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The Personal Journal of Persephone Arrius

Posted on Wed Mar 7th, 2018 @ 6:51pm by Persephone Arrius M.D. Ph. D

Entry 2,

Fifteen days after the Holocaust.

I've been outplayed.

My suspicions about a group who has betrayed humanity to the Cylons have been confirmed, as I have been detained for sabotage of the Solaria's Vipers. Apparently this group has also succeeded at deceiving the military, and their narrow thinking, into believing I am responsible for the recent sabotage.

I've been placed under house arrest and all my resources have been seized, fortunately they were not as through as they thought, as they did not search my quarters to find my journal. My existence has been filled with numerous games of Sudoku.

They did not listen to how ridiculous that hypothesis was. What would I gain from betraying humanity to the Cylons. If I had been that foolish, I would have allowed myself to be whored to Gaius Baltar years ago instead of firing that son-of-a-bitch.

This situation has become more dangerous, as now I'll have to focus these narrow-minded fools with their single-tracked minds onto the true saboteur, which is still out there. Unfortunately I do not have time to be stuck in my quarters, yet I cannot trust anyone on this battlestar.

There is still the possibility that I, and other civilian leaders, are being held hostage to keep the civilians in line, as the incidents of violence between our overlords in the military are increasing.

No doubt the interrogator they are going to send will have quite a potent recipe of truth serums and psychological manipulation cooked up to wring every piece of information out of me before I am executed.

I believe I may have made a terrible error even trusting Hanson, or the military for that matter. This is a dangerous game I've stumbled into.

End Log.


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