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Traitor's End

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 2:41pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Gunnery Sergeant Malik DeVos & Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D. & Persephone Arrius M.D. Ph. D & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jarrell Weiss

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Medical Bay, Recovery Ward
Timeline: PCH-16 1340 Hours

Dr. Arrius lay on the bed recovering from an "Escape Attempt,' she continued to wait on the bed as bait for a trap that had been hastily put together. They had to make it look good, and she had to let this person get close. The medical suite was darkened. As she lay there, she thought to herself. 'Athena give me strength to do what must be done.' They had to make it look real, by now word of the escape attempt had surely spread throughout the fleet. It was a risk, with no margin of error, and it was their only shot.

Everything that had transpired so far had done so in a way that the traitor had predicted, until now. He had clearly underestimated the woman and her will to escape. To try to take on several Marines was either really stupid or... “A ruse,” he whispered to himself as he stood in the shadows, many feet from the sickbay, staring at the closed door of the medical center. Naturally, two Marines stood on guard duty outside the facility, either to keep the doctor in or to protect the integrity of the ruse. He was intelligent, there was surely no chance they thought he would be stupid enough to try and go in there?

No, instead he had an alternative plan; a plan that ensured he could achieve his objective without even getting his hands dirty and also taking out a few others in the process. He wandered away slowly to the nearby controls that would provide him the tools to wage his dastardly battle. He pried open the control panel and began to circumvent the controls inside. Oxygen? Who needed it?

Within seconds, the oxygen levels in sickbay began to drop.

Somehow it became harder to breathe in the sickbay. Unconsciousness began to take Persephone... Why? It was the traitor. She had to fight, and she began to fight against the hospital bed straps. 'Dammit!! I won't die here, not like this.' She thought to herself. 'I'm never going to let them kill me.'

The plan had worked, but not in the way expected. She began to rock the bed hard, trying to get it to fall over to get the Medics attention. Finally it happened. It set off the Medical alarms though, it would also alert the marines outside.

Medics rushed over to assist their patient but began to feel light-headed themselves.

The commotion inside drew the attention of the guards at the door, just as the Doctor had hoped and within seconds they had rushed inside to see what was going on.

"Traitor... Medical Oxygen junction. Subjunction A4. GO!!" Persephone could only say. "Move, Get him!!!" She pushed DeVos hard, giving him the picture.

Malik drew his side arm and released the safety catch, pointing at one of the Marines to come with him whilst the other remained behind to assist the Doctors.

The lead medic rushed over to the nearby telephone and began to talk into it as she watched the other medics and the marine assist in stabilizing the Doctor.

They exited into the corridor swiftly, making the short journey to the subjunction that the scientist had directed them to. Before turning the final corner, the Master-at-Arms came to a halt, his back against the bulkhead as he silently gestured to the Marine he was with and then, with a fist pump of a signal, the Marine flew out from his cover, aiming his rifle at the subjunction but lowering his weapon almost as quickly.

"FRAK!" Malik exclaimed when he popped out of cover to find there was no one at the controls. Had the Doctor got the location right? He was just about to holster his weapon again when he caught a glimpse of something unusual; the hatchway to causeway "C" was open. The hatchway was never left open. With yet another silent gesture, he and the Marine communicated their plan and within seconds, the heavily armed Marine entered the causeway, followed by the Master-at-Arms, both tiptoeing in desperate need to try and keep their feet silent.

Up ahead, their target was a good distance away, he too moving nimbly and silently as he tried to escape his captors, the sound of the air lock door moving alerting him to their presence thanks to his superior hearing. Then he heard something that caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

An alert siren in the distance. Speaking. He tried to tune his hearing enough so that he could make out the words and when he did so, his eyes opened with a worried expression. "Alert Condition One. Marine Guard to C Deck." That would make his escape a lot harder.

Malik and his companion picked up the pace to try and close the gap on their target. In the distance, they heard the sound of another door opening, their target clearly no longer intent on keeping his actions silent.

The traitor climbed through the doorway and onto the deck plating on the other side. The Port Hangar Deck and his only chance of escape. He slid down the steel steps to the hangar deck below. When he was safe, he spotted the nearest Raptor he could and made a beeline straight for the side door of the craft. He activated the door and as he was waiting for it to lift enough to climb in, he looked round just in time to see DeVos and the Marine exit the causeway above. He turned sharply and clambered up onto the wing and into the craft only to walk...

...straight in to a flying fist that connected with his nose and sent him tumbling down to the deck below. With blood streaming from his clearly broken nose, he tried to stem the blood loss with his left hand as he looked at the door of the craft. There, standing triumphantly on the wing of the craft, was Major Kilmartin, waving his right hand and rubbing his knuckles. Man alive, that hurt!

Soon enough, Marines surrounded them from all angles and DeVos arrived from the upper causeway as his team dragged the man to his feet. "Major," the Master-at-Arms nodded.

"Petty Officer Weiss. Under article 9 of the Colonial Fleet Articles of War, you are under arrest on suspicion of Treason. Anything you say can, and will, be used as evidence against you," Kilmartin declared as he jumped down from the Raptor and stood nose to nose with the enlisted man. "Do anything stupid and they WILL shoot you." Then he smiled and whispered to the prisoner. "Please, try..."

The blonde haired traitor looked in the eyes of the Major, his former CAG, and then spat blood at the mans face.

Kilmartin failed to flinch, simply lifting his sleeve and wiping the blood from his face. "Take this piece of crap away."

[Sometime later, in Sickbay...]

Persephone lay on the hospital bed. "Gods... I guess there's no rest for the wicked huh?"

Commander Mitchell Hanson had joined the Master-at-Arms in sickbay and was stood at the woman's bedside. "Sorry we had to go to such lengths," he frowned. It had not been easy but in his eyes it had been nothing short of essential in order to catch the traitor.

"We caught a traitor, Commander," Persephone noted. "The destruction of our people was not accomplished by one agent."

Not today at least...


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