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Demetria Shaden

Name Demetria Persephone Eris Shaden Dr

Position Medical Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Aerelon
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5f7
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Demetria has no broken bones nor any injuries to date. Her pregnancy is so far normal. She has blond hair and blue green eyes.


Spouse None - Giles Harriman was her partner
Children None yet
Father Colonel Jackson Shaden(d)
Mother Lucy Shaden(d)
Brother(s) Brother: James Shaden (35)(d)
Brother: Eli Shaden (33)(d)
Other Family Sister in Law: Emily Shadden (33) (d) married to James
Sister in Law: Jasmine Shaden (30)(d) Married to Eli

Children of James: Edward (8) (d) Kylie (8) (d) Priscilla (6) (d) Denis (2) (d)
Children of Eli: Jackson (5) (d) Ellena (2) (d) Lucy (9mths) (d)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and polite, her years on Caprica have lessened her Aerelon accent to a barely noticeable trace. She is often found helping those around her, with major disregard for her own well being. She can be forceful if needed
Strengths & Weaknesses Demetria suffers Post traumatic Stress Syndrome from the attacks and treating the numerous survivors. She keeps to herself and concentrates on her work. She takes medication for the condition and is slowly trying to wean herself off them. She blames the Cylons for the death of her family and has vowed to help defeat them in her own way.

She is a very good doctor and excels as a surgeon
Ambitions To survive. To give her child a good life
Hobbies & Interests Pyramid, Medical Journals, swimming and learning self defense

Personal History Born on Aerelon among the privileged few, 26 years before the Cylon attacks on the Colonies, Demetria Shaden was the youngest of 3 children. Her father was an officer in the Colonial Fleet and Demetria grew up on Aerelon until she was 18. These years were quiet, and she watched her older siblings, both brothers, go into the Colonial Fleet. AS there was 5 years between her and her second brother, she was often ignored by them, and found herself keeping the company of the family pet more so then her family. After her high school years passed she considered her options for a year.

Then she applied and was accepted to Medical school on Caprica. She traveled to Caprica and threw herself into her studies. After four years at medical School, she graduated with a medical degree and a major in complex surgeries. She then at the age of 22 underwent her internship at Caprica’s Medical Center for 3 years. After her Internship, she was offered a job as a surgeon in the capital City’s Best hospital on Aerelon. She also in this time, turned down an offer from the Military to join and work as one of their medical officers within the fleet.

She took it and there, met Giles Harriman. Giles and her considered marriage but they chose to wait a while instead of rushing into it. When Demetria was 26, mere months before the Cylon attack, she found out she was pregnant. She instantly took time off to consider her options, and retreated to her family’s estate in the mountains of Aerelon.

Demetria however was on her way to Caprica to see her brother when the cylon’s attacked. Giles was killed instantly as he was in the city. Her parents died as well. And she has had no contact with her brothers.

She believes they and their families are dead. She is currently 5 months pregnant. As she was on holidays, Tria has 3 steamer trunks full of clothes and personal effects, including a few baby items she had picked up on her home world she also has a number of important personal items like jewellery, credits and other items which she keeps well secured.

She was on a non FTL Capable Ship during the attacks and thus spent the intervening time helping wounded and working with limited medical supplies.
Service Record Career Oriented Skills:
Caprica’s Medical School- Medical Training, 4 years
Caprica’s Medical Center – Internship – 3 years

Employers/Work place details:
Caprica Medical Center, 3 years
Aerelon Medical Center, 1 year – Surgeon
Civilian Medical Officer - BS Solaria