Truth Be Told

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Mission Info

Status Upcoming Mission
Description When a developing crisis causes tension and mistrust, Commander Hanson is left with no choice but to share classified information with the fleet. But when a leak aboard ship threatens to leave the fleet floundering, the crew must find the traitor before more information is made available, information that would decimate all trust in the fleets commanders...
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Mission Summary

After a few days of relative peace, gathering resources and supplies, the Solaria and her fleet are soon to depart from their temporary safe haven, but on the morning of their departure, Commander Hanson is rudely awaken by yet another developing crisis.

Word has reached a budding member of the civilian Press Corps that Cylons look like humans and the news is all over Talk Wireless. As the rumour mill goes in to overdrive, the Commander is left with no alternative but to come clean. There are humanoid Cylon models, although at present only two have been confirmed within the fleet. Whilst Hanson opts to share information about the Leoban model, classified files prevent him from sharing information about the other identified model.

It isn’t long until mass distrust begins to rear its ugly head and tensions spill over when several cargo ships refuse to resupply Solaria until Hanson reveals the identity of the second Cylon model. An anonymous tip off gives the crew just 24 hours to break the truth to the fleet, or they’ll do it for them.

The crew must find the source of the leak and plug the hole before it sinks the fleet for good…