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Lieutenant JG Artemisia Bembra (Black Widow)

Name Artemisia Bembra (Black Widow)

Position Viper Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Tauron
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5-10
Weight 129
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall dark haired with light skin, high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, and well muscualar for a woman.

Off duy, she's what they would call a wild child, wearing tight fitting tank tops, jeans, and can be found chomping on a half lit cigar. Good at gambling, she's usually the one in the Friday night pilots strip poker games, and winning...


Spouse Cpt. JJ Bembra, Deceased; Battlestar Triton
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A Tauran is always a troublemaker, and so her past always catches up to her. Artemisia as a Viper pilot has always had her own agenda. Never one to take an order sitting down, without doing something to get her reprimanded for insubordination.

She can be stubborn, hard headed, and alooft when she is onto something big, and usually her instincts are always correct. Never one to let someone tell her how to pilot a Viper, or how to fight a Cylon raider, Artemesia's exploits are well known to the Viper squadrons on the Triton, especially when she's buzzing a Cylon base star.

Strengths & Weaknesses W - None that she knows about or will let others know, but she loves besides playing strip poker and winning among the pilots is fighting. With the skill of a brawler, Bembra can be that one person you want with you in a dark alley at night, or she can be your worse enemy.
Ambitions To one day buy an old Viper and pack it with her personal belongings and just fly to anywhere that does not have Cylons.
Hobbies & Interests Pulling practical jokes, on the younger pilots, watching them panic when the joke works. She loves playing the bass guitar, and can sometimes be found jamming with other members of the crew or civilian musicians.

Dabbling in various martial arts as a child, Bembra chose one art that could be considered a form of dirty brawling bar fight techniques. Though the original name has been lost, it was known as one, that specialized in breaking bones, savage knife fighting techniques, that cut and chopped indiscriminately, resulting in the victim dying.

Personal History When it comes to a Tauron disobeying orders, Artemisia takes the cake. Formerly assigned to the Battle Star Triton, BST 30, when the bombs began to fall in and around the Fleet yards at Scorpia, Artemisia who had been on the planet having her Viper go through major repair found herself fighting off half of the invading Cylon forces, hearing that the Triton and several other Fleet ships had gone down in flames, and now taking heavy hits, she just pointed her Viper out among the growing number of Cylons, and hit “jump”, not knowing where she would be going, but it was better than getting vaporized by Cylon raiders.

Coming out of Jump, Artemisia saw that the space ahead of her was full of ships, including the Solaria, and so contacting the Solaria on the battle communication channel, she was able to nurse her wounded Viper into the Solaria’s massive launch bay. Skidding half way into the bay, the arresting system caught her viper just as it was about to go through the front of recovery bay, and after being hauled into a massive maintenance airlock,

Artemisia got out of her Viper, and collapsed on the deck. Hours later Artemisia as she was slowly awakening from major surgery, the Solaria’s CAG came down, talked to her, and now without a home, added her to the long list of orphaned Viper pilots whose Battlestars were now floating burning hulks.

When other Viper pilots on the Solaria ask LTJG Bembra how she got the call sign "Black Widow", it is the understanding that during her emergency flight to the Solaria, her husband Captain JJ Bembra the CAG of the Triton and his Viper Squadrons were all wiped out to the man, so in honor of his death, and to avenge his name and that of the Triton, Artemisia took the call sign of "Black Widow".