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Coming Home

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 8:43pm by Chief Petty Officer Jorja-An Chrisjenson & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Port Flight Pod
Timeline: MD 16, 0900 hours

Lieutenant (j.g.) Logan 'Bounty' Hunter stepped onto the hanger deck and made his way to where his Viper was supposed to be stowed between sorties. He stopped when he saw another Viper parked in [I]his[/I] spot. He put his hands on his hips, a less than happy expression on his face. "Well what the frak!"

"Frak took a short walk out the airlock." Jorja-An said sarcastically, in her gravelly voice. "Something I can help you with son?"

Logan turned to see Jorja-An. He recognized her immediately as one of the pre-Fall decommissioning crew like himself. He gave a rye smile as he walked up to the Solaria alumnist. "Well, I see the fleet's grumpiest deck chief is still being the bane of hard working pilots."

"I'm not grumpy or a bane to hard working Pilots." Jorja-An said grumpily. "If you children where hard working, then you would be on this deck helping to keep your lady birds flying and not giving my kids grief because you can't ask where your lady bird was moved to." She slipped her hands behind her back and looked at the taller man. "Now what is the problem I can help you with son?"

Logan reached into the bag slung from his shoulder and pulled out a set of orange deck crew coveralls. "You can point me in the direction of my Viper so I can do some preventive maintenance checks and services." He gave a cheeky grin in response to her quip about pilots.

"We needed to pull the starboard wing engine." Jorja-An said returning her own grin. Then she gestured down the line and headed in that direction. "There was an issue with the mounts. One good thing about grounding all the lady birds. We get to give each one a loving inspection and overhaul."

Logan followed Jorja-An down the row of Vipers, a perplexed expression on his face. "All the birds are grounded? What for?"

She stopped and stared at the man. "The CAG hasn't briefed you yet? Damn. Well all birds have been grounded as we are investigating the reloading of the Cylon Virus into the on board computers of the Vipers and Raptors." Jorja-An shook her head and continued to the Viper in question.

Logan rushed to catch up to Jorja-An as they came up on his plane. "Uh, I've been in Sickbay the last two weeks. What Cylon virus? that how the Colonies were destroyed?"

"That and a surprise attack." Jorja-An said moving around the bird to the missing engine. "Now as you can see the aft engine mount has cracked." She pointed to the nearly snapped mount.

Logan stepped up to his plane and fingered the mounting. He turned his head to her with an almost pleading look on his face. "Tell me you can fix her Chief."

"Just have to replace the mounting, son." Jorja-An said with a smile. "That is only a few hours of work. While the engine is out we are making some minor repairs, also. I figure we should have her," she patted the Viper, "flight ready in about 6 hours, or so."

Logan gave a sigh of relief as he gently stroked the hull of his plane. "I wanted to check on my favorite lady bird before checking in with the CAG. I'll be back to help work on her as soon as I report in."

"No worries, son. Your lady bird will be here with a few of my kids working on her." Jorja-An said looking at a gathering of those under her command.

Logan tossed Jorja-An a two finger salute as he gave her an appreciative smile as he walked away. "You're the best Chief. I will be back shortly."

"Alright, son." Jorja-An said returning the salute and watched him leave.


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