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The Escape

Posted on Fri Mar 23rd, 2018 @ 8:23am by Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty] & Specialist Jamie Perth

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Sickbay - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 15 - 20:30

Jamie quickly read through the man's chart and progress notes. Lieutenant Logan Hunter, yet another pilot. He briefly wondered what proportion of the ship's crew were pilots, as there seemed to be an extraordinary number of them.

The CMO had reviewed Hunter's most recent scan and decided that from a neurological perspective, the man was fit for discharge. With the ship still at condition one, one of their priorities was to release release the most dischargeable patients from Sickbay to make for room - any bed or cubicle that could be freed up.

And so for Lt Hunter, it was now Jamie's job to dot the I's and cross the T's, running through the checklist to ensure the pilot was finally fit to fly and to arrange appropriate follow-up. Not really a paramedic's job, but the lack of medically-trained staff meant everyone had to broaden their scope of practice.

"Lieutenant Hunter, sir," he addressed the man, pulling the curtain back and stepping into the cubicle.

Logan looked up as Jamie stepped in the curtained off enclosure. He'd been unconscious for a couple days following a head injury sustained during The Fall, but he been conscious for better than a week and a half now. He, quite simply, was going stir crazy. "Look, somebody was just in here taking my blood pressure and and pulse and... generally annoying the crap out of me, so if you're not here to tell me I can return to duty, I don't want to hear it."

The medic hadn't quite expected such a response. Taken aback slightly, he looked up at Logan and gave a slight frown. "I'm here to review your medical clearance for duty, sir," he explained. "The CMO had a look at your scan results and says he's quite surprised with how rapidly you've recovered."

Jamie noted that when Lt Hunter was first found by rescuers, he had a concerning level of consciousness that required a period of deep sedation requiring ventilatory support. Of course, with the chaos surrounding them at the time of the attack, there was no easy access to a CT scanner to determine the extent of the brain injury, and so the man was kept in an induced coma for two days. The subsequent scan demonstrated a very small bleed that the doctors decided to treat conservatively. If it hadn't been for the lack of access to a hospital, the lieutenant would have likely been woken up much earlier.

Logan did a double take as he looked at Jamie. Had he heard correctly? Was he really about to be released from Sickbay? He'd been complaining to every member of the medical staff who checked on him the last three days he was good to go, that he was ready to return to duty, that he was ready to throw some toaster butt on the scrap heap. "Whoa! Did you just say what I think you said?"

"I'm sorry?" Jamie's brow furrowed further. He decided to repeat himself. "Specialist Jamie Perth, sir," he introduced himself. "I've been ordered by the Chief to come and make sure you're medically cleared for duty."

Logan let out a whoop of joy and clapped his hands together. He was FINALLY going to get out of being poked and prodded on a near hourly basis. He spread his arms wide. "Hey, whatever it takes to get me out the door."

The medic then asked, rather straightforwardly, "And sir... who's your commanding officer?" It wasn't usual for an NCO to ask that of a higher-ranking officer, but medical matters tend to have a way of weaving out of the chain of command from time to time.

"Captain Graystone commands the air group." Logan gave the question a bit more thought. "However, Commander Hanson is Solaria Actual."

"Of course," Jamie said, scribbling it down on the chart he held. Then, curious, he asked, "Where... did they find you, sir? During the attack?"

"I was returning from leave on Picon aboard a Raptor. We were on approach when the toasters jumped into the area near the Scorpia shipyards. The pilot asked for my help in landing in the flight pod. I gather I took a tumble and banged my head. Next thing I knew I was waking up here a few days later." Logan lay on the bed as Jamie took notes on his answers. "This going to take much longer? I am feeling better and would like to get back to duty."

The medic seemed to almost ignore the Lieutenant's impatience, at least initially. "I was on a medical transport Raptor, just broken into Scorpia's atmosphere, when they launched the nukes..." His eyes diverted, looking up and ahead, as if staring into nothing. The images of the mushroom clouds, the devastation and destruction flashed back again. He shook his head and looked back his patient. "But yes... sorry. This won't take much longer. "We'll arrange for you to be followed up by one of us back here in a week to make sure things are going well. And then two weeks after that."

Logan perked up considerably at the prospect of getting released from Sickbay. He nodded emphatically to Jamie's instructions for the follow-up. "What ever you say doc. Just as long as I can get back into my Viper."

Jamie never understood how it is that everyone in the Colonial Fleet would often refer to him as a 'doc', although much of it could easily be attributed to him not having introduced himself properly. "Have you been a pilot for long?" he asked.

"Well, I've been flying Vipers for about six years." Logan gave a light nod. "However, I've had my private pilot's license since I was sixteen."

Jamie briefly recalled his time as a sixteen year-old. "You must be pretty good at what you do then," he said. "Look, I probably shouldn't bother you any further, sir. The physiotherapist has also cleared you for discharge. You'll just have to report to your CO and we'll forward any relevant information." He put the chart away and placed his hands behind his back.

Logan pulled off the bed covers and swung his legs out. He hopped nimbly down from the hospital bed. "Don't have to tell me twice. If you'll just tell me where my clothes are, I'll make good my escape."

"I take it you know the way out?" Jamie suggested.

"That... I most certainly do." Logan was most obviously ready to take his leave of Sickbay.

Almost as if on cue, one of the nurses came over, carrying a large plastic bag filled with Logan's personal effects, including a pilot's uniform.

"We'll close the curtain and let you get changed, and then you can be on your way out," Jamie said, flashing a quick smile before turning away to leave.

Logan gave Jamie a thumbs up and the pretty nurse one of his charming smiles. "Give me a minute or two and I will be ready."

"Take your time," the nurse deadpanned, before pulling the curtains shut.

Lt JG Logan Hunter
Viper Pilot
Battlestar Solaria
Colonial Fleet


Spc Jamie Perth
Critical Care Paramedic
Battlestar Solaria
Colonial Fleet


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