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Speculation and Scuttlebutt

Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 9:44pm by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant JG Ayesha Myers [Echo] & Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty] & Ensign Marcus Kivicus [Cleric] & Recruit Lucretia Jones AKA Lucretia Adar [Revenant] & Lieutenant JG Symon Wilson [Shadowdancer]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Pilots' Rec Room
Timeline: MD 15 - Backlog

Logan entered the rec room to see it filled with more pilots than was normal. He attributed the crowdedness to the recent grounding of the Solaria's air group. He walked over to a table with an open seat and placed a hand on the back of the chair. "Anyone mind?"

Since they were grounded, or most of them, there wasn't to much for her to do, so Kaylia decided she might be sociable. Heading to the rec room. Giving a glance around once she got in there. Biting the inside of her cheek and spotting Logan, she walked over by where he was.

Logan looked up at Kaylia as she approached the table he was at. He instinctively stood up and offered his chair to her. "Please."

Kaylia tilted her head a moment looking at the chair and then him. Pondering a moment. She shifted and leaned to kiss his cheek, "That is sweet of you. Thank you." Sitting down and scooting the chair over so he could grab one of the other chairs and bring it over.

Logan saw her make space for him to bring an empty chair over. He crossed the room and brought one back, sliding in next to Kaylia. He looked about the table at the other pilots.

Lucretia Jones entered the room, she noticed the viper pilots gathered and decided not to join in, but she sat down at an unoccupied table and began to read a book. The book was on logic. Luci had decided that in order to defeat a machine, she had to think like one.

"Well, well, well," a voice from the doorway spoke, "if it isn't the new crowd. You know, we never had any problem with our Vipers until you lot showed up!" Symon Wilson, Shadow dancer to his friends, stood in the doorway with a few of his cronies.

Logan glanced over his shoulder at Symon. He didn't take kindly to the unspoken accusation. He rose from his chair and leaned against the table, arms crossed. "I have an alibi for the last two weeks. You can ask the duty physicians, nurses and corpsmen in Sickbay. How about you hotshot? You have an ironclad alibi for your whereabouts?"

"Yeah," Wilson frowned as he stepped towards Logan, "me and my buddies here were putting our asses on the line defending this ship every single frakking day so that people like you could chill in sickbay and enjoy being waited on," Wilson jabbed the man in the chest with a single finger. "Then when you finally do show up for work, look what happens. All our birds miraculously stop working. Seems pretty damn convenient to me," he concluded.

Marcus endered the room frowning at the bullying going on. He felt out of place being the only Raptor pilot in the room. He found a chair near the corner trying to figure things out himself. Not that he always believed in scuttle butt but never know what interesting speculations surface.

Ayesha entered right behind Marcus and noted one of her nuggets sitting by herself. She gave the group a nod then went over to sit down beside the girl. She could read the atmosphere as well as anyone and she didn't want the nugget involved.

Logan uncrossed his arms as he pushed off the table. He looked at faces as he walked up to Symon. "You know, your right, there are a lot of new people here. I've been a part of the Solaria's decommissioning crew for better than six months. Again, you can confirm that with such Solaria alumni as the XO or the Deck Chief. But hey, you have any evidence, by all means, take it to the Master-at-arms or the Old Man." He leaned in close to Symon's face. "Otherwise talk like yours, Cylons won't have to come acallin', You will make sure we do their job for them."

Luci took no interest in the groups yammering and calmly flipped a page and continued reading. "Greetings, Lieutenant." She stated to Ayesha.

Ayesha inclined her head."Revenant. I have your last test results. You currently sit in second. I am sure that will change though."

She glanced at the arguing group. And sighed.

"Come on Sy. Let's get out of here," one of Shadowdancer's companions called out. "They aren't worth it," he added, pulling on his friends arm.

"I'll be watching you," Wilson frowned before leaving the room, followed by his small team of allies.

Logan retraced his steps back to his seat. He glanced over his shoulder to the hatch Symon and his band of cronies exited through. He shook his head, then reached into his tunic. He pulled out a fifth of bourbon and placed in the middle of the table. "I think it's time for a shot of Picon's finest bourbon. Anyone else agree?"

Luci shot Ayesha a glance and spoke softly. "Do they always act like this? I watched planets burn, my parents die in front of me. And they carry on like children. I am not here on some pleasure cruise." She flipped a page in the book.

"Tensions are high Luci." Ayesha murmured. "Things are not good and they need someone to blame so they blame who they do not like."

Kaylia had stood up just shortly after Logan did, and started reading the situation. Paying attention to Wilson, his lackies, also anyone else coming in and what they were doing. She could have easily stepped in to put her two cents but unless it came to blows, Logan had this. Just standing up should show enough it wouldn't be one sided. She can be a bitch, she can be outspoken, and sometimes should remind herself to have more tact. What she would not stand for is smart mouthed bullies.

Giving a look and nod to Logan, Kaylia nodded and sat down, "You know my answer, Sugar."

