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Two for the Price of One

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 1:11pm by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: CAG's Office
Timeline: MD 15 0930 hours - Backlog

Logan was making his way down the corridor to the CAG's Office, when coming around a corner, he had a near collision with Kaylia. He had been so lost in thought, he had not heard her footfalls from the cross corridor. "Sorry about that. Are you okay?"

Kaylia gave a glance and stopped short. Looking a moment over the officer, then back to his face. "I'm fine, just heading to Captain Graystone's office."

"Same here." Logan gestured for her to take the lead. "After you."

Giving a nod, "Thanks." Continuing on that path, she hesitated so he could keep up. "Lieutenant Strenvale."

Logan stuck out a hand as they walked. "Logan Hunter, call sign is Bounty."

"Artemis," Kaylia gave a glance at the outstretched hand a moment before she actually took it. "Why Bounty?"

Logan gave a brief shake of her hand as they walked. He looked ahead to make sure he wasn't going to bump into something or someone else. "My dad is a ... was a police captain. So it's just sort of a play on my last name." He gave Kaylia a curious glance. "So what's the origin of your call sign."

"I see, as in bounty hunter." She had no issue with avoiding walking into people. Generally, "I'm generally attuned to certain things like a hunt, which in this case would be Cylons. As well as the Goddess Artemis, a bow, which I have. And..I love kittens, I figure she does as well."

She gave a pause however for just a moment, "However, I have thought about Tigress as well. Not sure but I'll have to lock in one or the other."

Logan listened to her self description. She certainly had the fierce spirit associated with hunters. Anyone could tell that just by looking at her. Artemis would be a good fit for her. He raised an eyebrow at her mention of Tigress as an alternative choice. He gave her a more thorough look and started to wonder if she was a Tigress in...he forced the thought from his mind with an effort, an extreme effort. "Well, um both are interesting choices. I look forward to hearing which one you decide on. He gave a quick series of knuckle raps on the hatch to the CAG's Office.

Her violet eyes gave a glance to him a moment, with a raised eyebrow. "I hope I will like whichever I pick more than anyone else. Either way, give it time, you'll get why I thought of one of the two in about thirty seconds." Kaylia stopped when he knocked on the hatch.

Logan returned her raised eyebrow expression with one of his own, the smile still adorning his features. He was saved from replying by a voice from the farside of the hatch.

"The hatch isn't going to open itself" Alethea yelled from the other side as she was reading a report from the knuckle-draggers on the state of her Vipers.

Logan opened the hatch and gestured to Kaylia to enter. "Ladies first."

Kaylia gave a little nod, which could be construed as 'thank' and stepped in. Moving off to the side to go to attention.

Logan followed Kaylia in with a glance at her backside. He inhaled deeply as he stepped inside and also coming to attention.

Alethea looked up from the report and looked over the two officers. "Did the toasters take your tongues?" She commented on the rather silent entry of the two.

Logan brought up his hand smartly to a salute. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Logan Hunter reports for duty."

"No, ma'am," figuring she didn't exactly need to state whom she was or why she was there. However, she did anyway, "Lieutenant Junior Grade Strenvale, reporting as ordered." Kaylia did not salute like Logan did because that is not suppose to be done inside, just the same as if you have a cover you don't wear it inside or salute without it on.

Alethea had read up on the newest additions to her Air Group. Hunter checked all out, there were some rough edges but nothing that couldn't be fixed in a quick manner. Now Strenvale was the one she would likely actually need to crack to get in the right shape to be a pilot on the Solaria. The lack of a salute gave a nice indication of that.

"At ease, Lieutenant Hunter" She said. "So you two are the newest pilots"

"I cannot speak for him, but yes ma'am, I am one of the two apparently." Kaylia gave a nod. Since she was not expressly told she could go to parade rest, or at ease, she stayed at attention.

Logan relaxed his posture a bit. He gave a sort of nod/shake of his head and a slight shoulder shrug. "Not exactly Captain. I was returning aboard a Raptor from leave with my family on Picon. I was injured during landing and in Sickbay the last two weeks."

Alethea nodded at the explanation. "Very well, then let me get a few ground rules clear as I'm not sure which ones your previous CAGs maintained. I am your God, and my God is the Commander. Frak up with either one of us and you're not going to be flying a Viper again." She said with a seriousness in her tone that made clear it was not so much a threat as it was a promise. "We're dealing with both nuggets and experienced pilots, for the foreseeable future we're going to keep running drills. I don't care if you've made the landing a thousand times, you're going to keep practicing them until the entire Air Group is in optimal flying shape. Do your job and do it well and I will go through fire for you but I will not let any single individual be the undoing of this entire fleet. Have I made myself clear?" In her eyes, recent incidents had shown that where the pilots were concerned she would need to maintain strict discipline for now. As such the message was very much targeted at the noted troublemaker among the two rather than the veteran pilot.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow while she listened to the speech. Even giving a cock of her head to the side for a moment. "Yes, ma'am. Perfectly."

Logan kept a neutral expression as he acknowledged Alethea with a single nod of his head. "Understood. May I ask, what squadron will we be assigned to and who is my wingman?"

"You are lucky, the Demons are down a few pilots. You're both going to fly with me. As for wingman, it depends on the op." Alethea replied kindly, with the basics being out of the way now.

"Roger that." Logan would have preferred to have a permanent wingman, but do to the situation they were in, he could understand. He glanced at Alethea to see if she had anything else for them.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow and looked perplexed, "Wait what? You, after what happened, want me on your wing. If I may speak freely, is that because of my record, or so you can keep a tight leash around my throat."

Logan raised his forearm up to his mouth and gave a throaty cough. He then patted his belly. "Sorry, tickle in my throat." He glanced at Kaylia for a moment before returning his gaze to Alethea. "I don't mind taking her as my wingmate sir. If that's okay with you."

"A bit of both, Lieutenant. And that is fine. You will both be on tomorrow's CAP. Easy on the drinking tonight" Alethea replied.

Her lips pursed a little as she thought a moment, then Kaylia gave a nod, "Yes, ma'am."

Logan nodded to Alethea. "Will do. Anything else you need from us sir?"

"Dismissed." Alethea picked up one of the stacks of papers on her desk and didn't look up at the two of them.

Kaylia just gave a nod again and went to the hatch opening it, giving a motion to Logan, "After you, princess," said with a grin.

Logan gave a look at Kaylia a moment, "Funny." Still interested in getting to know this oddity before him.

Once Logan stepped out, she closed the hatch behind them.


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