Truth Be Told

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When a developing crisis causes tension and mistrust, Commander Hanson is left with no choice but to share classified information with the fleet. But when a leak aboard ship threatens to leave the fleet floundering, the crew must find the traitor before more information is made available, information that would decimate all trust in the fleets commanders...

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Whispers In The Dark

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The Patrolstar Achilles takes centre stage as she scouts ahead of the main fleet in an effort to plan a route through a treacherous area of space. Their task is soon made more complicated when a Raptor goes down on a nearby planet and search and rescue operations are hampered by plasma storms in the planets atmosphere. As the survivors desperately take shelter, whispers in the dark begin to spook the team. What could possibly be lurking in the shadows?

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The Colonies Before The Fall

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The history of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol stretches back nearly 4,000 years before the destruction of the Colonies, with much of its ancient history being shrouded in mystery and religious lore. In this archive you will find out about the lives of those who survived the holocaust from a time when peace and prosperity reigned.

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The Day The Bombs Fell

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The arrogance of the Colonials in re-equipping their military with technologies vulnerable to Cylon interference proved to be their undoing. Forty years after the first Cylon War, Cylon infiltrators subverted Dr. Gaius Baltar's Command Navigation Program, allowing an advanced Cylon armada to destroy the Colonial fleet with impunity. The attack resulted in the nuclear bombardment and occupation of the Colonies and the enslavement of most of the few isolated survivors in a series of Farms. Altogether, less than one hundred ships (mostly civilian) survived the attack. These are the stories of our crew on the day of the Cylon Holocaust.

Traitorous Endeavours

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The fleet is at a stand still while investigating debris from a ship believed to be part of Galactica's ragtag group. Is Solaria on the right track? Meanwhile, an undercover cylon agent gains access to unknown systems aboard Solaria, programming many to malfunction. When the Cylons attack, the malfunctions soon come to light. A member of the crew is soon apprehended, but have they got the right person?

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Flowering Judas

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With food supplies swiftly running out, the fleet Commanders have no choice but to send out recon teams to scout for fresh sources of nutrition. They encounter a planet with flourishing flora and fauna, but there’s one problem: The Cylons are there conducting repairs. Hanson decides its about time the Colonials take the fight to the Cylons for a change and battle ensues, but in the aftermath a shocking discovery puts the entire fleet in jeopardy...

Part of Season 1