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Captain Nathan O'Hare

Name Nathan Patrick O'Hare M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Scorpian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Nathan is a moderately tall individual (6ft) with broad shoulders and a strong stature. He has a pale complexion that barely tans under the Scorpian sun. He normally wears contact lenses but keeps a pair of oval-shaped glasses with him at all times in case he needs them.

Instead of being clean shaven, like a vast majority of his military brothers, Nathan has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. His uniform is always immaculate and is seldom seen without it on unless he is within his quarters, or inebriated.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Dr Patrick O'Hare, Radiologist
Mother Dr Eliana Dunne, Neurologist
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nathan is typically a calm and collected individual who is prone to giving the greater picture consideration before passing judgement. He has a tremendous sense of duty towards his patients and the fleet that guides him, motivating him to stay on task even when the stakes are high. However, he is a relatively fresh doctor who has only really seen the assignment on static locations with minimal threat of conflict.

Towards those he is unfamiliar with, he may appear cold and aloof, preferring to focus on the professional aspects of their relationships. When surrounded by friends, however, he tends to just about get comfortable enough to share banter and, albeit rarely, will even participate in a game or two of triad.

He is moderately spiritual and believes in the gods. He's not incredibly pious though and seldom attends a religious ceremony. He prays to the Dionysus, the patron god of Scorpia.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Calm demeanor
+ Strong sense of ethics
+ Dilligent

- Cold
- Abrasive
- Stubborn
- Principled
Ambitions Before the fall, Nathan had interned to continue building his experience with the fleet until his mother was ready to retire, at which point he was expecting to take over her role at the families clinic.

With the fall, however, his plans have been utterly crushed. Now only one ambition persists, survive.
Hobbies & Interests Nathan mostly sticks to his work, but during the odd down period, he enjoys reading a good book accompanied by a double, or two of whiskey.

He enjoys music with a preference rock.

Whilst he doesn't actively pursue the games, he will play poker or Triad should someone ask him.

Personal History Nathan was born to a moderately wealthy family who lived in one of the many suburbs surrounding Argentum City. His mother, Dr Eliana Dunne, worked as a resident neurologist at Argentum Central Hospital. His father, Dr Patrick Dunne, managed and operated out of a small private neurology clinic located a mile from the hospital. His parents had met one another during their first years at university and had quickly hit it off. They married partway through their residencies and welcomed Nathan into their family 2 years into their residencies.

Even though his mother and father took their respective leaves after he had been born, they had no intention of putting their careers for too long and returned to work once their leaves were over; leaving their son to be raised mostly by the various nannies they would hire over the years and the teachers at the schools he would attend.

To counterbalance their absence, they constantly showered him with gifts, hoping that it would demonstrate the affection they knew he lacked. The mostly fell flat, but as their son grew, he slowly learned to appreciate the gesture for what it was.

He did well during his studies and by the time he hit 18, there was no doubt in his mind what he wanted to do. He attended Argentum University and studied a Medicine MBBS for the next five years. Throughout this period, he finally began to develop a close bond with his parents. They were tremendously proud of their son's aspirations and where nothing but helpful as he progressed with his degree; even going as far as to gain him placements at their places of work.

Throughout his fifth year, he'd begun to consider having his residency at a Colonial Fleet Medical Centre. He'd also began entertained joining as a reserves medical officer. By the close of the year, his sights were set and he joined the Colonial Fleet as a reserves officer whilst conducting his residency at the Argentum Colonial Fleet Medical Centre.

He quickly found that he enjoyed the order and routine the military brought into his life, flourishing under the expected diligence and professionalism. He barely made friends though, prefer to spend most of his time with patients or solitude. All of those that he would befriend passed during the attack on Scorpia.

He proved himself more than capable of handling senior leadership roles on and was granted more military oriented leadership and administrative duties once his residency came to a close; leading to him being promoted to the department's neurology representative for relevant conventions, summits and conferences.
Service Record 0PCH - 0PCH: Chief Medical Officer, Battlestar Solaria

3BCH - 0PCH: Staff Specialist, Argentum Colonial Fleet Medical Center, Neurology Dept.
-- 1BCH: Promoted to Captain

7BCH - 3BCH: Resident Neurologist, Argentum Colonial Fleet Medical Center, Neurology Dept.
-- 4BCH: Promoted to Lieutenant

7BCH: Joins Colonial Fleet, Medical Corps
-- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon completion of Basic & Officer Training.