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Winning Isn't Everything... It's The Only Thing

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Solaria gym
Timeline: MD 15 - Backlog

Logan had been in the deserted gym for nearly a half hour working out his anger at the Cylons on the heavy bag when he heard the hatch open behind him. He was breathing hard and his tank top was soaked in sweat from his exertion. He shot off a few more powerful punches, the last one knocking the heavy bag back a ways before he caught it. He clung to it before taking a huge breath and stepping back.

Kaylia actually expected someone to be in here, just anyone working out or training. It didn't particularly matter whom it was, however, it was amusing to see Bounty there of all people.

Waiting a moment to see the bag just about knock him back, and did giggle. Considering if he had not grabbed it, it may have knocked him down. "You know, if you'd do two things that would have worked out differently, sugar." Kaylia gave a smirk.

Logan turned at the familiar voice from earlier that day. He was momentarily stunned by her appearance. She'd been in a standard uniform earlier today and had looked gorgeous. Hopefully seeing her in spandex shorts and a sports bra, well, she took what little breath he had away. It was a moment and raspy cough later before he found his voice. "I'll bite. What two things would that be sweetheart?"

She was indeed in the spandex, but slacks and sports bra. Purple for the top to match her eyes, black for the slacks. Stepping in and closing the hatch behind her. "First thing, I'm not your sweetheart. Second, you're exerting entirely to much energy trying to punch through an object the way you're doing it. Yes, you want to do as such however its not always brute force."

Kaylia walked over to him and the bag. Motioning her hand to shoo him out of the way for her. "Third, your balance and counter balance is what made you nearly topple over. You boxers always keep both feel grounded. As opposed to putting the majority of your weight on your back leg."

Giving a shift her right foot slid back, left up a bit and straighter than the right leg. Hips twisted slightly along with her torso. "Also, it comes from a snap of the fist that creates a maximum force to a punch." Reaching to squeeze his bicep. "Not this bulk you think you must have."

Looking back to the bag and doing the same thing he did, but at the last minute snapped her wrist so her fist was sideways, not straight forward. Pushing the bag just about as much as he got out of it with much less effort. Kaylia also waited and let the bag hit on her purpose. There was a little bit of a lean back from the hit, however, just a quick scoot of her left foot back behind her and completely on balance like nothing happened.

Logan watched her demonstration with equal amounts of admiration for her form and style. He took a deep breath and shook his head. "You know, all that fancy footwork and flashy moves may work in a tournament, but when a 75 to 100 kilo bruiser is trying to take your head off. I find it best to use economy of movement. Break his nose, gut punch him, even smash his knee cap. That'll take the fight right out of them." He paused to reach for a towel hanging on a rail on the wall. He wiped sweat from his brow. "Oh, and if you're not sweetheart, than I am not sugar. Fair enough gorgeous?" He held up a hand to belay any objections to his last comment. "You do have to admit. You are gorgeous."

She simply tilted her head a bit, those violet orbs becoming half visible with the narrowing of her eyelids. "Oh really now? You care to bet on that?" Kaylia moved over in front of him. "You really think that is tournament fighting?" giving a full bellied laugh for a full minute. Actually doubling over at the waist. Trying to catch her breath, "I'll, I'll ta-ake the gorgeous compliment though."

Logan shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. He was still trying to figure Kaylia out. He wiped his arm clear and cocked his head. "What do you have in mind and..." He raised an eyebrow. " What's in it for me?"

"You raised the challenge first by saying its just for show. State your terms first, mister." Kaylia smirked and squared herself.

Logan finished wiping the sweat from the exposed areas of his body as he sized her up. He gave her a return smirk as he tossed the towel to the side. "I have two cases of Baxter's Bourbon from the Queenstown distillery on Picon. I was bringing them back to Solaria for a decommissioning party after the official ceremony. You win two out of three falls, one of them is yours. I win...," he paused to give her a charming smile and wink, "you agree to go on a date with me." He struck out a hand to seal the deal with a handshake.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow, "Hmmm...getting drunk by myself when I want to...or I have to go on a date." Pursing her lips. Thinking it over, those eyes looked down to his hand. "Baxter's huh? Always did like that, very good quality."

She reached to take his hand, and did. Then stepped one leg in between both of his. Sliding it back behind the left knee to push it to drop his weight enough that at the same time she could shove her hip into his. Pushing up with both and the arm held. Kaylia's shoulder shoving up as she leaned to flip him head over onto his back.

Still holding his hand and leaning down about nose to nose, "I believe that's one point to me, sugar."

Logan grunted out a cough as he regained his feet. He kept hold and wrapped her up in both of his arms. Hooking a leg behind one of hers, he threw his weight forward, taking them both to the ground with him on top. He brought his cheek against hers and whispered softly in her ear. "Now it's one one gorgeous." He rolled off and away from her before getting to his feet. He wanted this last fall to be a fair contest. "You ready for the final fall? Sweetheart."

She probably could have gotten out of it if it wasn't a surprise like that. Kippuping to her feet. Giving a pull to her shoulders and rolling them, "Alright." Kalia shifted back in to a stance. Both arms out opposite which leg was forward and back. "Any time cupcake."

