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The Date

Posted on Wed May 23rd, 2018 @ 8:01am by Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 16

Lieutenant (j.g.) Karen 'Spitfire' Nolan and Ensign Samantha 'Trooper' McCullem stepped into the fresher to see Kaylia preparing for her date with Logan. Both women were not only squadron mates but shared the same bunkroom with Kaylia.

Karen gave Kaylia a wave. "Hey there Kaylia." Samantha gave a nod of her head to Kaylia.

Sometimes Kaylia liked to wear dresses, sometimes she'd rather puke. Checking her dress, pushing up her breasts to 'fluff' them. Fixing her hair right and leaning to finish her makeup. "Hey, Karen, Sam."

Both women looked at Kaylia, then at one another, grinning ear to ear.

Sam stepped up to the sink on Kaylia's right. She glanced at Kaylia for a moment before cracking open the tube of toothpaste and slathering it on her toothbrush. "Looks like someone has a special night planned."

Karen, who'd taken the sink to Kaylia's left piped up as she slapped cold water on her face. " You can't tell? Kaylia here obviously has a hot date tonight."

Kaylia gave a glance between them a moment, "I lost a bet." Like hell she was going to give more information than necessary to the gossip girls.

Sam's eyebrows raised significantly as she looked at Kaylia for a moment. Going on a date because you lost a bet was one thing. Going on a date looking this good.... "Must've been some bet."

Karen nodded in agreement with her partner in crime as she gave Kaylia the once-over. She applied face wash and began scrubbing her face with a cloth. "This bet you lost, it wouldn't have been with Logan Hunter would it?"

One last check and she was satisfied with everything. Kaylia glanced to Karen, "Yes, he's been pining over me since we met, why?"

Karen grinned as she gave Kaylia an approving look. "Well, you'll certainly keep him doing that in that dress."

Sam's expression was more curious. She'd only met Logan once, but he had been polite. "He seems like a nice guy. Do you like him?"

Kaylia shrugged her shoulders a little bit, "I don't know for sure yet. At least, not sure about in that way."

"You might want to figure it out soon." Karen grabbed her shower kit and headed for the stalls along the aft wall. She looked over the stall door as Kaylia finished up. "You will definitely give him a sight to remember tonight though." She turned and stripped down for her shower. The sound of running water starting a moment later.

Sam gave Kaylia a reassuring smile before heading to her own stall. "I hope you have a good time on your date."

"Thanks." Giving a nod and shifted a bit. Now she was nervous about this. Heading out into the corridor and for where she was suppose to meet him.

Logan was in the hanger of the portside flight pod speaking with the pilot of the civilian shuttle taking passengers to Skyport. He wore a blue suit and white shirt with a red tie.

The shuttle pilot noticed Kaylia enter the bay. His eyes went wide. "Wow!!! Now that is what I call a beautiful woman."

Logan turned to see what had caught the pilot's attention. His own eyes seemed ready to pop out of his head and his jaw looked ready to detach from his skull. 'She is the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen,' he thought to himself...and that was without looking at her cleavage.

She paused a moment at the hatch, looking between the two of them. Part of her wanting to bolt. 'Suck it up buttercup, you made a bet. Though you know you're going to hurt his feelings if he asks if you like the suit...that blue is horrible.'

Kaylia finally started in and over to them, "Do you two require a spatula?" There was just a little blush.

Logan closed his mouth. Looking upon her had left him momentarily speechless. His eyes made the transit from head to toe and back to her face and eyes, with just the briefest of pauses on her cleavage both ways.

The shuttle pilot was definitely more blatant in checking out her cleavage and legs, an enviously lustful expression adorning his face. "Please tell me your my future ex-wife."

"Good boy," Kaylia addressed Logan, looking back to the pilot. "Sorry, but no," hesitantly wrapping her arm around Logan's. "I'm here for him."

The shuttle pilot merely sighed and gestured for them to get aboard. He muttered something about lucky guy as they all boarded and he sealed the hatch.

Logan felt tingly all over as they moved to their seats. He finally found his voice as they sat down and buckled in. "You look..." His voice left him again.

