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At Least Gets a Lollipop After?

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 11:08am by Specialist Jamie Perth & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Medical Bay - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 15 - 2120 hours

Kaylia stretched a little after leaving Niamh's office, still not entirely sure how that really went beneath the surface. However, it wasn't to late so she might as well just get her check up out of the way as well.

Stepping into the medical bay she looked around. "Hey. I need a check up, so could we get this over with please?"

Jamie had just walked back from the corridor where he had bumped into Mr Kendrick, still somewhat perplexed with the lawyer's suggestion that he should 'check in with Dr Callahan'. It sounded ominous, and so meeting with the CMO was the last thing he wanted to do.

He had just walked past when he heard the random woman standing in the middle of sickbay, asking for a 'check-up' from no one in particular. She stood with what appeared to him like an air of self-importance, as if anyone would rush up to obey her request.

Jamie turned to her with a frown. "Who... are you?" he asked.

"Lieutenant Strenvale, and I need a quick check up if you wouldn't mind." Kaylia turned to him.

The medic allowed for a pause - not too long, but obvious enough. "You need to be registered first," he said, tempted to simply direct her to one of the staff workstations to have her paperwork sorted out first. But seeing as she was an officer, perhaps he could make an exception. It'd be easier to have her medical review completed as his last major job for the shift.

"Follow me..." he said, almost with a grumble. He led the way towards one of the empty cubicles and pulled the on the blue curtains for privacy. "Were you unable to make an appointment to be reviewed by a doctor upon transferring onto the Solaria?" He studied her quickly - slender, about the same height as he was, an expression of inconvenience on her face from his questioning.

Kaylia followed and again turned to him, "It's something of an order rather than my not having already done so. I may haps pissed someone off."

Giving him a look over a moment, he was supposed to be a professional and he wasn't looking at her like a piece of candy. Regardless, she was going to warn him ahead of time. "Warning, your hands go where they don't need to be, I will break your nose."

He frowned even further in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"Just that. I do not trust men touching me until I can trust them. Not after what was done to me." Crossing her arms under her bust. "So if you try to touch me in places you don't need to, to clear me for a physical, I will break your nose."

"Pretty sure I'm gonna have to barely touch you at all, so you can relax about that," Jamie said, surprised at how defensive she was. He knew nothing of her history, and wasn't going to make any assumptions on where her mistrust of other men came from. He held the chart in one hand, a pen in the other. "First thing's first. Name, position, colony of origin."

"We'll see." Sitting down and dropping her arms. "Kaylia Strenvale, Lieutenant Junior Grade. Viper Pilot, Caprica."

Another pilot, Jamie thought to himself. "Any pre-existing medical conditions?" he asked, as he began scribbling on the paper.

"Depends on what you're calling medical conditions. Physically, I am probably in better shape than you are."

"Hmm, probably," Jamie said, his eyes still on the paper, not looking up. He couldn't care less how much more physically adept a pilot or a Marine was than him. It was their job to be in top shape. "Unfortunately we no longer have access to Colonial Fleet medical records, so we have to start from scratch. Any current or previous diagnoses that would've been in your record? Any previous hospitalisations or surgeries? Regular medications you have to take?"

Kaylia sighed a little, "Yes, when I was fifteen I was beaten near death. To be honest I couldn't tell you for sure if any of these stabs or bullet wounds are from that or later. Months of rehabilitation. No medication unless you count alcohol."

Jamie looked up, pausing for a moment. His tone went quieter. "Do you drink often?"

"Vaginal tearing, I've had an abortion, yes I drink often, so long as I know I'm good for four hours to sleep it off and not have to be in a Viper."

That alone was enough of a red flag to Jamie. "Okay... How many standard drinks do you consume every day, on average?" he asked.

"Depends on the day," Kaylia said.

"You might have to give me an average then. How many on a good day, and how many on a bad day?"

"I don't know. Two if I do on a good day to just wind down, four or five maybe on a bad day. When not having work the next day, it used to be the same as anyone else if we're all out having fun." Kaylia raised an eyebrow.

Jamie made a note of her estimates. "I'd suggest you try to cut down your alcohol intake," he said. "You're getting close to that threshold where we start raising our concerns to your CO. I'm sure as a pilot you know how much the rest of the fleet depends on you and your crew."

"I am fully aware, and I don't have a drop when I have a sortie." Kaylia sighed.

The medic nodded. "All right, then." He proceeded with his physical examination - a quick listen over her chest and back with his stethoscope, a few taps to elicit deep tendon reflexes, and a brief visual field test. "How're things going up here?" he suddenly asked, tapping a finger against his own temple, suggesting that his question referred to her overall psychological/mental state.

"I'm fine, other than hating most men from what was done to me. You... you have a boyfriend, don't you?" Kaylia tilted her head.

Jamie nearly choked. "Excuse me?"

She motioned a hand out. "You're gay, aren't you? Not once have you looked at me that way. Not my breasts, not my ass, your hands have behaved. I don't care what doctors say. Hands wander at one point or another."

The medic wasn't quite sure how to respond. The Lieutenant was incredibly blunt, and he wanted to admit to her that only a very small percentage of doctors would ever consider taking advantage of their patients in the way she had described. Perhaps it was her own perception of others' intentions that needed fixing.

"I'm not sure I see how my sexuality is of any relevance," he said defensively, shaking his head and looking back at the chart he held.

She shook her head. "Technically it's not, its an observation. Its not like I am judging you."

The medic fell quiet for a moment, subtly shaking his head. He didn't particularly want to confirm her assumption, but at the same time it wasn't something he was nor should feel ashamed or reserved about. "Yes. I had a boyfriend. He didn't make it out of Scorpia." His final words were abrupt and rather cold, trying to hide the emotions underneath.

Kaylia frowned a little bit. Shaking her head and resting a hand on his arm a moment. "I'm sorry." Pursing her lips, "Well it doesn't mind me any that you are, I like both."

"That's nice. Most people don't mind." He wasn't quite sure how else to answer, since at this moment he didn't really care what other people's preferences were. He made a few more scribbles on the chart. "Your check-up's done. I'll forward a report to the CMO and cross-reference the information with whatever's been downloaded into our computer's medical database before the attack. We'll let you know if you need a follow-up."

"Okay." Kaylia got off the table and took a couple of steps then stopped. Turning around to look at him, "We should have a night out."

Jamie wondered where this woman was hoping to take this, and briefly reflected on his professional boundaries. She wasn't ill per se, and therefore he didn't consider her a patient. The idea of going on 'a night out' on board a Battlestar was also foreign to him - he couldn't quite imagine the military ship to have any facilities for such an activity. Then he recalled that their surviving community existed within a fleet of vessels, the majority of which were civilian-owned.

He was hesitant, and took several full seconds to consider the proposal. "Where?" he asked, hoping his response would be taken as an indirect acceptance of her suggestion. Perhaps a night out was what he needed to forget about everything.

She shifted a little and pushed her ass out, slapping it. "Which ever shit we can dance, have fun, get drunk, and be care free for a few hours, sugar." Kaylia walked the rest of the way to the hatch. "Let me know."

Jamie remained uncertain again, but said, "Sure." Whether he'll actually follow up on it, he couldn't be sure. Having a party and dancing so soon after what was essentially the destruction of human society didn't sit quite well with him. "Enjoy the rest of your night, Lieutenant."

"Good night, Jamie. Don't stand me up. I feel like you need it as much as most people on this ship. There always has to be a light in the dark." Kaylia nodded her head and closed the hatch behind her.


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