Flowering Judas

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description After a radiation leak inadvertently contaminates much of the fleets food supplies, the fleet Commanders have no choice but to send out recon teams to scout for fresh sources of nutrition. They encounter a planet with flourishing flora and fauna, but there’s one problem: The Cylons are here on research. Hanson decides its about time the Colonials take the fight to the Cylons for a change and battle ensues, but in the aftermath a shocking discovery puts the entire fleet in jeopardy...
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Sat Jun 30th, 2018 @ 4:37pm

Mission Summary

Famine has struck the fleet after a large portion of the fleets food supplies are contaminated by a radiation leak. Raptor scouting parties have been dispatched to find nearby sources of food that would be safe enough to exploit and provide a haven whilst the fleet replenish their supplies. Meanwhile, the much-anticipated return of the Achilles brings bad news; a rumoured lead to the whereabouts of the Galactica has fallen short and for the time being, Solaria and her fleet must continue alone.

As the Raptor teams start to report back, it seems like all hope is lost until one party returns with mixed news. They have found a planet where they can replenish not only their food stores but also their water supplies; a beautiful world with flourishing flora and fauna. There is, however, a significant problem. The Cylons are there, seemingly carrying out research and repairs. A lone Baseship presents Hanson with an interesting prospect and a chance to take the fight to the enemy for a change.

The fleets strategists hash out a plan of attack and Solaria soon engages the lone Cylon ship.

A landing party soon arrives on the planet to start the collection of supplies but a startling discovery shakes Solaria to the core and puts the fleet at significant risk…