She let go once they sat down, "Now..just where are we going?"

Logan's brain tried to sort out what he'd tried to say and the answer to her question... but failed. "To the Aphrodite and you would put Skyport to shame with how beautiful you are."

"Okay....why not just do it on the Solaria?" Kaylia tilted her head a little. "You also might tone it down a little there, fly boy. There are compliments, then there is trying too hard."

Logan blinked several times, as if his brain was resetting. He blushed hard and took a deep breath as he settled back in to his seat. "Sorry, it's just that you look incredible. As for why the Starport, well they have an arboretum. I thought it would be nice to take a walk amongst growing plants."

"Thank you, though you look horrible in that bright blue." She gave a nod, "That would be nice, sugar."

Logan looked down at his clothes and nodded. "I borrowed it from one of my bunkmates." He felt like an idiot for trying to dress in a style that wasn't him.

She leaned and kissed his cheek. "Sorry, just thought I would be honest."

"I appreciate your candor." He felt a bit nervous, which was uncharacteristic for him. He was normally self assured when going on a date. He wondered if this night would end with a proper kiss. Just thinking about it made his blush even deeper.

"You're welcome," he was not the only one that was nervous. She still was. Taking in a long breath, and letting it out slowly with a sigh.

Logan looked at her face. She was stunning in his eyes. "Mind if I ask where you were born?"

"If I had a problem with something you asked me in a personal nature I'd either simply refuse to answer, change the subject, or knock you on your ass." Kaylia gave a pleasant and real smile. "Caprica. And you're from Picon. Son to a peace officer. Mother, Amara. Born in Queenstown, out of high school you joined the academy. Though more than likely your father wanted you to be a cop. After that you went through a number of posts, including an actual Battlestar, the Mercury."

Logan gave a friendly smile. "Well, so much for half our small talk. Any thing not in my records you want to know about me."

Kaylia smirked a little bit, "I make it my purpose to know what I can about someone enamored with me that just from touching me outside of combat I don't rip their throats out. If you haven't noticed I have issues, yet for some reason you don't care." Raising an eyebrow, "Why is that. Oh and also, your aim sucks by the way."

Logan raised a single eyebrow. "My aim does not suck for one thing. Two, I would hope that since my father was a police officer, you would believe I have no intention of causing you harm. Three, you can end this at any time you don't feel comfortable." He sighed softly. "But I do hope you take the opportunity to find out if I am a decent guy."

"One, your aim does suck, you got lucky. Two, I hold judgement by action not pretense." Kaylia paused, "Most of the time. Three, if I was going to end it we wouldn't be on this shuttle, Sugar. You get your day in court."

Logan nodded. "Fair enough." He was going to say more, but the pilot's voice came through the passenger cabin speakers. "We're landing in two minutes, please remain seated until the shuttle has come to a complete stop."

Kaylia raised an eyebrow, "Now just what fun would it be to stay seated. We're in space, there are artificial gravity generators. Its not like him banking is going to throw me into the adjacent bulkhead."

Logan shook his head. "I'd stay seated if I were you. Moving about a Raptor during landing was how I ended up in Sickbay for two weeks."

She raised an eyebrow, "Then its a good thing I did not expect dancing tonight as it seems you have two left feet." Kaylia did however test the waters and reach to rest her hand on his.

Logan waited a moment before tentatively turning his hand and linking fingers with her. "I think I can manage a dance or two if you feel like it later on." He felt a warm feeling spread from his hand to the rest of his body. It felt even more intense than the few times she had given him a kiss on the cheek.

There was a glance given when he did that, however, she had anticipated that response so she didn't pull away. Kaylia looked up to him, "All that I said about being in space and all, then you mentioning how you got in sickbay and teasing you having two left feet didn't click did in.."

Logan mustered one of his charming smiles. He nodded as he looked into her violet eyes. "I got the humor. I just want you to know that I am up for having a good time with you tonight. That's all."

"You're lucky you're holding my hand," she gave a wink. Just teasing him. They'd see how it goes. "That's all I want right now is a good carefree night out with someone that I can learn to feel comfortable with. If there is more later, there will be more. I need baby steps."

