensive nature, she sometimes laughs at even the worse of injuries in a patient, which tends to turn many people off, thinking that she is cold and heartless, when in reality it is a coping mechanism to keep her from falling apart when she tries to save the life of anyone who is on her table.

Even though she has a friendly and easy manner, and has a great bedside manner in her approach to her patients, she can also be very cold, demanding, and argumentative to any physician to whom she feels is not up to her own high standards of care, and tries to manipulate her to do second rate work.

Strengths & Weaknesses S-Amicable, friendly, and to whom you can confide your greatest secrets to without any signs of surprise, or condemnation.
S-Stays with her patient, sleeping in their room during the first 24-72 hours after major surgery
S-Values friendships, and loyalty
S-Has a warm part in her heart for children of all ages

W-When angry, she throws the first thing she can find at anyone within range.
W-Showing displeasure, she gives the cold shoulder that can last for months.
W-Holds a grudge for long periods of time
W-Loves Caprician Beer, and has been known to undress in front of someone who tells her she isn’t a woman, and relishes being drunk and naked.
Ambitions To one day find a planet that is free from the threats of the Cylons, and lead a peaceful life.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to Gamble, drink, and find other Aquarians in the fleet that like to play Kastaa

Personal History Lt. Cassia (Cass) Katsaros, MD
Trained General Surgeon
1st sub specialty: Trauma Surgeon
2nd sub specialty: Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Cassius Katsaros was born on the planet of Aquaria, to parents in 03/1BCH who were considered upper middle class. As owners of a large fishing fleet, they were able to support themselves very well. Their financial stability received from the fishing industry enabled them to live a good rich middle class lifestyle.

However there was something very different about Cassius. By the time he was around ten years of age, he suddenly changed his mind and said that he was now female and would now live as a female.

Though this condition was not an unheard of condition in any of the 12 colonies, nor feared; it was serious enough for Cassius’s parents to take him to the Temple of Hermes, where the priestess confirmed their suspicions.

The priestess said that to be whole, Cassius would have to become a woman, which would entail a long operation to make him female.

When Cassius who had been taking potions to enable him to withstand the change over, and to prepare his body, went with his parents to the Temple, and there the Priestess changed him to a female, but unfortunately their surgery was not that far advanced to grant him the one thing that made him female, the ability to be fertilized by a male and have children.

But for Cassius, he didn’t really care, and after a few months at the temple he was as much a female as the ones who did not have his affliction, and to make the change permanent, she spent her time in th Temple of Vital Statistics, and after a small ceremony attended by her parents, Cassisus name was stricken from the records, and the new name of Cassia Katsaros was now added

Now a woman, and with her parents blessings she decided to go to the University and obtain a degree. Enrolled at Capricia University, Cassia studied Colonial History from 1600 to 1978, where she worked hard to get her Bachelors of Arts degree in Colonial History. In 22BCH Cassia was awarded her Bachelors of Arts degree in Colonial History.

It wasn’t long before Cassia decided that she wanted to make money as a healer so she enrolled at Capricia School of Medicine, where after four years of hard work, she was awarded with the title of Healer of Medicine, which enabled her to work as a general practitioner, but there were hundreds of general practitioners, so talking to some of her friends that had specialized after Medical School Cassia decided to become a Surgeon.

Entering Medical School at the University of Delphi at Caprica, in order to become a Surgeon, Cassia endure four long years to receive her medical degree and in 27 BCH Cassia was awarded the title of Healer of Medicine.

In 27 BCH Cassia entered the surgical specialty program at the University of Delphi at Capricia, and for the next five years she endured, becoming the first female in more than 150 years to have excelled in her field of study, and in 24 BCH Cassia was awarded the title of Healer of Surgery.

Though she was a Medical Practitioner, and a Surgeon that could live a good life, Cassia wanted to specialize in two very different sub specialties. In 24 BCH Cassia took the three year course to become a Healer of Thoracic Surgery, and in 27 BCH became the first female at the Medical School to pass the Vascular Surgery Program, and for her work she was awarded the title of Healer of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery.

Now as Cassia thought, she now had three marketable skills, and soon after graduating it took her a few months before she found a job at the Colonial Fleet Academy Hospital, Picon Colony as a Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon. For several years Cassia worked hard, and was rewarded with more responsibilities, first she was the Assistant Surgeon, in the Thoracic/Vascular Surgery Department, then in 29 BCH she became the Lead surgeon in the Thoracic/Vascular Surgery Department, but she wanted more.

On 10/30BCH Cassia joined the Colonial Navy as a Reserve Officer, and after graduating from Basic Officers training, she was commissioned as a LtJG. Since her reserve unit drilled at the Colonial Fleet Academy Hospital, she would each month during her drill weekend wear the uniform of a Colonial Navy Medical Officer, then when the weekend was over; she’d wear her civilian clothes.

On 12/42 BCH Cassia was promoted at her reserve unit to the rank of Senior Lieutenant. On 11/49 BCH Cassia was promoted to the position at the Academy as Senior Civilian Surgeon in the Thoracic/Vascular Surgical Department, and also promoted at her reserve unit to the rank of Captain. In 02/53 BCH Cassia was promoted to the position of Chief of the Thoracic/Vascular Department.

On 02/00 instead of drilling at the Academy, Cassia’s entire reserve unit was sent to the Battle Star Solaria for the first time. Working for their two weeks of annual training; getting to know the ship, and the people inside their own departments; if the Colonial Navy went to war. The Solaria would be their wartime duty station.

Cassia who was with the other reservist waiting for the shuttle to leave the Solaria on their last day of annual training; all found that suddenly the ship now at Condition One alert, as klaxons were now going off on board the ship. With over 200 reservists wondering what was going on, the ships Second Officer came down to the shuttle bay deck and made that fateful announcement.

“We are now at war with the Cylons, all reservists who are on board the Solaria have now been activated into the Colonial Navy, as of now there are no more reserves, just active duty and civilians" replied the Second Officer. “Unfortunately for the Reserve officers on board the Solaria, we are over stocked on all ranks, so by the order of the Commander of the Fleet Commander, all officers who are Majors and Captains have been automatically demoted to the next lowest rank" replied the officer

As for Cassia, though she enjoyed being a Captain, she liked the idea since most captains in her unit were more suited to being administrators, and as a senior Lieutenant, Cassia could still operate and see patients,and run the Trauma & Thoracic/Vascular Department, but would not have to be the person in charge of the administrative workings.