Lieutenant Jason Eldridge

Name Jason Eldridge

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Virgon
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm (6 ft. 1)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs.)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Light complexion. Appears young for his age. Fairly tall, with a lean yet well-toned physique from his days as a competitive swimmer.


Father Samuel Eldridge
Mother Iona Reed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mild-mannered, polite and somewhat of an introvert. Sociable enough when the situation demands him to be. Confident in his line of work, of which he takes seriously. Generally very open-minded, although edges more towards the conservative side on certain issues, and is naturally inclined to think Virgon to be the most advanced of the twelve colonies.

Originally as a reservist (up until the Cylon Holocaust), Jace's association with the Colonial Fleet began during his days as a medical specialist-in-training. Due to his lower service requirements compared to that of full-time Fleet personnel, Jace generally conducts himself in a more civilian manner, although that isn't to say he is completely ignorant of military protocol and procedure. Because of this, some have judged him to lack 'real' loyalty to Colonial Defence, but most senior officers have been happy to disregard inconsequential differences in exchange for a highly valued, specialist skillset of his calibre.

Jace is strongly opposed to Sagittaron attitudes towards modern medicine. He despises their primitive perspectives on almost all matters, and sees them as the undesirable reject colony that burdens the rest of society. He can also be vocally anti-religious, much to the irritation of most people from Gemenon.

Personal History Jason 'Jace' Eldridge was born in Boskirk, the capital and most populous city on Virgon. He is the single child of Samuel Eldridge and Iona Reed, and remained under the care of his mother after his parents separated when he was four years old. His father, a politician, remarried and eventually worked his way up the ranks to become a senior government minister in Parliament. Jace grew up relatively estranged from his father, but managed to regain contact in later years.

His mother was a hard worker and took on multiple jobs, whilst simultaneously raising a young child and battling underlying mental health challenges and, to some extent, struggling with alcohol dependence. Over the course of Jace's teenaged years, his emotionally brittle mother met several potential partners, none of which developed into long-term relationships of any kind.

Jace was enrolled into school a year earlier than most children his age, and his mother pushed him hard when it came to academics, especially during his adolescent years. This led to a conflicting prioritisation between books and his athletic pursuits. Having been a notable member of the school's swim team, he faced significant pressure from his coaches to keep up, as well as locker room harassment, bullying and backstabbing from team mates hoping to outperform him. The pressure forced him to quit just as he was being considered to compete at the inter-colonial level, suddenly freeing him from the need to satisfy his school's appetite for medals and trophies.

Not having to wake at five every morning or staying back after class for swim practice meant more time spent studying, allowing for substantial improvement in his academic performance. Although he was far from being any sort of school prodigy, Jace was talented enough and placed substantial effort into his specific areas of interest, namely the physical and life sciences.

He graduated from secondary school and moved onto a five-year medical program at Argentum University on Scorpia. It was an opportunity he took enthusiastically as a chance to live life on his own terms, without his mother constantly over his shoulder. Being away from home diminished the friction he'd had with her, but a loss of discipline meant nearly failing out of his second year. This was largely due to a disinterest in didactic lectures, preferring to skip class for a trip to the beach, or focusing more on the nightlife the city offered instead of studying.

Jace managed to graduate, and underwent a further five years training in his chosen specialty of emergency medicine back home on Virgon at Queen's University Hospital, the final year of which he worked as a critical care doctor with the local aeromedical retrieval service. It was during this period of post-graduate training when he first became involved with the Colonial Fleet Medical Corps as a reservist, and had continued to provide clinical services on a part-time capacity to the organisation's personnel.

Despite not completing his specialist training with the highest of distinctions, Jace was the youngest of his graduating cohort of emergency physicians. He returned to his home city and had worked for six months at the Royal Boskirk Hospital before the nuclear holocaust. At the time of the attacks, Jace was on board the Colonial medical relief vessel Panacea delivering an educational seminar. He and a small handful of survivors escaped the doomed ship on a Raptor to subsequently rendezvous with the Solaria fleet.
Service Record Education:

High School Certificate‚Ä®
Rosny College
Boskirk, Virgon

Primary Medical Degree
Argentum University
Argentum City, Scorpia

Admission to Fellowship
Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Previous Positions:

Emergency Medicine
Queen's University Hospital
Hadrian, Virgon

Reservist Medical Officer
Colonial Fleet Medical Corps

Medical Consultant
Aeromedical Retrieval
Hadrian Ambulance Service

Staff Specialist
Emergency Medicine
Royal Boskirk Hospital

Current Position:‚Ä®

Emergency Physician
Battlestar Solaria
Colonial Fleet