Logan nodded slowly. He really didn't want any more than that and she deserved that much. He didn't know what deep wounds she had, only that they were there. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze as the shuttle touched down in the Skyport's deck.

Kaylia's eyes looked to the hatch a moment while it was starting to lower once the transport was secure. Looking back to their hands. Giving an audible sigh, she'd give Logan the benefit of the doubt, for now. Not removing her hand from his.

Logan held onto Kaylia's hand as they got to their feet and exited the shuttle. Once on the deck of the civilian ship he loosened his grasp to just fingertips. "Shall we go get dinner or is there something else you want to see first".

"I'm rather hungry," Kaylia lifted their held hands up pointing. "So that first."

Logan nodded and flagged down a member of the Skyport's crew. Moments later Kaylia and he were heading to the dining hall. He looked at her as they walked. "So, what does Kaylia like to do in her down time other than beating her fellow pilots down in the gym, drinking in the rec room, and getting time in the flight simulator?"

Her eyes shifted and head just enough to look to him but not directly looking to him, "Playing violin, singing, and cooking."

Logan smiled with an appreciative expression. "I would love to hear you play and sing some time." He was quiet for a moment as a thought came to mind. "Maybe we could organize an open mic night in the rec room sometime. Might even help with morale."

"I used to play professionally...Well..I take that back. Amature. I dunno." Kaylia shrugged her shoulders. "I suppose for you, and the other we can see how that goes."

A hostess showed them to a table once they made it to the dining hall. Logan pulled out a chair for Kaylia and gestured.

Kaylia looked over her shoulder to him and smiled before she sat down, "Thank you, sugar."

"My pleasure gorgeous." He smiled at her as he took the seat across from her, maintaining eye contact the entire time. He settled into his seat.

"What are you going to get to eat?" Kaylia smiled to him again.

"Depends on what sounds tasty." Logan picked up the menu and opened it. "Hmmm, there's a grilled chicken and pasta that looks pretty good." He peeked over the menu at Kaylia. "What about you?"

Kaylia reached up and scratched her eyebrow. "Hrmm..Actually that sounds good in fact. Though I also want a big ass bacon burger."

A waitress stepped up to their table, giving them a smile, but definitely beaming brighter at Logan. "I'm Kim and I will be your server tonight. May I start you off with a drink?"

"Hello, Kim. I would like what he is having as well as one of those big bacon burgers. As for a drink, I wouldn't be opposed to a beer."

Logan placed the order for the chicken and pasta dish and also ordered up a beer too. Kim returned with the beers after only a minute and promised their food would be out in ten to fifteen minutes. Logan took a sip of his beer and set it down on the table before looking at Kaylia. "So, is there anything else I should know about you?"

Kaylia nodded to Kim and thanked her, taking a sip of the beer as well. Looking back to Logan, "I'm bi-sexual?"

Logan kept a straight face as he nodded. "That's," he paused as he thought about how to respond, "an interesting facet to consider I suppose."

"You did ask after all." Kaylia gave a big grin.

Logan returned her grin with a nod and smile of his own. "I did ask, wasn't quite the answer I was expecting."

Kaylia gave a nod, "Mmhmm, any particular reason that surprised you so?"

"I am coming to discover that nothing you say should surprise me any more." Logan brought the beer to his lips and took a long pull. He set the bottle back on the table. "Anything about me you are curious about or do you still believe you have me all figured out?"

"Probably not, sugar." Kaylia actually took a draw from her beer as well. "You could always tell and I can indicate if I had figured which ones out and which I didn't."

"Well, I'm from Picon."

"I'm from Caprica," she took another drink of the beer.

"What, if any, musical instrument would you say I play?" He cast a curious glance at her.

"Hmmm..." Giving a thoughtful look at him. Looking to his lips to see if there were any indications of a wind instrument.

Logan sipped his beer as he waited for her answer.

Kaylia gave a nod, "Guitar."

Logan shook his head. He pointed up to the stage where several instruments lay in wait for their musicians. "Piano actually."

