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Settling A Debt

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Kaylia's Cabin
Timeline: MD 15 - Backlog

Logan carried a wooden crate stenciled with the words Solaria Memorabilia in his arms. He wore a set of OD green fatigues with the shirt unbuttoned. He arrived at the squad bay Kaylia was assigned to and tapped the hatch with his foot.

Raising an eyebrow, she looked to the hatch. "What? Do people not know how to open doors around here." Kaylia moved over and opened it. "Oh. Well hi there."

Logan hefted the crate in his arms. "You mind if I come in? This thing is kinda heavy."

Kaylia had a pretty good shiner forming on her cheek, "So you're the one that can't open doors by himself. I suppose since you have my loot I'll forgive you, this time." Smirking and stepping to the side.

Logan grunted a bit as he stepped inside. He looked about the apparently deserted four bunk quarters before glancing at Kaylia. "You want this on the table or on your rack?"

"Mmm..." Giving a glance a moment, "I suppose my rack for the moment."

Logan set the crate down gently on Kaylia's bunk. He patted the top of it as he glanced to her with a smile. "Sixteen bottles of the finest bourbon Picon ha...d to offer, as promised." He looked down at the crate. "I recommend you find a decent hiding spot to stash it. Stuffs about to become more valuable than cubits."

She watched him carefully, then nodded. "Thank you, and I definitely planned on hiding it." Moving over to open it and give a look, taking one of the fifths out. "Not bad at all, care for a snort?"

Logan looked up at Kaylia when she asked him if he wanted a drink. He very much did and so much more. "I'd like that. Thank you." He found himself trying to figure her out. She was certainly one of the most... confounding women he'd ever met.

Setting the bottle down a moment she moved to get a metal mug. Having only one, Kaylia could just drink out of the bottle itself. Sitting down and opening it. Pouring some into the mug, she sat down and held it out to him.

Logan picked up the mug and held it aloft as an impromptu salute. "Sorry about your cheek." His tone indicated a genuine concern. Then a mirthful twinkle lit up his eyes as a smile came to his face. "I'd be happy to kiss it all better for you."

"Why should you be sorry, that was the name of the game," bringing the bottle up to her lips for a long draw from it a moment. "Mmm, that's good." Taking another before looking at him. Giving a sigh, "You don't quit do you? Fine since you got your ass kicked so bad and you're being a good sport about it." Holding up a finger in warning, "Try any funny business and I'll break your nose."

Logan leaned forward to place the kiss on her cheek, but stopped just shy of doing so. He hovered for a moment, his breath gently caressing her cheek, before pulling back. He gave a single shake of his head. "I best not. I wouldn't want you getting the impression I was so easy for you to matter how beautiful you are."

Kaylia shook her head, taking another drink, "I think something broke loose in your head in training. Either you think so little of me, or are that sure of yourself."

Logan sat back in his seat. His devil-may-care expression melting from his face. He took his first sip from the mug as he pondered her words. He finally spoke up, but his tone was different. "Your right about me being sure of myself. I've worked long and hard to become what I am, which is a damn good pilot." His expression changed yet again to something akin to respectful. "You are mistaken about one thing though."

"Everyone says they are a damn good pilot in theory, its showing it that determines as such." Giving a smirk, with another swig of the bottle before she capped it and set it back in the case. "And what would that one thing be?"

"I do not think very little of you. I think rather highly of you as a matter of fact. It seems as though the feelings aren't necessarily mutual though." He lifted the mug and finished off the bourbon in one gulp. He placed the mug on the table and stood. He was at the hatch and halfway through it when he paused and turned. "If I really thought that little of you, I'd have kissed you and risked the broken nose." The hatch to her cabin clanged shut, his words still hanging in the air.

Kaylia still was a little perplexed by this man. They'd only met twice and apparently he seemed to be enamored with her. She understood how just a first meeting physical attraction could kick in so fast. Not emotional like that however. She'd have to give that some thought. Getting the bottle back out to drink on a bit more while she worked out a good spot to hide the case.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaylia "Artemis" Strenvale
Viper Pilot
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Logan "Bounty" Hunter
Viper Pilot
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