Logan squared up as well. He moved in with a steady step, throwing one two punches to gauge her defensive style and reaction time. If he could get in close and switch to a wrestling technique, his bigger size and heavier build would give him the advantage...or so he thought.

Which is exactly what she wanted. To watch his hips, his shoulders, his eyes. Not where his fists were going. Kaylia, simply blocked most of them. Shoving each to the left of right, right or left. One caught her in the jaw.

That did have some backing to it. Letting him get close enough to take one arm at the next punch and wrap it up with her arm. Blocking the free one and slamming her knee into his side twice before letting go and giving a full force front kick to his chest.

Logan's side hurt from the knee strikes, but he was tough enough to take a couple of blows. He grabbed her ankle as the front kick connected with his chest. It hurt too, but now he held her leg locked in his hands. One powerful shove and she'd be on her perfectly sculptured butt. He paused to savor his soon-to-be victory. "I hope you have a nice dress for our first date." He punctuated his statement with a wink and a smile. Then the unexpected happened.

She glanced up at him from her place on the deck, shaking her head. "Dress? What is that. Besides, I won't be needing it." Kippupping to her feet again, "You dropped your guard." Kaylia shifted a little, just one and a half steps towards him. A small quick crouch before one foot and then the other were off of the deck. Starting a backflip, however, the second leg to lift was poised out farther. Executing as such that way she purposely connected her foot to the underside of his chin. Finishing the backflip in one motion. Landing on her feet again and crouched in a lower gravity stance this time, right leg fully outstretch to the side, her left bent.

Logan backpedaled from the surprise kick. He blinked as his equilibrium was knocked off and tumbled to the deck on his posterior. He blinked again as he realized he had just lost the match. He shook his head and gave a sigh. "Well frak me." He stared up at her with a dejected expression. "I guess you win."

She smirked a little bit and scooted over after standing up and hopped to straddle his waist, leaning over to look at him. "Kinda looks that way."

Logan was pleasantly surprised at the sudden change of their encounter. He reached up to run his hand through her hair dangling over his face. He felt a warm stirring in his body as he reached around the back of her head, his other hand coming to rest on her hip. She was more than gorgeous, she was absolutely intoxicating. He began to pull her face closer to his.

Kaylia watched him curiously for a moment, gauging him. Finally once his hand came to her hip she spoke up, "You'd be wise to remove it before I break it, sugar." Kissing his nose and leaning up. "Don't forget you owe me."

Logan removed his hands from her head and hip carefully, despite the tingly sensation he was feeling. He took a deep breath in an effort to regain control of himself. "I uh, won't forget." He wanted to kiss her, but figured he would be on his way back to sickbay if he did. He lay there wondering if she was going to stand up or keep him pinned to the floor. It was an interesting dilemma.

And there was his answer, as she put a hand to the deck an stood. Twisting at the hip to swing one leg over across him. Leaning at the waist a little bit to offer her hand.

Logan took her hand and, with Kaylia's help, pulled himself up to a standing position. He gave a bow to her. "I acknowledge you as the superior close quarters... combatant." He stood up straight. "I look forward to seeing more of your ability."

"Thank you, my good sir." Giving a tip of her head just slightly. "Hrm..." Kaylia gave a mused look for a moment. "Now I'm hungry."

"Officers' Mess starts serving midrats in about thirty minutes." He gave his chin a stroke as he thought maybe he could still get a meal with Kaylia anyway. "You have to be in a duty uniform though. Mess Chief isn't fond of sweaty people in his chow hall."

Giving a glance down at herself then looking up to him, "I believe you're the only one who broke a sweat there, sugar." Giving a roll of her shoulders, Kaylia shook her head. "I've also never heard of uniforms only in the mess. If there was such a rule, there's be a mutiny."

"You're thinking of the pilots' mess. Which is where I usually eat." He shrugged his shoulders as he gathered up his things. He gestured to the door. "Food's not as good, but you can eat there wearing pretty much anything."

Kaylia shook her head, "No, I'm thinking of both. Other than the sweaty part." Moving to head out into the corridor after opening the hatch.

Logan stepped out next to her, offering up s two finger salute. "Well, enjoy your meal. I am off to get a quick shower and some rack time. I have a CAP sortie in the morning."

"Alright, we'll try it again later. Might be able to teach that brute brain of yours something." Giving a smirk and then Kaylia took a few steps. Looking over her shoulder, "Don't forget my liqour. I might even share." Turning to continue on her way.

Logan sighed softly before calling out to Kaylia as she walked away. "No worries gorgeous. You'll have it by tomorrow night." He gave a final smirk just as she started around the corner. "If you are gonna share though, don't think I will let you get me drunk so you can have your way with me!"

"Keep dreaming fly boy," calling over her shoulder while lifting a hand up to give him the finger.

Logan chuckled softly to himself as he turned in the other direction. "She's in to you Logan Hunter." He looked over his shoulder and though he could no longer see or hear her, every facet of her person was etched into his brain. He turned back and continued down the deserted corridor towards the showers. Despite his hopes, it was going to be a very cold shower he took before heading to his rack.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaylia "Artemis" Strenvale
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Logan "Bounty" Hunter
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