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Topgun eh?

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 10:42am by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Training Simulator
Timeline: MD 16

Because of the lock down on the fighters, Kaylia had started to get an itchy trigger finger. Since Bounty had been running his mouth lately about his piloting ability, she decided, [i]Okay then, prove it flyboy.[/i]

Heading to the simulator room before she snatched the handset from the wall. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Hunter, report to the simulator room on the double."

Logan was torso deep in the avionics compartment of his Viper when the call for him came through on the PA system. He extracted himself and looked at the ceiling of the hanger bay. He unzipped the coveralls and stepped out of them. He grabbed his duty uniform tunic and headed for the simulator room.

He stepped in expecting to see the CAG for a check out run on the simulator. He found Kaylia waiting for him instead. He gave her one of his charming smiles. "Well, I knew your gorgeous self would succumb to my charms eventually."

And Kaylia was all smirks, "It took you that long to get here?" Her arms crossed under her bust. "I hear you've been running your mouth, and again, in your dreams."

Logan's smile only grew as he looked at her. He gave a slight turn of his head. "You would probably shoot me if you knew what I was dreaming about these days. I doubt my dreams are what you called me down here for."

"Probably, and no it wasn't. The boasting about your piloting skills. So I figured since we're all still grounded, there is one way to fly." Kaylia motioned behind her to the simulator cockpits. "Care to put your money where your mouth is?"

Logan crossed his arms on his chest as he studied her for a moment. He'd already lost a case of bourbon to her. He had most of his second case, but was wary of wagering it. "What are you going to bet?"

"I haven't decided what I want when I win. So I guess you should say first what you want if you some how win."

Logan locked eyes with her for a moment before nodding his head. "You know what I want. Question is what do you want if I lose?"

Yes, Kaylia said [i] when [/i] she wins. Her arms still crossed under her bust. "Really now, and just what is that you want? As for what I think I want. You have to admit in front of the entire squad you got your ass kicked by a girl half your weight." Meaning their spar.

Logan thought it over for a moment before smiling. "Very well. However, when I win. You go on that date with me and... you bring a bottle of your winnings from our first bet." He unfolded his arms and struck out his right hand.

Giving a glance a moment, she mused the two terms, "Alright. Deal. Though you're not going to win." Taking his hand.

Logan smiled as they shook on the bet. He gave her a nod of his head. "Guess I should brush up on my ability to be humble then. However, if you do win, well, best you find a pretty dress to wear."

"Do you like white?" Kaylia let go of his hand and walked off to go get into the first simulator cockpit. She'd already set everything up except the scenario location it would be in. Pulling the helmet on.

Logan looked her up and down, then nodded. "I believe you would look absolutely lovely in white." He pulled his own helmet on and headed for the simulator.

"I guess if for some frakking reason your talking smack isn't just your bloated head, its a good thing I did keep one white dress." Kaylia powered them up, "Okay so, what type of scenario and location?"

Logan shrugged as if he was not sure. "What scenario and location would you prefer?" The question seemed innocent enough, but her choice would give him insight as to to her style of flying.

It may or may not give him insight, at least until they got into it. "Alright. Well then," punching something in. Which was going to be an asteroid field, and they would start on opposite sides of the field from each other. "Alright, sugar. Thirty seconds to start, and mark." They both were also set to be in Mk II Vipers.

Logan looked at the inventory of missiles he had for the engagement and quickly switched his loadout to two heat seekers and four programmable decoys. He smiled as he realized she wanted this to be a hunt. He would oblige her by giving her multiple things to hunt down. "Ready when you are gorgeous," he called out over the system intercom.

In which she set up her load out with 10 normal missiles. Kaylia even smirked, figuring he wouldn't think about the mines as usually once you detect them, its to late. "Ten seconds. I'm sorry you only get to imagine me in that white dress."

"That's unfortunate." He counted down the final seconds to the start of the simulation. The simulation started up and he maneuvered into the asteroid field. He skirted around some of the smaller ones until finding the niche he was looking for. He parked his simulator Viper and launched two of his decoys on a preprogrammed course. 'Well Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, hunt those for a while,' he thought to himself.

While he was doing that, she headed in to the field as well. About a quarter of the way in she found a good sized asteroid with a crater that would fit her viper in it. Maneuvering into it and dropping her systems into low power mode to hide her power signature.

Decoy One navigated through the simulated asteroid field in a series of move and drift maneuvers as if it were a Viper conducting a dedicated search and destroy hunt. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."

"You're going to have to come find me, sugar. You are aware I can see you and those drones but you can't see me right?"

Logan shook his head. "If you knew where I was at. You'd be on your way to blast me from the simulated sky. So why don't you come out and dance or are you to shy... to put on a white dress."

