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Posted on Sat Apr 7th, 2018 @ 4:02pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Recruit Lucretia Jones AKA Lucretia Adar [Revenant]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Various Places
Timeline: Backpost PCH-15

Luci suddenly shot up from the bunk and woke up the crewmen in the bottom bunk.

"Hey, Jones... you alright?" One of the petty officers spoke, to which she did not answer. Luci needed to jog the pain off of watching her parents die all over again. Luci shrugged the Petty Officer off.

"Alright, alright... I only wanted to show some compassion." The Petty Officer fell back asleep.

Lucretia Jones exited the quarters and began to walk through the Battlestar.

Elsewhere on the deck, Commander Hanson was carrying out his evening stroll, his final task before retiring for the night. A stroll around the ship helped him to clear his head to such a degree that he would actually be able to sleep. He had shared a couple of conversations with those still awake that he had come across but for the last ten minutes, he hadn't seen a single soul until he turned a corner and spotted a younger woman storming towards him.

"Sir!" She greeted informally as she jogged by. There was something familiar about her. So etching very familiar.

Having spotted the insignia on her uniform, the Commander quickly called out to her. “Recruit!”

She stopped and stood at attention. "Sir?"

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" the Commander queried as he looked over the youngster.

"Jogging, Sir. Trying to clear my head of things..." Luci noted. "Bad dreams, when you've had a front-row seat to the destruction of humanity." This was not the happy young girl that was once the First Daughter. She was angry... vengeful... but wounded, a very different girl. It was almost frightening. But she was committed, and disciplined.

The Commander looked the youngster up and down and then settled his gaze on her face. He couldn't help but think she looked somewhat familiar. "What's your name young one?" he queried after a few seconds.

"Lucretia Jones, Sir." She remained at attention.

He continued to look over the young recruit before his expression changed to one of confusion and then a raised eyebrow as he grabbed a hold of her arm and dragged her into a nearby isolated room. “I don’t take kindly to being lied to,” he growled before adding, “I know that name and I knew your father, didn’t I... Lucretia Adar?”

"That girl died back on Caprica, Sir. With the President. The Cylons murdered her sir." She mentioned.

“The Cylons murdered a lot of people, all of us have lost loved ones. Even me,” Hanson countered, his voice low, deep and a hint of annoyance in it, “but you don’t catch the rest of us changing our identity!”

"I didn't want to be coddled, sir. I don't want to be known as Lucretia Adar, the president's daughter, someone they have to protect when we go into battle. No, Commander. I cannot be the president's daughter to my wingman, I must be another pilot who will fight and die by their side." Luci mentioned. "I will fight with you, Commander. I cannot have one trace of that life interfering with what has to be done!"

"This is our life now, Recruit. If we forget the people left behind, what is the point of being here?" the Commander queried, leaning on a book case and folding his arms across his chest. "We need to honour their memories and ensure they live on. No one in this fleet would blame the President's daughter for wanting payback and no one is going to protect you. You're a Viper Pilot now, you're the protector," the Admiral told with a smile, hoping to appeal to her sensibility.

"If I do it. I want to be treated as a soldier. Not as Richard Adar's daughter. Besides all the politics and the limelight, I loved my family." Lucretia noted. "Is that so hard to believe, Commander? So yes, a very large piece of me died that day. And I'll send every Cylon I can find to hell. I will tell my fellows my real name, but they must continue to fight with me with everything they've got."

“Fine. I’ll let this go for as long as you need to,” Hanson reluctantly nodded in agreement with her little ruse. “I hope one day you see that you needn’t have worried. You could be Adar’s Daughter, or you could be a Graystone who created the Cylons. One way or the other, we are all humans and we are all fighting for the survival of our race, no matter our name or lineage,” the senior officer remarked one final time before turning and leaving the youngster alone.

"You are idealistic. Somewhat Naive. People will use that quality about you." Lucretia mentioned. "'If you do not expect the worst from everyone, you'll be the victim of it.' Maybe if the Cylons didn't destroy us, we'd destroy ourselves." Luci then snapped to attention and saluted him before leaving for her room.

Hanson watched as the youngster dismissed herself and shook his head. Whatever she decided, he would support, but damn! She had attitude. Leaving the room himself, the Commander made his way for his quarters.


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