"I was teetering between those two, damn." Looking over at them before Kaylia looked back to him. "I guess my turn. Where do you think I see this night ending?"

Logan took a long pull from his beer bottle as he looked directly into Kaylia's eyes. It was a good ten count before he set his bottle down and answered. "I haven't the foggiest idea how you think this night is ending. I only hope it ends with you wanting to go on another date, one you don't feel compelled because you lost a bet."

"That, Bounty." She leaned over and kissed his nose before she sat back down. "Was a very good and smart answer."

Logan was about to reply when he spotted what had to be the musicians take the stage and prep their instruments. He got to his feet and extended a hand to Kaylia. "Would the lovely lady be inclined to dance with this very good and smart fellow?"

Kaylia tilted her head a little bit, looking to his hand. "The night is young, we'll see if the smart and all that sticks." Standing and taking his hand.

Logan held Kaylia's hand loosely in his until they get to the dance floor. He lifted her hand up as his other lightly touched her hip, barely more than his finger tips resting there. He moved slow and smooth as the music started, keeping his eyes on hers and not her ample and near irresistible cleavage.

She was light as a feather on her feet. Pressing into the hand at her hip, she wouldn't break his nose for that. They were dancing. As well as, nudging his head down by use of her chin. "You can look, Logan. I told you, you could. Just not make it 95% of what you look at."

Logan smiled as he gazed into Kaylia's eyes. He shook his head slightly as they floated about the dance floor. He took a deep breath before slowly exhaling. "It's not for your benefit I am not looking. I would much rather focus on the wonderful time I am having with you now, not sure I could remain smart, much less, conduct myself like an officer and gentleman were I to look." He paused for a brief moment before adding. "Just being honest."

She giggled a bit and shook her head. "I appreciate it, but get it out of your system already." Not missing a step thus far. Chiming in what was being played and started singing softly.

Logan gave in, despite his better judgement and glanced down. He inhaled sharply. Her perfume, which he'd found pleasant, coupled with her gorgeous form so close to his was nigh intoxicating. Though his glance was brief before he brought his eyes back to hers, he couldn't help but give a mild shoulder shrug as they danced. "I stand by my earlier statement."

"See, I didn't hit you, this time, sugar." She smiled and watched him carefully. More his reaction and not the action. There was a difference between the two. "Oh..I just get a little shrug."

Logan held her gaze for a moment before drawing her in closer his lips gentle on her ear as he whispered. "It's either the shrug or I attempt to sweep you off your feet and get the best lodging available." The music ended and with it, he took a step back. A quick glance to their table confirmed their food had arrived. "Perhaps we should go eat, while we ponder what the rest of the night may bring."

She tilted her head into his lips just enough as he spoke they brushed it. Raising an eyebrow at his words. "I see." Giving a glance where his eyes had shifted to and then pressed up flush against him.

This time Kaylia's lips were at his ear, "Maybe...though a shrug is insulting. As well as getting ahead of yourself will get something broken and it wouldn't be what you use to work Viper flight stick." She bit his earlobe and tugged it a moment then let go, as well of him. Turning to head to the table.

Logan watched her start back to the table. He shook his head. 'I must be out of my frakking mind', he thought to himself. He rushed to catch up, barely making it to the table in time to pull her chair out for her.

Logan didn't have to do that, however, Kaylia smiled when he did so again. "Thank you, sugar," sitting down again.

Logan sat in his seat after Kaylia was seated. "So what would you like to do after dinner?"

"After, hrmm. You didn't have everything planned out?" She tilted her head.

Logan shook his head as he lifted the beer bottle to his lips and took a sip. "Wasn't sure what you would like to do. The Skyport has several night clubs and some arboretum pods. So I thought I would let you decide what to do after dinner."

Kaylia pursed her lips and thought about it, "Hmmm....Are you sure you could stand a night club with you know, dancing, me in this, without fainting?"

Logan chuckled as he nodded his head. "I am willing to take a chance if you are."

She finished off her beer and purposely leaned foward. Pressing her arms together a bit together to plump her cleavage that much more, "I don't see why not."

