The Personal Journal of Persephone Arrius

Posted on Sun Mar 4th, 2018 @ 6:05pm by Persephone Arrius M.D. Ph. D

Im starting this journal to keep a record of events pertaining to the destruction of the twelve colonies, and the Solaria Fleet.

There is about fifteen thousand of us left, along with one battlestar and one patrolstar. Five thousand military personnel included.

We're facing an enemy that now seems to be everywhere. One that dose not sleep nor eat. Thus far everyone has banded together to survive, but it's the military that concerns me, and I'm writing this journal in an obscure Saggittarion Language so that the millitary cannot decide I'm a dissident. But right now I cannot decide which is the bigger threat; ourselves, our military, or the Cylons.

Right now, the Cylons are the enemy, but the military may be worse, especially if they start focusing on 'military objectives.' I do not think Hansen or Kendall realized how critical the situation is. We're following Galactica when Galactica could serve as a distraction for us to slip away.

So we're going to use each other it seems. Hansen is keeping the Athena in one of the flight pods. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. but this provides opportunities as well. I may have to find a way to control Hansen and Kendal. The military is a vicious little cur, but they can be controlled if I make myself indispensable.

The strategic assessments are even more discouraging. I project an 80 percent probability the Solaria will be destroyed in a few months. Right now I have several options for survival.

1. Decieve the Cylons.

2. Destroy the Cylons.

3. Outrun the Cylons.

4. Outlast the Cylons.

Plan number One is the most dangerous because it will require the Solaria's destruction for it to be convincing. Number two is unlikely, but I might be able to hack the Cylons with a series of computer viruses. Out running the Cylons may be difficult, as we do not know how they expanded in forty years. Outlasting the Cylons may be possible. We can hide the Solaria in the prolomar sector and use cryogenic to preserve us until a time the Cylons believe us dead.

But I doubt the military would be open to these solutions. I'm dealing with narrow minds with tunnel vision.

End log.