Logan left the table for a moment to collect a stack of papers cups next to the coffee urn in the corner of the room. He returned to the table, glancing to everyone in the room. "Bars open folks, but it is serve your self." He took two cups in one hand and the bottle in the other and poured a generous double shot in both. "Except for you gorgeous. I'll pour you one any time." He handed one of the cups to Kaylia before retaking his seat next to her.

Brent walked in sighing audibly."Stupid nuggets." he rolled his eyes as he walked into the rec room. "I swear half of em are toaster bait" He said to himself as he saw a bunch of Viper jocks talking. He made his way over just in time to hear something about the bar being open."That's the best thing I've heard all day!" he smiled.

Logan gestured to the bottle and paper cups. "Help yourself." He turned to Marcus. "How about you?" He then glanced at Ayesha and Lucretia. "The more the merrier ladies, please."

Marcus shook his head, "no thanks I want a clear head come tomorrow. Thanks for the offer." An pulled out the prayer book. He continued to watch everyone over the edge of the book.

Kaylia smirked and took her cup, "I don't doubt it." Taking it down and setting the cup on the table for another. Giving a look over to the hatch hearing the door open again. "I'm going to gather from that reaction that he," referring to Brent, "Is not one of the minions."

Brent eagerly took the bottle and filled a cup. He raised it. "Brent Rivers, Raptor driver. At your service." he smiled.

"I think I'm going to be ill." Luci responded to Logan.

Logan gave a good natured shrug. "Suit yourself." He tipped his cup in Luci direction before facing Brent. "Logan Hunter, Viper jockey." He tapped his cup to Brent's. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Rivers." Kaylia nodded and lifted her refilled cup, then downed it. Another one please. "Kaylia Strenvale, Artemis. Viper pilot."

"Pleasure to meet you both!" Brent said tapping cups with Logan and Kaylia.He downed it.

Logan downed his drink and refreshed everyone's cup. "I propose a toast. To those who still live to carry on the fight. We will prevail and toss every one of those toasters on the scrap heap. So say we all."

"So say we all!" Brent said.

"Unlikely." Luci simply stated in one word as she flipped a page.

Kaylia gave a glance a moment and nodded, "So say we all." Then giving a look in Luci's direction and back. Lowering her voice, "Who's the pessimist?"

Logan glanced at Luci for a moment before shaking his head. "No clue." He took a sip of his drink and set his cup down. He looked at the hatch and became thoughtful. Despite what Symon had said, there was some merit to his words. If all the birds were grounded, it was for a reason. He gave himself a mental shake before picking up his cup and draining it's contents. He picked up the bottle and handed it to Brent. "My gift to you man, just share it with the others."

"Thanks Logan." he smiled. "I mean it." He liked the man already. He gratefully took it and smiled. "I'll be sure to save some for my ECO" he laughed

"Alright then," Kaylia gave a nod to Logan, then now that the bottles ownership had been transferred, held her empty cup out to Brent expectantly. Her free hand fishing out a deck and set it on the table. "So, who's up from some cards."

"I'm game." Brent smiled.

Logan turned to Kaylia and struck out a hand to her. "Always a pleasure and honor Artemis. Good hunting."

Kaylia took his hand, "Thanks." Giving a look around the room, "Any other takers?""

Logan gave a quick shake of Kaylia's hand and set out for his rack. He wanted to get a good night's sleep and spend the next day working on his plane with the knuckledraggers.

She looked a little confused for a moment. Logan didn't want to stay and play Triad with them? That was a quick flip of actions. Since he was already out the hatch, Kaylia returned her attention to everyone else.

Luci closed her book to get Logan's attention. "You imbibe the squadron when we're grounded? You should be more focused, as the enemy can return for us at any moment. I know why I'm here. I'm here to find out if a machine can bleed."

Not saying anything, Ayesha watched everyone from her seat. She had been busy with the nuggets and thus had not had much time for socialization of late. Plus her cast on her arm meant she could not fly anyway.

Logan paused in the threshold of the hatch and glanced at Luci. He could understand where her statement was coming from, but if any of them expected to live passed tomorrow, they had to believe that tomorrow had something to live for. "We all know that at any time we could climb into the cockpit of our Viper or Raptor for the last time. It's these times between missions that helps us do that kid. You'll learn that soon enough." He continued out the hatch before Luci could utter a response.

Brent eagerly filled bot his own and Kaylias. He glanced over to Luci but said nothing. "Deal em up. Maybe others will join in!" he smiled. "Gotta have something to do, Am I right?"

Luci folded her arms without expression. "It's clear we'll both have a lot to learn about each other, Lieutenant." She sat down and began to read her book again.

"At the moment, yes." Rubbing the shiner on her cheek a moment before she started to shuffle the cards. Kaylia gave a thought a moment, "Are we just betting to bet, or actually betting for stuff?"

"Either or." Brent said.

"Won't but me either way, lets see if anyone else is going to join first before we see if everyone that does wants to actually bet real things. Do one hand just fake betting. Sound good?" Kaylia set the cards down before them starting.

"Works for me." Brent smiled.

Kaylia dished out the cards and set the rest of the deck to the side. "No wild cards."

He smiled.


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