Logan leaned forward too. Though he maintained eye contact with her, he was close enough that his peripheral vision gave him a pleasant gander at her ample cleavage. "Eat up then. I have the feeling you are going to need your strength."

"Oh really?" Pushing just a little bit more, keeping the same eye contact for a moment. Leaning back Kaylia got another beer and continued to finish eating. "You're worried about my stamina?"

Logan leaned back in his chair smiling. He took a sip of beer. "Well, I've been known to dance the entire night away. So yeah, it is your stamina I'm worried about."

Kaylia raised a long eyebrow and shook her head, "Silly boy."

"We'll see." Logan tipped his beer in a mock salute.

"I give you....two hours, maybe." Kaylia grinned from ear to ear.

Logan returned her grin with one of his own. "Sounds like a challenge. What is my reward if I last more than two hours?"

"Hmmm..." Kaylia gave a thoughtful look for a few moments, "What would you like?"

It was Logan's turn to take a thoughtful expression. There were a number of things he'd like, but what it came down to the most was he wanted to spend even more time with her. "How about you consider if we have another date. Only if you want to though."

"Alright, I'll take that and add on to it. IF you win, you will even get a real kiss." Kaylia nodded her head.

Logan's grin softened to a slightly mischievous smile. He gave Kaylia a wink. "With incentive like that...."

Kaylia tapped her fingers on the table, "Now...what do I get when I win."

Logan cocked his head to one side. She was certainly underestimating his ability to dance. "Well what would you win of course?"

"That is what I am trying to decide actually and I am not sure. What do I want..." Kaylia mused.

Logan watched Kaylia as she mulled over her decision. He ate his meal quietly waiting to hear what she wanted if he lost the challenge.

"I got it," said as a thought clicked. "You have to put on a concert for the entire crew." Kaylia paused, "Well those not on duty at the time that is."

Logan thought about it for a moment and then nodded his assent. Her idea had merit win or lose. "Very well, but...if I last more than two hours, you have to join me in giving the concert."

"So you have changed your mind as to what you want if you win? As opposed to a second date you want me to join you with playing my violin."

"I want both actually. Sort of a double or nothing deal if you will." Logan simply smiled at Kaylia.

Kaylia smirked a little, "As you wish." She gave a nod, and even if she did win and he had to do it solo, she might. Might, surprise him and jump in half way through. If it so suited her spontinaity.

Logan gestured to their food. He was sure he would need the fuel for his body to dance for the next few hours. "Shall we finish dinner and head to the dance club then?"

She had already finished hers ten minutes ago. Standing up, Kaylia smoothed down her dress. "Since you are persistent."

Logan settled up their bill and a few minutes later the couple found themselves stepping into a night club playing lively dance music. Logan made for the dance floor.

Kaylia gave a good glance a moment around first before shifting to follow him.

Logan stepped onto the dance floor just as a lively number started. He turned to Kaylia and took her hand, giving it a tug to spin her into his arms.

Which she then put her hands on his chest to push him back, however, it was not to be mean. She was stepping into a Salsa.

Logan moved with Kaylia to the music like they'd had weeks and months to choreograph the routine. It didn't take long for the other dancers to yield the center of the dance floor to them. Admiring stares were in abundance as they all but owned the dance floor.

"Not bad," So she changed it up into a mix of a waltz, tango and foxtrot.

Logan matched her change in dance styles smoothly. He continued with the style for the next few bars of music, then led her into a swing dance routine.

That wasn't to bad to switch into, Kaylia smiled. So now she had to think of something that would throw him off.

The first song came to an end before either one could initiate a style change, but Logan made sure to give a bit of flare as the music stopped by dipping her deeply, then pulling her back into a close embrace.

Applause erupted from all around and the DJ gave them accolades. "You don't see professional dancing like that every day!"

Kaylia gave a glance, she wasn't really aware that they were being that closely watched. Giving just the smallest of blushes upon her cheeks. A break was probably in order, motioning her head to the side.

"I thought you wanted to know if I could dance for two hours?" Logan gave Kaylia a curious look. "I have plenty of stamina left." He gave her a wry smile. "However, if you have another idea for challenging my endurance, I am listening."

