The start of something new.

Posted on Sat Jul 21st, 2018 @ 11:58am by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission Date: 23

Kaylia didn't exactly know what to do, or how about to go with her second idea so why not get right in the thick of it. She changed down to her usual wear for working out. Skin tight violet to match her eyes. Her hair pulled back. Spaghetti strap top, also violet.

On her way to the rec room, she snatched one of the camera men. "You're coming with me and you're not arguing."

Peter looked at her funny but nodded, "Yes, ma'am."

"And don't call me ma'am." Coming in the rec room with her toy in tow. "Attention!"

There was a bit of confusion for a moment, however, most of them stopped what they were doing and stood up. Coming to attention. That was short lived once they saw whom it was.

"Oh its just that uppity bitch. Thinking she's all that, ignore it." The blonde haired woman mentioned.

Kaylia glanced over her shoulder to Peter, "Turn it on." Giving a glance back. Straight at the blonde. "Yevettie is it? Or rather, 'Sparkfire.' Get your ass in the ring, right now Ensign. I'm about to show you uppity and right are two different things."

Sparkfire gave a glance over, "Oh really. You want me to go get in the ring with you. Even though we all know you're just some hack bitch. Okay. I'm going to kick your ass."

The majority of those in there likes that from Sparkfire, and were clearly on her side. The rest just kept quiet, not wanting to get into it.

"You may try. Start your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Peter here will double as the mule, so the bets stay fair." Kaylia shifted and literally vaulted over the ropes. Grabbing one of the left over tapes roles to start taping her hands up.

Sparkfire wasn't as flamboyant. She already had her hands taped and simply pushed one of the ring belts up so she could duck under it. "What's the rules, greenhorn?" She stood three inches taller than Kaylia did and at least forty pounds more.

Kaylia rolled her eyes, "Three rounds, or whomever goes down and stays down for ten seconds first."

"Usual, you can't go more than that, so," Sparkfire looked over her shoulder, "Yall better be betting on me for the first round." Looking back with a shit eating grin.

"You are aware, I did not say fists only."

"Wait what?"

"Exactly," Kaylia grinned. "Bitch." Shifting one foot back behind her, twisting a little at the hip. Her other leg and foot was pushed forward. Centering her balance. "I'm ready. Anytime you want to give it a try."

"Oh..look at you, trying to get all fancy. Did you learn that from those fake ass old Earth Kung Fu movies?" Sparkfire, shrugged. "As you wish." Moving in to fully go power over thought. Sliding down to Kaylia's left side and pegging her right on the knee that was being left as the light one. One she did not put her weight on.

That was a saving grace until Spark shifted up and hit her right in the back of the head.

The two actions dropped her. Not fully down, Kaylia caught herself with a hand and looked over her shoulder at Spark. Narrowing her eyes. "You so frakked up."

"Oh did I?" Just as soon as that came out of Sparks mouth she jumped up and fist down hit Kaylia right on the right side of her brow. Splitting it open. Blood flicking on the mat, knocking Kaylia down.

"Done yet bitch?" Spark snorted.

Kaylia reached up to her brow and looked at the blood. Flicking her hand. "Not even close," licking said hand, just once. Not like she was going to lay there and lick all the blood off.

Pushing up to stand, Spark straight up again, hit her and dropped Kaylia. Even giving a shove with her foot. "Just stay down, idiot."

"See...this is not what you wanted to do Sparkie." Kaylia smirked. "Cause I was waiting for you to get me to that point."

"And what is that, you're down and bleeding."

"Have pissed me off," Kaylia kippupped, which surprised Spark, and then she got into tearing her a new one. Giving a block with each forearm to the incoming punches, or completely leaning to avoid them all together.

Giving a little shift to jab six times against Sparks chest, back up, round house kick her in the jaw. Then for that flare, a backflip kick to the jaw.

Spark flew back against the ropes and went down. There was no counting. She was out.

There was cheers for the apparent underdog, and most hated Spark anyway. Maybe that would put her in her place.

Kaylia was hurt, bleeding, short of breath, but she was up. "Anyone else? Cause you have sign ups to do now."