"I didn't say that I know exactly where you are, but I can see you and the decoy blips on radar. Now I just have to descern which one is actually you. I'm using my head as opposed to well..the one you're using." Kaylia almost giggled.

"Mhmm, well the only way to find out is to come out of your hidey hole and play." He chuckled softly over the intercom. "I will have you know that I only think with that one... about half the time I see you." He glanced down at his DRADIS screen and checked for heat plumes on his FLIR.

"Oh only half the time?" She smirked, "I don't know if I should be offended or not." She was keeping an eye on each target and watching the patters, also hoping that the small talk would distract him and give it a way which one he is. "So, I suppose you don't want to know what color lace bra and thong I'm wearing."

Logan keyed in a command for the second decoy to increase speed slightly as it skimmed the surface of one of the larger asteroids, as if it were beginning an attack run on a suspected target. "I am all ears if you want to tell me." He kept his eyes locked on his display as he added after a moment, "and all eyes if you want to show me."

Kaylia wasn't going to fall for it, even though either it was a decoy, or she was about to get 'killed.' She was going to wait a little longer. "If you are all eyes on me, then you're not watching the DRADIS and my coming up behind your ass."

Logan sent another command to the decoy. He had it increase active electromagnetic emissions as if targeting DRADIS were locking on to a target.. "I'll take my chances." He pondered momentarily what she might look like in just the garments she alluded to. "I am going to say a black lace bra with red hearts smack dab in the middle of the good spots."

"Good guess, but no," shaking her head, giving a notice of that other decoy. Another look closer, "Hrm..." Is he just sitting still? Surely not, that has to be a decoy, or is that what its suppose to look like, she thought.

"You could just tell me. It might just distract me enough for you to pull off a win right now." He vectored in the other deployed decoy to join the one already scouring the large asteroid. The lack of contact on his display meant she was most likely hiding and there were only so many places she could do so.

"It works better if you have to keep guessing because you visualize more and focus more on it. Infinite possibilities all which also lead to you also imagining to taking my clothes off and then taking those off as well." Noting the two coming together, those were certainly decoys. "Then imagining throwing me down on a bunk and ravishing me, my moans in your ear."

Logan smiled at the proposed image she was describing. It was a blatant attempt to distract him. He powered up his RCS thrusters and began a stealthy approach to the large asteroid in question. He released another decoy with a time delay to move in after two minutes. It would reach the asteroid a full minute ahead of him and hopefully flush her out. "I have to say, it seems you've given this encounter some thought. I would almost say you can't wait for it to happen."

"Maybe, or perhaps I've been paying attention enough to your behavior, words, mannerisms, that I know what you're thinking on that front." Kaylia detached from the asteroid crater and did the same thing. Using thrusters only to drift and blend in with some of the asteroids about the same size as the Viper. Also so she could actually get a visual with her eyes and not just the DRADIS.

"You have to admit. There are worse ways to spend a night. You might even enjoy it." He was three minutes out from the target asteroid. His time delay was set to kick off in a minute and charge the asteroid in a go for broke attack run.

Thankfully for her she'd changed positions and waiting. Granted this was more a thinking game so far, but it would come to actually showing their skill. Kaylia was fine with it taking as long as necessary because it also shows ideas that can be used in actual combat with the toasters to stay alive.

Her silence actually spoke volumes to him. He counted down and ten seconds before his third decoy went active he called to her over the intercom system. "Ah, there you are." The decoy powered up and went hell bent for the asteroid.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Silly man. Not on that large asteroid anymore, I moved. Though, do you want to stop playing cat and mouse and get to it?"

Logan knit his eyebrows in concentration. She may not be on the asteroid hiding any more, but she also could not be too far off, he launched his fourth and final decoy as the third came abreast. He powered up and went fully active with his DRADIS. She was close by and would have to fire up her engines to evade or engage him and she now had three targets in close proximity to one another giving off identical returns on her DRADIS system.

That assumption would be mostly correct. She did power up now, she also locked on to three blips with missile and fired, then hit full thrust and after burners headed to pass right by them. Hopefully to by pass him as well and then she could quickly pull a dead stop 180 to see the last two blips which one of them was Logan. If one of the three wasn't him already.

Logan saw her pop up on his FLIR and DRADIS, along with the missiles. He flipped his nose over with his RCS thrusters and deployed chaff to obscure her missiles from locking on to him. He fired his KEW cannons with a one second burst, intentionally shooting wide to her starboard wing. He flipped a switch on his control stick and fired off one of his two heat seekers.