"I never said it would not be without breaks, sugar." Giving a tilt of her head a moment. "No one but me can do five hours straight. You got lucky with two hours." Kaylia smirked. "Actually, I do have another idea. Dance off, or lip sync battle."

Logan shook his head after a moment's thought to Kaylia's new challenges. He enjoyed dancing with her and didn't want to stop. "I think I'd rather continue our current arrangement. Maybe we can do a dance off or lip sync battle on another date, if you are still interested in another one after tonight." He then gestured to the bar. "Drink?"

Kaylia raised an eyebrow a moment and shrugged, which plumped on purpose, her cleavage. "I suppose we can do that." Giving a bit of a nod and walking over to the bar.

Logan let out a soft sigh as he followed her to the bar. Kaylia's obvious teasing of him was enjoyable as it indicated she had some interest in him. He believed it was a means of her testing him in some as yet undisclosed way. He was a patient man though and something told him to let this, whatever this was, to proceed at her pace.

There was only one seat at the bar and Logan motioned for her to take it. He did take a stand close to her though. He liked being close to her, but he hoped she wouldn't see it as him crowding her.

Actually, she was the one to counter motion for him to take the seat and there was a particular reason. Granted, she didn't have to tell him what that reason was. "Take a seat. Your lap can be my chair. Besides, I believe you need it. You're sweating." Kaylia gave a charmed wink and a bit of a smirked curl to her lips.

Logan looked at the seat and then back to Kaylia. "Are you sure? I don't mind standing." He didn't mind standing, but he also thought of how enjoyable it might be to have her sitting in his lap too.

He was already warned about his hands, so she didn't see any harm to it. It was innocent after all. "That or I can always stand." Kaylia gave a glance over her shoulder a moment.

Logan took a seat on the bar stool and gestured for her to sit in his lap. He figured everything would be okay if she didn't squirm too much. He looked at the bar tender. "Couple of shots and chasers please."

The bartender gave a nod and went to get their drink order.

Kaylia shifted and lifted to sit sideways across his thighs. Giving a look to the tender and then back to Logan. "You need a chaser? Pusseh."

Logan just smiled as their drinks arrived. He gave a thought to putting his arm around her, but decided he didn't want a broken clavicle. "I don't need a chaser. I just want to sip on something while I enjoy your company."

If anyone did that tonight it would be here, just to get more comfortable. Even though, she didn't need the balance help. Kaylia nodded, "It actually has been a nice night hasn't it."

Logan raised his shot glass. "To a pleasant evening and lovely company."

She lifted hers and clinked it against his. "Cheers," shooting it back.

Logan tossed back his shot, then placed the glass on the bar top. He hoisted his beer bottle and took a sip. His free hand subconsciously wrapped around Kaylia's waist. It was only there for a moment before he realized what was happening. He dropped his free arm back down. "My apologies." He did look sincere as he apologized.

Kaylia acted like she hadn't noticed, "Hmm?" She had, and it was good he moved it, however, she wasn't going to spoil at least one decent night out. It isn't like they had very many of those.

Logan held his free hand out and gave it a slight waggle. "Hand sort of got a mind of its own there for a second. No worries. I self corrected it." He held his hand aloft for another moment in hopes she would take it and place it back on her hip.

"Oh. I see." Giving a nod. However, to his disappointment she left it hanging there.

Logan dropped his hand and let it dangle off the side of the stool. He took a few pulls from his beer and placed the empty bottle on the bar. "You ready to return to the dance floor?"

Kaylia gave a bit of a pout a moment, "Unfortunately, we didn't plan this very well. Its late and we have duty tomorrow." Giving a sigh.

Logan checked his watch and nodded. He quickly settled up their bill and walked with Kaylia back to the Sky Port's Shuttle Bay.

"Sorry we didn't start earlier." She did him a solid and looped her arm around the inside elbow of his. Finishing off the night.

Logan of course insisted escorting to her room. Idle chit chat on the way. Of course, he only got a kiss on the cheek before she closed the hatch behind her.


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