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The Truth Will Out

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 2:32pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Gunnery Sergeant Malik DeVos & Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D. & Persephone Arrius M.D. Ph. D

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Brig
Timeline: PCH-16 1040 Hours

It had been nearly ten hours since the arrest of Doctor Arrius and in the intervening hours, the secret had quickly got out and the whole fleet seemed to know that the Doctor had been arrested on suspicion of treason. Commander Hanson had spent a few hours contemplating his next course of action. Ultimately, he had summoned the Master-at-Arms and the two had made their way to the Brig.

Once the large doors locking mechanism had finished cycling, the Commander stepped inside the room with the Gunnery Sergeant and addressed the two guards. "Give us the room," he requested as he came to a stand still before the bars of the cell. Soon enough, the guards had departed, the door to the room was sealed and the three people were alone.

"Doctor Arrius," the Commander spoke sternly with DeVos stood over by the door.

"I've told Colonel Kendall everything I know. I was not responsible for your Viper's malfunctions. If you are here to execute me, then I suggest you get it over with. I do not want to keep the Lords of Kobol waiting. I just have one last thing to ask of you. My ship contains schematics and blueprints that you will need to survive. It will be of great use to you when I'm gone." Arrius mentioned.

Hanson looked over at the Gunnery Sergeant and nodded. The Master-at-Arms stepped over to the cage and, using his keys, unlocked the cell. Hanson stepped inside and perched on the end of the lone bed. "I'm afraid I have a confession to make," the Commander mused as he looked down at the floor. "You aren't under arrest and you are not going to be executed. It was all a ruse to draw out the real traitor. We had to make sure the ruse was convincing," the Commander confessed with an apologetic look on his face.

"What?!?!" Persephone looked at him dumbfounded, she could not stop a tear from escaping her eye. "I'm sorry commander, I'm afraid I cannot maintain rationality. I'm..."

“We know you aren’t the traitor,” the Commander reiterated. “Captain Kenly came to me with his findings before we met on the observation deck. The code that was left behind was yours, but we discovered a code beneath that one. It was essential to make it known to the crew that you are in custody so that we can try and draw the real culprit out into the open. We couldn’t risk letting you in on the plan. Only four people, now five, knew anything about this. Myself, Colonel Kendall, Captain Kenly and Gunnery Sergeant DeVos knew of the plan.”

"One question remains, Commander; Motivation." Persephone wiped her eyes. "It would be utter madness that not even I would contemplate in my darkest dreams for someone to betray us to the Cylons. Either they are desperate madmen, or brilliant geniuses."

"Either way," the Commander sighed, "we need to find them or we could lose the fleet. And I need your help," the Commander asked, hoping that the fact he was telling her the truth now would help her see that he wasn't a bad guy after all.

"I'm going to attempt to escape. Take me down hard." Persephone noted. "Enough to send me to O'Hare's medical bay, Commander."

"Are you serious?!" Hanson frowned, shaking his head "No way."

"We're out of time, either we create an opportunity our traitor cannot possibly resist, he'll find other ways to destroy us." She punched the commander lightly. "What the hell are you frakking waiting for!!"

The sting on the Commander's face was real, even if the ploy wasn't. She seemed all in, so be it. Hanson glared at De'Vos. "The prisoner is attempting to escape. Stop her," the Commander ordered.

With that, but with great reluctance, the Marine drew his side arm and aimed it at the woman. "Stop now!" he declared.

Persephone drew closer. "Sergeant DeVos right? I am counting on you. Do not let me down."

When the woman came closer, the Marine side stepped and struck her on the side of the head using the butt of the pistol, instantly drawing blood from a wound on her head. "Gunnery Sergeant De'Vos to you..." he whispered quietly as she fell to the floor.

Persephone began to black out as several marines entered to escort her to medical.

A short while later, the peace and tranquility of sickbay was thrown into chaos as several Marines carried the almost lifeless body of Doctor Arrius into sickbay, led by Gunny DeVos and swiftly followed by Commander Hanson. “Doctor!” The Gunnery Sergeant called out loudly.

O'Hare hastily made he way to the group, "What has she done now?" He asked stoicly, noting the nasty gash on the side of her head, "And did you really have to cause so much damage?" He chastised as he gestured for them to follow him to the nearest bed.

"She assaulted the Commander and attempted to abscond," DeVos informed as he watched his team lay her lifeless body on the bed before the Doctor.

O'Hare surveyed the prone scientists vitals for a couple of minutes before turning to address DeVos, "she's fine, but I'm concerned with the amount of time she's spent unconscious, I'm going to have her rushed through for a series of scans; next time, be mindful that you're the trained soldier and she's a civilian scientist, restraining her should have been a walk in the park," he chastised, he couldn't help it, but he'd found himself growing fond of the egotistical scientist.

"Do what you must," DeVos informed as he prepared to depart. "Marines will be situated outside for as long as she is here. If you need anything, call," the Master-at-Arms instructed before nodding in respect to the Doctor and departing with his Marines.

With only one way in or out, the two people he left on sentry duty would be all that stood in the way of the traitor if they made an attempt on the Doctors life, an attempt that in a strange way, they all hoped would be made.

After all, if the traitor didn't make the attempt, they had no other way of catching them...


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