All talking, and her teasing now went out the window since they engaged. She was making sure to keep just as close as she could to the asteriods so the missiles would hit them instead of her. Or if necessary popping a chaff burst.

Logan had slipped on to Kaylia's six by the barest of margins. He had one missile left, but only a fifty fifty chance to hit her with it. One of his decoys was rounding a smallish asteroid about twice the size of a Heavy Raider It was now or never. He cut loose with his final missile and ducked around a series of asteroids. Of his missile failed to hit his only chance would be a deflection shot with his cannons at the end of the line of asteroids. It was a gamble as if he was was off by even a second, he would over shoot and she'd be able to take him out with the a DRADIS guided missile.

"Oh come on. You and those missiles." Shaking her head. Popping another dead stop 180 and ignoring the missile and firing her cannons at him. Then again to head for that decoy. She was out of chaff and it was easier to make the missile hit that, perhaps that it looked like he got her but she could swing around and get behind him.

Logan cut back hard, popping out between two asteroids with a near perfect shot on her port side. "Look to your left gorgeous." He cut loose with his cannons all along her fuselage.

"Look to my what?" Giving a look, "Son of a bitch!" She tried to shake it off, but it wasn't going to work. He'd caught her off guard, she should have been paying attention to both, not just the missile. Warning alarms going off and she gave in, hitting eject.

Logan took off the helmet as he exited the simulator. He may have won, but just barely. Despite his victory, he was not smiling. His expression was equal parts admiration for her skill and thoughtfulness for their bet. He stepped up to to Kaylia with a hand out. "You have some amazing skills in the cockpit."

Kaylia hadn't gotten out yet. She hadn't even taken her helmet off yet. She was brooding. It wasn't because they had to go on a date now, that was fine. Nor that he'd beat her. It was because she wasn't paying attention to everything like she should have been.

Finally she did get out after five minutes, looking to his hand. "I appreciate the compliment, but I screwed up," because she was distracted. She did not at all want to admit that maybe....he was growing on her. Dispite what happened to her in the past and she swore she'd never let a male in that close.

It was clear to him that she was a bit upset. Whether it was with him or herself was what he questioned. He took a step back in an effort to give her personal space, a concerned expression on his face. "Look, I do want to go on a date with you. I won't lie about that, but I don't want you to do anything you're not 100% comfortable with. So... the bet is off." He looked completely sincere as he spoke.

"I'm sorry. Its, I made a bet, and I lost. I'm not going to back out of it, even though its sweet of you to let me cop out." Kaylia gave a sigh, "Maybe eventually I will tell you what happened.I don't usually trust men on this kind of level, I would rather stay pissed off at the world, and it in conjunction with what those frakking Cylons did. Its not easy for me, I am trying. After what happened is why I made sure no one could physically hurt me again, as well as trying to be better than anyone ever heard of in the cockpit." Taking his hand, "You get your date, Bounty."

Logan's look of concern deepened. Something had happened to her in the past, something horrible it seemed. It was none of his business he knew. He couldn't do anything about her past, but he could show he cared about her present and future. "One question."

A hand reached up to smooth her hair back, then pull the tie off so she could redo her pony tail, "What is that Logan?"

"Do..." He looked her directly in the eyes, "... you want to go on the date?"

Her oddly colored eyes looked directly back, "I told you I made a bet. You won. Even if you were a prick with those drones. You have your date, and that white dress, sugar." There was a pause, "However, remember that threat of breaking your nose? You better keep your eyes on me 75% of the time and not my cleavage."

Logan opened his mouth as if to ask the question again. He just sighed for a moment before allowing a smile to form. Though he'd often smiled at her before, there was something different about this one. He raised his right hand. "I promise to only check out your cleavage if given permission."

"I like attention as much of the next woman, but I like being noticed for me as well." Walking up in front of him. "What were you fixing to say?"

Logan inhaled deeply as he decided what to say to her. Her perfume gave him a heady feeling. He opened his mouth again, but instead of stating the question something else popped out. "There's more to you than meets the eye Kaylia Artemis Stenvale. I look forward to discovering what lies beneath." He looked her up and down, but not as a woman to be desired. His look was more like someone taking the measure of another they wanted to really get to know. "And I don't mean what's under your clothes." He turned without another word and walked to the exit, leaving her with yet another one of his abrupt departures that left many things still unsaid.

"That wasn't what you were going to say was it." Crossing her arms under her bust. Tilting her head at her look. "Okay then. So what time is.." She sighed, huffed and stomped her foot. "I hate it when he does that."

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaylia "Artemis" Strenvale
Viper Pilot
Battlestar Solaria


Lieutenant Junior Grade Logan "Bounty" Hunter
Viper Pilot
Battlestar Solaria


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